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Genre: Otome Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Comedy

WARNINGS: swearing, blood, death, and a little psychological


Long ago, when the world was still young and humans have just learned how to write,
Legends of mythical beings traveled over the continents.

Mysteries about the existence of Dragons, Griffins, Unicorns, and many other myths were told in folklores and heritages.

Some even has human characteristics such as Centaurs, Lamias, Anubis, and Kinara Kinari.

But there was one legend.
Lost and much of it is forgotten.
For none now lived to remember it.

A legend about humans with wings and humans with skin tougher than steel.
How they prospered and how they vanished without a trace.

This is a story about...

And Love

How it all began from the gift of Blue Crystal
Both a blessing and a curse from the Goddess.

And now,

The Legend shall be unfolded by a human girl.

Game Features:

- 3 love interests
- 6 endings
- 20+ CGs
- Auto save, toggle, Mini encyclopedia
- Unfortunately, Nusantara won't have any mini games due to my lack of understanding in programming.

After almost 2 years, this visual novel is finally DONE! *sobs* I'm happy to present this baby to all of you -especially those in lemmasoft or facebook page who have supported me from beginning until now :') I won't have the patience and motivation to finish this without you!

It may be still far from perfect, but I did my best polishing this baby so please enjoy it! :'3


- This game crashes a lot, so save often! ><
- if you can't open the game, update your directX!
- this VN can be confusing so I gave you a walkthrough in the .rar in case you got stuck ;)

Questions for you:
There are also some question I'd like you to answer after playing this to improve my skills:

  1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
  2. What makes you consider to play this game?
  3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)
  4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
  5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

It's optional to answer those questions btw :'3

Now without further ado, ENJOY!

P.S: Now, this VN is a free-ware, but I do appreciate some donation since I want to buy a new visual-novel software (TyranoBuilder) since there are still so many bugs in Novelty :( not to mention the crashes and it can only be played in windows.
It's really a shame, but the crash is really annoying and torturing my laptop!

P.S.S: The re-make is under construction with Ren'Py :') Tyranobuilder is still lacking some builds (I can't make custom CG gallery/Mini encyclopedia so... but I really appreciate the donations! They really help me to pay the bills and motivates me to keep going forward and continue making new VN in the future :'3).

It's over 65% now and it's in the last chapter, but I will take my sweet since I have work and life is pretty tuff on me this year.

As always, thank you for your support!


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I got so excited but its only for windows T-T

Hi TheRosetteWolf! Look at my dashboard for Winged Ones' new Ren'Py version! This is an old version from Novelty >< a lot complained about Novelty's flaws so I remade it with Ren'Py ^.^

Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

Which one I liked best.. Its such a match between Reska and Rama..

Mitra was kind and caring though I felt like the game wanted me to choose his route so much it made going after him feel expected. Those little old aunties are persistent!! I also wish Mitra had been a little more flawed. Loosing ones temper really isn't a flaw when you're running a whole tribe! Rama had issues, real issues, and Reska made us work for his friendship and trust, my only complaint with Mitra is that I feel like, not that he threw himself at Tamara, but just that she didn't have to do anything, or really try, to win over his affections. I guess it just felt like he liked us for being different, you know.. falling out of the sky and all, and less so for us earning his affection. But the whole reliable husband/future father attitude he has was really nice and refreshing <3

I liked Rama's because it was emotional and very heartfelt, the loss of a loved one and learning to let go of your anger. I felt a little frustrated with how often he got stupid ideas in his head though (I won't say so I don't spoil anything though). He made me love him in an exasperated kind of way that was both endearing but also very frustrating when he wouldn't believe the things I'd say. He was the easiest for me to sympathize with but it took me longer to really fall for him, he was just a little too good at holding Tamara at arms length.

I think thats why it makes me like Reska the best, he was a good combination of a hard won friendship, commitment and approval. He didn't trust us, and we had to earn his friendship, it was also nice that he actively pursued Tamara when he liked her in a straight forward way. He didn't dance around the subject or push us away without reason. He also seemed the most human, isn't that odd? I guess Mitra felt a little too... adultish, he is very responsible which I love but he didn't go out of his way to be affectionate in the way Reska did (If you can't read between the lines of what I'm saying, I just mean that Reska seemed a lot more sexually interested in Tamara than Mitra did). He also wasn't perfect in the sense that he wasn't really powerful, he worked and trained hard but he didn't seem as strong as Mitra or Rama, but he still risked life and limb to achieve his goals.

What makes you consider to play this game?

Honestly, the artwork caught my eye first, I was looking for visual novels to play, and the story seemed alright, not exciting, but alright (Boy was I wrong!) I actually played it last out of a series of three others and I don't regret waiting, but it was the best of the three hands down! Honestly it was the story and the culture and the myth and legend that you wove into it. Having not experienced these cultures first hand, hearing about them in a novel was fantastical and engaging. I absolutely loved that about this game, it wasn't just surface level ethnicity, you took elements from history and culture and blended them nicely into an entirely new world!

Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

I loved it, the art was nice (There is one CG where Tamara's eye is too close to the edge of her face and it kind of weirds me out) but overall I think the storytelling was strong and engaging, the characters and their development won me over and made me love each and every single one of them. (And I played Rama's route first and it made the other two so much harder to watch!)

The next best thing aside from the characters was the music score, honestly I don't know if it was free, done by friends, or what, but it was put together in such an amazing way! It really ramped up the tension or brought down the mood into something far more somber.

Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

Woo, questions... you're going to make more games right?? Honestly, that was one of the best VN games I've played in a really really long time and I've been playing VNs for about 10 years now. The replayability was fantastic, though I think having the fast forward and rewind as actual buttons on the screen would be better because not many folks new to VNs will know which buttons usually do what or know to look in the ReadMe file for instructions.

Constructive critisms... hm.. there honestly wasn't much I didn't like about the game, you gave each suitor great character and depth, my only advice would be with the art (I'm sorry the eye thing really creeped me out!) Although I realize not everyone is a world famous painter, I think just a tiny but more work there would have made this game the best (not that it isn't incredible already)!

Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

You're making one right??? :D And Yes! I would totally support a kickstarter or patreon account if you made another!!! I plan on buying the free game since I played it and loved it as soon as I get paid, it was worth it, and honestly if I saw that you sold games I would totally pay for those. O////O oh gosh... if you made extended cuts for the suitors on this game, like a little add on chapter or as its own little chapter or even a spin off chapter where when you go back to your world and have your suitor turn up there, I would really buy that!!! >/////< Hehe, I loved this game a lot!


I replied this on Winged Ones' new version page >< ack! I'm sorry again for the late reply!



Hello, I absolutely loved Nusantara, so I figured I could answer the questions you left :D

1) Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

I absolutely loved Reksa, I felt that after playing all of the routes, his character was very well-developed and we got to know him extremely well! I also really enjoyed Rama's route, as I felt that he gave a nice contrast to Reksa and Mitra, who were lighter characters( the latter more so). There was a nice balance of the darker and lighter side of Rama, and I loved seeing how his character changed compared to the other routes where he was shown.

2) What makes you consider to play this game?

The art and CGs were a huge part of why I loved this game so much! I find it hard to enjoy a game which has poor art, even if it has a good story. I also felt that you didn't drag on your story, which is a mistake I think people make during the writing process. But your art was definitely what caught my eye!

3) Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

I absolutely loved Nusantara in general! I think a large stand out were the characters personally. I loved the contrast between character, I felt that the characters got more comfortable around Tamara as the story progressed, which gave it a very realistic sense. While the art caught my eye at first, the depth of the characters hooked me on the game and made me want to play it more and more! I also really enjoyed how there were certain things that we only found out in some routes (Such as Tamara's past was not revealed as in depth during Reksa's route). It gave me an incentive to play through all of the routes even more so.

4) Do you have any question or constructive critiques?

While there were some minor issues (such as the music bugs), I think this was very well done! As I'm sure other comments have addressed, there were some minor story errors. I found some issues with the the labeling of names when a character was talking, as I found multiple errors of that (during Reksa's and Rama's routes mostly). I also had an issue with the Q. Saves/Q. Loads, as the game would crash whenever I tried to use them. I did occasionally find the music not quite fitting, but I think that will changed depending on the story, and it didn't end up majorly effecting the playthroughs anyway (Tho I enjoyed it xD).

5) Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is.

ABSOLUTELY! I love your artwork, your style is admirable and your dedication and passion towards your characters clearly shows in your writing! I would buy it in a heartbeat!

But in general, I really hope you make another game! Would LOVE to see more of your work!

Hi Mahdassa! I'm really sorry for this late reply since I'm immersed in my 2nd project right now >.<; it has been awhile since someone commented too so I kind of... leave it for awhile? :'D Ah, but this is such a great surprise for me to see that more people enjoyed my story though!

Now, without further ado:

1. Aww, thank you! x'D it's interesting to see stories with various value in it, right? I figure people would like something refreshing and different in one package so... :'3 glad to see it worked! Although, maybe Rama is a bit too dark? >< I'll keep in mind about that!

But fair warning, my second project: Bermuda, might be a bit more darker than Winged Ones since they include a bit of gore and uncensored swearing. Hmm, will that make PG 15+ or 17+? What do you think? o.o

2. Thank you! I'm so glad you like my art and story >////< I know that I have so much to learn in regard of quality-control though. I'll definitely level up in my next project >:)

And yes, I try not to put in too much 'filler' stories if it's not too important >< I'm an impatient person so... :')) I think I understand how you feel!

3. Yes! Thank you!

I believe that even minor characters are important for a story to be able to move smoothly so they're not to be ignored!
I'm also really interested in what they call 'butterfly effect'; where little choices will affect how stories goes. I think it will take me a long time to perfect it, if that's even possible, but I'll definitely try my best for you guys ><

4. Yep, those bugs and errors are part of the reasons why I re-make it using ren'py x'D Novelty is a great software for newbies to make Visual Novels but the longer the story, the more the bugs :'(

if you have the time, you might want to check this page: https://sweetchiel.itch.io/new-nusantara-legend-of... thank you!

5. YAY! Thank you for your support!

I've already started making a second project called; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle and it's much MUCH longer than Winged Ones ><

Winged Ones Demo contains 19.5k+ words where Bermuda Triangle contains 48k+ words. The complete progress list can be seen on my lemmasoft page or facebook fanpage. I update every Monday <3

I hope to hear your thoughts later in the future, Mahdassa!



Hi! The late reply was no problem at all, I'm just happy you replied at all xD. Can't wait for your new story!!!

1. I don't think that Rama's path was too dark at all! I think a darker character like him was definitely a must in a story like Nusantara, as it was a lighter game so it gave nice contrast. I think giving stories some darker elements makes them much easier to get really immersed in, as you grow attached to those characters with dark parts to them. Or at least I had that reaction with Rama x3

I think that going down a darker path is nothing bad at all! In games nowadays, its very common to see swearing and gore. With the rating, If it is excessive gore, go to the 17+ route. If the gore isn't too extreme then a 15+ should be fine, the swearing should be a lesser concern while debating between those two ratings, as swearing would be appropriate for either (as long as it's nothing too extreme XD). I would put a warning for gore and swearing on the front page when posting the game as a heads up tho!

3. I've seen some games (Until Dawn) that used the butterfly effect and I think with your style of writing, you could really do a fantastic job with it! You seem to have a grasp of when to add important details to the story, so I'll look forward to see how/if you use it in your future games! :D

Daaang!!! Thats a lot longer! With how amazing Nusantara was with under half the words, I can't wait to see your final product x3 I'm really curious about your plot and story in the next game, I'm sure it'll be great since you're making it cx

Let me know if you need anything, I'd love to help! x3


Aww, thanks for being so understanding! :'3

1. Hahahah, I'm just afraid that people would be shocked at how much darker it will be than they thought it would be x'D I think I'm going with 17+ jussst to be safe... *cough*I can get pretty detailed writing the scenes*cough*

I'll definitely put on the warnings and smack it on the users' faces if needed to :"))

Thanks, Mahdassa!

3. Whoa that's a lot of trust and expectations put on my shoulder... I LOVE IT! Thank you :'D I'll do my best to make the WIP progress faster since I really want to hear your thoughts <3

For now, see you in the future!



Hello :) First I want to say I loved your game, I played all routes, so i'll try to answer all your questions the best i can.

I'll start with the third question:

3) Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

What i loved the most about it were all those little details that made the whole story much more real and the characters much more alive. Mostly it's thanks to how much time you spent on building the culture and enviroment. I loved how detailed their clothing, weapons, architecture and all the other stuff were. and the most beautifull thing was meeting a new culture, experiencing all those new customs and rituals and cause all the awkward culture misunderstandings. Even though it's a dating game, i loved spending time with Asih doing all those normal everyday activities. Or eating dinner with granny and arguing with Suda. You know, just living in the village was enjoyable. Also, i'm glad you included the encyclopedia, i enjoyed reading it.

1) Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

Mitra. Mostly because his route had the most of everything mentioned above. Plus he was super sexy. Reksa was cool too, but he is not my type at all :P (that's not your fault, from the comments i see he is pretty popular). For Rama, his story was maybe the most interesting one, but the most depressing. i loved how you hadled his constant switching mood, i felt so bad for him whole time :( . Maybe that is the reason i liked his route the least, it made me feel very sad.

2) What makes you consider to play this game?

The art. And the fact the protagonist looked like a girl i could identify with (being an adult woman, i have problem enjoying visual novels, where the main character is at highschool, or extremly shy or naive. i'm not saying such games are bad, but i'm too old for them)

4) Do you have any question or constructive critiques?

What i missed in the game was a list of endings in the menu (they can have hidden names if neccessary). when playing visual novels, i like to try to find all the endings by myself, and list of ending gives me something like a nice checklist without needing to leave the game (and usually it's hard to google a number of endings without seeing a walktrough)

there was one more thing i didn't like - the ending song, i made me feel like the singer didn't want to sing at all, or something like that.

5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

Yes absolutely. Sadly, it depends on what ways of paying will be possible. actually, i wanted to pay something for this one too, but i don't have a paypall :( . it would be great if you released it trough steam, i could pay you that way :)

At the end i wanted to say a big THANK YOU, it was a lovely game, plus releasing it for free was very generous from you. THANK YOU for all the fun you brought in my life :)

Hi antizaba!

First, I want to apologize for this very VERY late reply T_T I've been drowning myself with work for my 2nd project you see.
I update every Monday in lemmasoft forum or in my facebook fanpage if you're curious about it :'3

Now, I shall reply to your answers!

3. This really moved me :'D to know that someone noticed the small things and details I put in my work is everything I could wish for -thank you for your warm appreciation! I will always keep the mini encyclopedia feature in my future projects since I want to introduce as many Indonesian culture as I can x'D

1. Naw, I understand~ every people have their own tastes and I think we all agree that Mitra will be likely our choice irl? x'D Ah and yes, Rama's story is indeed the saddest one... Although he could be very annoying and un-trusting like a child throwing a tantrum at first. But I'm so very glad you managed to catch the feeling that I really want people to notice in his story! How he became like that and what he did to cover the past.

All in all, thank you for giving all three of them a chance! :'D

2. lol, yep. I think I can understand them x'D how do I say this... growing up and reading a lot of romance stories or shoujo manga made me notice the difference between stories for young teenager and young adults. I try to balance between the two of them though o.o I like fluff you see.

Oh, do you like Hayao Miyazaki's movies? They're japanese movies and it has unique fantasy elements in it! I think you'll like it since I think it has the perfect balance I mentioned :'3

4. Ah yes, I replaced it with CG gallery >.< if you managed to get all the CGs that means you've found all the endings :'D as for the singer... lol, I think he tried his best to sing it but I suppose, his sound is not clear enough, yes? o.o some people said he sound lazy hahahah but believe me, he recorded it a few times already x'D I think it has something to do with us still being in college and lack of a studio to record him. I apologize for that >///<;;

5. Aww, thank you for your support! x'D No worries! I plan to go through steam greenlight if the first goal of my 2nd project is reached in IndieGoGo! It will take awhile since the story is so long, I'm having a headache over it though :'))

See you again in the future!



(Edited 1 time)

  1. Reksa. He's adorable in design. I liked his interactions with other characters, and he had the most to lose out of all of them. Rama was my least favorite due to his childishness (it felt like I was dealing with a Charlie Gordon sometimes), and Mitra was a swoonfest; I wish we got to see a scarier and less perfect side of him. Reminds me of Toma from Amnesia.
  2. At first it was the art that caught my attention, but it was really the cultural references that made me determined to play the game. I love how the game teaches you about Indonesian culture, and even some words.
  3. Art, charas, story, and culture. I enjoyed the addition of the encyclopedia, and the emphasis on side charas. I wasn't so sure about the writing style at first, although I got used to it.
  4. On Rama's route I can only give him the explosives. I've tried clicking everywhere above and below that option, but there's no other choice. Other than that, there are some not as noticeable typos, errors, ect. The random events with Rama did confuse me because I only ever visited the character I was pursuing, yet the main character seemed to know him really well even though I didn't. It also spoiled that part of Rama's route.
  5. Yes. I'd happily pay ten for this game (wthout grammar errors or glitches ofc). I'm very interested in what you'll make next.

Hi melocule!

Gosh... I'm really sorry for this unbelievable late reply T_T I have no excuse except that I immersed myself too much in my second project.

I've been focusing a lot in my lemmasoft forum and facebook fanpage you see ><;;

1. Thanks for giving all my boys a chance! x'D Reksa gained another fan <3
And yes, I agree that Rama is childish and could be overbearing >< but well... I was experimenting with Easy-Medium-Hard stories to see your reactions :'3 and lol, I thought you're talking about Gordon Ramsay for one second x'DD

As about Mitra... hmm, funny that you mentioned Toma here. I thought Toma will be more similar to Rama? x'D -WAIT, is it because of his scene with Rama? O_O;

2. YAY! I'm glad you like the new cultures! I was a bit worried about the reception of it ><

3. Ahahah, yes, I aware of the grammar faults >_<;; it's a flaw I can't seem to get rid of *cough*

I also still have a lot to learn about writing and quality-control :'D but I'll definitely do my best to improve in my future projects!

4. Here, try this walkthrough : https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=...

Rama's route is a bit more tricky than the others >< and yes, the things you mentioned is one of the story loopholes people mentioned Q_Q I'm sorry! I didn't notice it until I published the final version! Thank you for pointing it out! This is a reminder for myself to study more ><

5. I have a new version of Winged Ones if you're interested? :'3 I re-made it with ren'py since the old version seems to have a lot of bugs and errors: https://sweetchiel.itch.io/new-nusantara-legend-of... the story is not different; only the bugs fixed and different save/load screen. I'm still on the way of becoming an advanced ren'py programmer ><

All in all, thank you for your support despite all my flaws! I have a second project called Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle if you're still interested? I update on Monday in my lemmasoft page and facebook fanpage for this little one :'3

I hope to see you again!




THIS IS MY FIRST TIME PLAYING INDONESIAN-BASED OTOME (and I saw this on 17th August tho -nationalism at its best)

I can't wait to play it~ I'll leave reviews as soon as I've finished the game.

YAY! I hope you liked it!

I love Indonesian cultures and hope to share it more in my future projects! :'3

Whoa, this one is almost a year ago... I hope you can forgive me OTL T^T

hi hi i was wondering if you have more images? Im thinking of getting it :) is there romancing?

(Edited 1 time)

No more images XD but yeah, you play as the Heroine and you can romance one of the three bachelors available.

I advice you to get the new Ren'py version tho. This one is old Novelty version with a bit crashing ><

Hi! I must say Nusantara was a very pleasant experience overall. I especially liked the art and graphics - you're a really good artist, and it really shows in the sprites and CGs. The art is definitely what stands out the most, it is remarkably good, especially for a free visual novel! The characters are quite well-built, but my favourites are Mitra and Reksa. Mitra, because I'm a sucker for adorable big-bear types (he reminded me of Makoto from the anime Free!, who is an absolute sweetheart, quite a lot). And also because his character was very well developed, consistent, yet evolving adequately as the story unfolded. Reksa was slightly less fleshed-out because of the reduced amount of time he and Tamara spent on friendly terms, BUT - he's actually the most physically attractive of all three. To me, at least! I also tend to feel very attracted to stories of "forbidden love", so to say - of love growing between opposite people, with opposing factions or beliefs. That's what I really liked about his route. I had fun playing both, though! The only character I don't feel all that attracted to or curious about is Rama. Perhaps because I don't like yandere/sadistic types, but I'm just not very eager to play his path - and as of today, I haven't done so, so I can't say anything about him. He's just not my type, I suppose - nothing wrong with that!

The only element I would critique would be the writing, which could use some more work. I played through it a while ago, but I do recall some of the comedy sounding too overused, or cliché-d. But, although it seemed overly simplistic at times, you have a pretty good hang of the "show, not tell" feature, which is essential for all types of writing. What I'm saying is: you are good at having the reader easily picture the events in their mind as they read, but the actual writing - the choice of words and plot development - could use some working on. Ah, the dialogue was also well done! It felt natural, never forced, which is also a really good thing. So don't be discouraged! The more you write, the better you get!

Lastly, the Novelty engine was rather annoying to play with, because the format gave errors, went real slow at times, etc - obviously that is not at all your fault, but the engine's. Just thought I'd mention it because Ren'Py is really well worth sticking to. It's free, easy to use, and hardly ever crashes!

As for your question, I would consider buying the visual novel if the plot and characters were compelling enough for my taste. I am sure with your skills you could whip up something great :D

Hi aerasart and thank you for playing!

I'm happy to hear that you like my art-style :"D and yeah, I agree that my writing still has rooms for improvement (as for the cliche moments -I can't help it x'D I think I'll need to think of something fresh).

And yes, Rama's route is the most dark of the three routes (this is an experiment since I want to try mixing and balancing dark and light elements -but I understand that he might turn off some people xD nothing wrong with that so thank you for the honesty!)

And I agree about sticking with Ren'Py. I studied it for the sake of re-making Nusantara: LotWO and I'm very happy to be finally comfortable with it! My next project will be using Ren'Py so no worries for crushing anymore ^-^)/ but I'll still have to study and improve my grammar + writing skills tho.

Oh and if you click my profile in itch io, you can find Nusantara's new Ren'Py version if you didn't know about it o.o;

Last but not least, thank you for your support and I hope to see you again in the future!



(Edited 1 time)

Hello there. Alright first off I'd like to state that this was a lovely visual novel that I'm very happy I was able to experience, it being free and all. I would love to blather on about my indulgence within your creation, and I will, but I wished to add my thoughts on it, and thus, this review is quite long. Apologizes, I have a tendency to do that. With that said, into the questions, and again it really was a pleasure to witness, and thoroughly delightful. I applaud you on your hard work.

1) Which bachelor did you like most and why?

Out of the three, it's a difficult choice between Reksa and Mitra, though I still found enjoyment through Rama's route. In a more realistic sense it would be Mitra, however Reksa's character had much more of a flare I suppose. I would have to say Reksa. They're both undeniably interesting as well as Rama. The reason I feel Rama's character fell short was I found myself seeing him as nothing more then that, a character, again an interesting one none the less. The way his story melded with the present just clashed in a way and for me, that was what pulled me back into thinking less about the character. I was still upset or annoyed by his actions and had emotional responses however, he still fell into a flat character mold. The troubled kid trying to hide himself with a mask, a classic character that never falls short of intriguing. Yet, it can be tricky to master, and being able to really make the character feel real and interactive or tangible is a puzzle depending on the type you are aiming for. I don't know, he was just flat and kind of empty, it was a blur of trying to meld things together in a mismatched way, it didn't feel as much "there" as it should have.

As for Mitra, an obvious favorite, it was most likely due to the fact that his character was more fleshed out in a sense. He felt much more real, and he was simple, kind, and quite an agreeable one. He had other sides to him, like the warrior, and the way his different traits were molded together, worked quite well. He wanted to do good, make sure his people, and his family were protected, safe, and happy. A sensible character that no matter where you picked him up and put him, would fit. Much more tangible and believable, which pulled me a bit more into the story and I began to take interest into him as a character as well as persona. This doesn't mean he doesn't have a few things that I couldn't really connect with, but that was me personally. As to him being "too nice" well yes in a way. He was kind, he was strong, and reliable, he showed a bit of weakness when he agreed with Yuda's rage against the Komodos, but that was about it. He never really showed anything else, he was very courteous and gentle, which was of course nice, but he didn't have as much depth beyond the gritty prince of reality who was made to sweep the heroine off her feet and have a warming relationship with.

Now onto Reksa, another obvious favorite. The grumpy "bad boy" type that comes to show interest in the heroine as she purists out of kindness, curiosity, or simply needing to under the circumstances. This was the route I just finished and I really did enjoy it, mostly whenever the MC interacted with him in ways that resulted in an amusing banter or some sort of interesting response in general. I'd say I undoubtedly liked Reksa's characterization the most. He has depth, showing his pride, his doubt in himself, but his trust that he begins to place in the MC only brings more for his character. He had some humor, but even doubted the MC, and yet began to come back with his own kindness. His relationship with his father and the village was also interesting, and his rivalry with the main antagonist was also something that increased the depth in his character, though slightly more fantasy placed than that of Mitra, I still found him a bit more believable and developed. Again this was just my take away.

2) What made you consider playing this Visual Novel?

To be honest, just my boredom, and interest in games. I've been recently searching through more story driven ones, and looked through the visual novels available here. The name itself caught my interest, and the art style was appealing, as was the description. I simply chose to take a chance at it and see how I liked it. It's actually difficult for me to find games like these that I can't find at least some merit of, and I leave the judgement until I've played through it as much as it allows, and soak up all elements.

3) What did you think of the visual novel overall? What elements stand out the most? Ex. Art, story, characters, etc.

As I've stated previously, overall, I enjoyed this visual novel and would rate it (And have) at four stars, though I'd prefer something more than just five stars to express my feelings, hence long comment/review. I've rather in depth stated my opinions on the three love interests, however I also found connections within supporting characters, and even just the silhouettes had enough personality for me to be able to somewhat delve into the story more. Therefore, I felt the characters are a very strong element within this VN. Which was enhanced by the art, and the visual representation. The art was quite nice, though I will say some of the positioning or just realistic elements in the CG's were awkward, but it is something I cannot fault being familiar with how difficult this can be, but it was something I noticed. The story was pretty simple, sometimes a bit lacking, and easy to predict in some elements which was a hindrance in some ways such as the way it affected the realistic ways of Rama's actions. However, it was still a pleasant one to go through with the characters.

4) Do you have any questions or critiques?

I have already stated many of my critiques previously throughout the other questions such as the characters depth, awkward story moments or some art depictions, and how the story was rather simple, which is not necessarily bad, since the characters were highlighted well within it and worked but it was a problem with certain themes or aspects. There were some things where I'd be doubting it or wondering how something is possible, because things that deal with time travel can get complicated, so it leaves weird things and many questions but it wasn't that defined. It is something tricky to avoid, leaving things open, and finding problems with the story or events, but it was something that caught my attention. Again, a difficult thing to deal with in fantasy settings so I wasn't that peeved by it since I'm guilty of it personally however much I attempt to mend and avoid it.

My main critique with the VN is mildly nit picky, but nevertheless, quite important: The language, such as grammar and spelling.The way a story flows is important, and keeping that flow is vital for a reader's involvement, and overall experience with the story. So when a story has these problems, it breaks the flow, it breaks that involvement down a little bit more, and it's usually awkward and considering the current event, it may distract from any emotional responses or depth it was meaning to portray. An example of this is when the MC was with Rama, before they fell from the tree branch breaking, the choice there between "take a deep breath" and "Feel your surroundings" there was one, and it broke the tension, it broke down that moment as it says "feel your surpundings." (Or some spelling of that variant I'm not too positive on the exact lettering.) It was a moment of intimacy between them in a way, and slight panic of the situation, but I ended up laughing. It broke down my connection with the story, it broke that flow. The proper grammar and flow of the language you're using, is a seriously underrated importance in something like this, especially for reading, I find it personally vital to how the story is, and feels. However, this was again, free.

5) If I made another visual novel would you consider buying it via patreon or kickstarter?

In short, no. Mostly due to the fact that I am still in high school, and do not buy things online, no matter how much I wish to. I would honestly love to, but even if I was given that privilege, I would not have the money for it. Therefore, I seek out free games I may enjoy such as yours, and take it with a grain of salt. I wish I could support creators such as you, that have made things I'm fond of, but again, I simply can't.

However even though I can't, if I were to be able to, I would say absolutely. Depending on several factors; Mostly the one's I've critiqued thus far. If I were to buy a visual novel or anything really, I'd expect a certain quality of it, meaning I'd expect minimal to no issues in the language, because that's what I expect of things I'm too buy. Therefore, I suggest you not only work further on developing your skills in understanding grammar, and the language, but increasing your editing between not just yourself, but another person who may correct things you missed, or help enhance it in ways you can't. Which is never a bad thing. It's always better to run it through more sources. No matter how good you are at the given language, in this case English, you will always benefit from the help of another person, because you can always miss something, or correct it in your mind since that's what you wanted there. They may also provide insight from a new perspective.

It will not only improve the quality but it can enhance the story itself, the way you wield language, the power of words, is certainty something not to be underestimated.

All in all. I without a doubt enjoyed this creation, and I'm happy I found it and was able to review it. It was amazing for what I was given,despite my critiques, It was a lovely experience. Thank you, and I look forward to any more work you produce, even if I can't buy it, maybe I'll just wait a couple years or enjoy what parts I can. Again, apologies for such a long bloody review, I tend to write a lot. Hopefully something was at least interesting or useful. Also props to you if you read it all. Best wishes.

(Edited 1 time)

Hi Blase! I'm very grateful for your heartfelt review and critiques :')

Please, blather all you want since I'm really touched to see how you managed to analyze the characters and told me constructive opinions so I can improve!

I apologize for this late reply tho -my job is hectic right now and I don't have the time to check on my private projects ><;

First of all, I'm very surprised to hear that you're still in highschool O.O

Your review has wide grammar, it also flows so smooth and pleasantly polite that I found myself reading it again and again. Is English your mother tongue? Like you've noticed, grammar has always been my nemesis in creating a good script.

I had 2 friends proofreaded Nusantara (Australian and Indonesian), but the problem still exists x_x I wonder if it gotten worse since we had to check it multiple times.

But thank you for pointing that out! I'm in the middle of looking someone to proofread my next project but it won't be until I've finished my 'preparation stage' which is still quite a long way to go. To be honest, I hope I can find someone like you :')

Anyways, I want to also thank you for analyzing the boys!

1. I have to admit that Rama was a challenge to write. His past is the most complex of all and I guess I had some difficulty about how to 'tell' his story tothe readers. Nevertheless, your review about him is true; his character didn't mold as good as I plan it to be -but I will take this experience to be more careful in the future X)

Conclusion: I really should carry each bachelors stories carefully and plan them slowly so I can bring out their fullest potential, yes?

No comment about Reksa... but I'm probably a little bias with him since he's the first bachelor I made and one of the main reason why this Nusantara VN exist ><;; apologies!

For Mitra; I agree that he's the most stable character out there! I can't even say/add anything more since you basically describe him exactly as I created him to be :")

2. I'm always happy to hear people found my game by coincidence and ended up enjoying it! x'D I'm also glad to hear you like my art-style although I admit I need more training in making CGs hahahahah ~

3. You're right. I always found connections between characters are important -even with minor characters. In the future I hope to make better stories where I can tell complex stories involving multiple characters or like Rama's smoothly ><

Oh but quality control is also one of my in-progress-problems ^^; please bear with me since I'm still in the middle of looking for an art style for my CGs

4. I have to admit... that I sometimes have a twisted humor :")) that's also why the songs/mood changes like a roller coaster in Rama's route lol. I just... can't help it but I'll take notes and try to be constant about a scene's mood >< thanks again!

5. Your thoughts and support are very appreciated! I understand your situation too well since I was also like that in highschool. Heck, I only started using credit cards after graduating college :"))

Still, I'm happy to meet you here and I hope to see you around!

Also, I have a question; are you interested to be my proofreader for my next project? it wont start for awhile but I'll be very happy to have you help me with my grammar ><



It's no problem at all, I really did enjoy it besides, it's nice practice for AP English. I've been doing a lot more analysis in school as well so it's helped my ability to pick apart characters and story elements. My English teacher last year was obsessed with character and story analysis so I've come into it more. I'm glad you appreciate the constructive criticism, it's just I've encountered several friends who find it to be a bit too much sometimes. I'm happy to help.

Don't worry about the late response I understand. Yes, I'm heading into my third year. Also, English is in fact my one and only language as of now.

Like I said before, after the same people or person reviews the same script over and over, you can tend to easily skip over something or have it corrected in your mind but not on paper. So it's understandable that it at some point hit a brick wall in editing. Some people just can't keep going, and if you don't know what mistakes you're making, it's not much help either.

I enjoy analyzing things, and characters, stories in general, it may be strange, but I just find something so interesting about breaking things down and getting to such thin details it's highly questionable if I should even be wasting my time going so far.

Now planning out backstories is important, and being rather detailed may help depending on how it fits with said character or the story in general. If the backstory is a large part of a character then yes, it should be pretty planned out and understood. However, some characters benefit from a more blurry backstory, one you can question and build into the character itself without doing something like a full bio. It really depends on your character, and how you're building them to be. It's just important to be able to look at a character and turn them into something dimensional, not a flat bio description made obviously for plot points or random background. It makes them boring, or puts the readers off of the character, they don't make sense, and they can't get invested.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a "twisted" sense of humor, and taking the readers on a roller coaster ride with the story or character, isn't initially a bad thing to do, it just needs to be done right. You can make a story erie or dramatic, or twisted, and throw in unexpected elements from characters, but it still needs to make sense in a way. It still needs to have a flow. Just as keeping things more constant has an easy to handle flow, drama, is more tricky. But it still has it's own flow.You just can't cut out certain pieces you want, slap some glue on the back and toss it onto a board hoping it will look pretty or the way you want at the end, you need to make the pieces fit, they can over lap or add contrast and different elements, but they need to feel like they make sense, they need to look good together, even if it clashes, it can still just "fit." So you need to balance the character out with the story, and find how it can flow, and still get that clashing, uneasy, twisted feeling to it.

I'm glad to have found this project and met you as well SweetChiel.

Of course, I'd be happy to help.

Warm Regards,


Can I have your email? ^-^ I'll definitely contact you when a demo script is done~ If we found out that we work together wondefully, I hope we can work for the long run? I look forward to work with you!

Yes of course it's sierrarotsaert3372@gmail.com

Blasee check your email! X'D

Don't worry I replied recently.

hello, I'm in the middle of playing your game, [I LOVE IT BTW] but my only flaw is that whenever I open options, it says there is an error and it can't load. This blue-ish screen with a bunch of text I don't understand pops up too. It's not in a different language or anything, it's just a bunch of coding.

I hope anyone knows a way to fix this lol ): but anyways, I'll be back in a few days because I really want to write a thoughtful review about this game bc I've only played half of it but I'm just so into the story that I don't want it to end aaaaah.

Hi there!

I'm sorry gor the bugs and errors, but this is an old version of Nusantara and I suggest you to go to my profile and click Nusantara's new Ren'Py version ^^- there shouldn't be any error in the new ver ~

Thank you and I'll look forward for your after thoughts!

Hi, love your VN n hardly believe that you let this kind of (very hard) work as free!!

You're so generous, thank you so much!

I basically just want to answer your questions:

1. Mitra. Why? hmm, I thought the reason was already listed in the story! (and you didn't even dare to give him bad ending yourself...for those same certain kind of reason, perhaps...? ^^) Possessive and enigmatic ones might be interesting that challenging, but too hard to handle (for real!) haha...

Besides, I believe that a 'prince charming'/'knights in shining armor' is never a mere rainbow and butterflies, it's actually a living battlefield with tears, blood, and sweat against oneself so that keeping such idealism live in one's life; he could also be very hard to handle that he tend to consciously put others more important than himself and his own fams/love ones, even letting others taking advantages on him, especially when he knows best...and still stubbornly stick to his idealism...(infuriating, isn't?) Tamara have to grow a big heart to share Mitra...with the whole 2 villages's people! You actually could still put more in depth dark side of that shiny character of Mitra, so that even goodness has its own intrigue/sacrifice...or for the next ones, maybe...^^

2. First impression was honestly the artwork, especially the character's, then it's the story that you put values and humanity in it, not just a plain story of 'getting the boys'. But I mostly impressed in how you put so much details in the artwork to describe the atmosphere.

3. The culture! I love how you cleverly fused your country's culture and value into the story and every of its detail, showed how much you value your own culture, and introduced them to others, making this VN has its own unique. I also like the culture fun facts, the birds and komodo's personification of your VN characters.

4. I personally prefer the characterization rather than the story line ^^; so I'm just thinking whether there is possibility of making more in depth options so that determined the main character's character...? Not just about where to go or choosing between 2 options (one obviously the right choice); but more about what to say, what to choose, what to do, so that players could personalized their main character (based from the choices). Put more choices (being witty, subtle, practical, naive, skeptic, angry, ignorant, etc).

And how this choices interact with different kind of love interest's characters/other characters, determined their relationship (couple/friend/just acquaintance/even enemy) (but please, no activity/status/task bar...I don't really like it haha), as well determine the conclusion of the story from many perspectives/how it will end.

Sorry if it sound too ambitious...and I realize it also depend on your target player...Anyway, it's just another one idea though...^^

5. Yes! If it at least has the same quality.... (I decided to buy this game without second thought when playing it) How could I have a heart to play this for free when you've already given so much?!!

I also like the BGMs...do you consider to make them available for commercial download?

You have such talent in what you're doing and obviously put your heart in it. You are as rare as Mitra's character yourself! ^^

I definitely looking forwards for your next woks!

Keep up the good work, sweetchiel! ^^

Hi ve and thanks for your enthusiastic review! X') I'm glad you love this VN as much as I do :"3

1. lol I agree that guys like Reksa and Rama could be hard to handle in-real-life x'D Mitra is more like our ideal guy -but hey, that's why playing VNs are so fun right? OuO

You managed to catch Mitra's character really well <3 which makes me so happy since he definitely needs more love x'D

But I'll do my best to create more interesting characters in the future ;) some people find him to be 'too kind' or 'too gentlemanly' xDD

2. Thank you! I'm very happy to hear you like my art-style :'3 I hope to make bright colored art -but my story is a little dark psychological so imagine my surprise that they managed to go well together! X'D

3. Thanks! Yup I love my culture -but the research makes it so long to complete so I hope you'll be patient with me ><

4. Hmm in short, you want to characterize the main character yourself? O.O That's a good idea! but it will make it hard for me since I'm a newly started programmer so I'm gonna be confused with all the personality branching (but maybe angelic/devilish are enough?)

I will consider about this personality split thanks!

But for the response choices; i do plan to chage it from 2 to 3 choices in the next project ;)

There are plenty new features I wish to try with my new project (stats bar is one of them so, sorry xD but it will be only 3 stats so it wont be hard since 1 bachelor only need you to focus on 1 stat -except if people push me to make a mystery character lol)

Wow I really appreciate your income here OuO; I even tell you some unpublished info about my next project *oops* but it's still a long way to go so be patient with me x'D

5. Awww thank you for your support ! QuQ it's my pleasure and you're welcome!

It depends on which BGM you're talking about xD there are probably around... 6 or 7 original BGM and the rest is free BGMs which you can find out in my credits ~

I'll have to discuss my BGM friends if they want to be commercial download or not -but glad to see you're interested!

Oh and my next project info is released in my Facebook page 'Nusantara Visual Novel Series' :"3

It's called 'Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle'; an entirely new story but set in the same universe. I'm doing the preparations right now but updates won't be here until ... December at the most. My job is flooring me atm x.x

Until then, stay tuned and see u around! ^.^)/



Happy to hear that you're on the way of a next project!! (I'll bear it even with stat bar...) ^^

Wishing you all the BEST,

Don't give up on things you love!

Waiting for your new up dates/activities...^^

Hi, thank you for making this awesome VN. Maybe I'll review it when I finished all routes :)

Actually I have a problem. I want to take Reksa's route, since I have finished Mitra and Rama's. When Tamara met Mitra, Rama and Reksa for the first time, I have chose all three (Go meet Mitra, Take a walk, and go to herb forest). But even after that, Asih kept saying "Alright, what do you want to do now?" even though I've already chose all three. I have no prob at all when taking MItra and Rama's route.

Hi maxwel!

I suggest you go to my profile and download Nusantara's new version (Ren'Py ver)

This is an old version so there might be some crashes/bugs :")

I think i might be the only person who's unable to see the walkthrough pics D:

click and drag your mouse over the walkthrough page xD

it's invisible on purpose hahahah

The game unfortunately crashes permanently for me on Month 5 Week 1.

This is the Old version of Nusantara x'D

Please go to my profile and click on Nusantara's new Ren'Py version. There wont be a crash problem wih it :")

First of all, I never left a comment for anyone in my entire life. So yeah.. Basically, I am impressed, you did a good job. At first I didn't expect much from it, but reading further and further I grew to love the story.

So second of all, I'm sorry for judging before reading, so I'll answer your questions as an apology for judging.

1. Reksa sure is my favorite love interest. Because, well.. The little moments of affection between him and the MC were just SO cute. Like, like.. I don't no, it was just super cute how he claimed the MC to be his. I also enjoyed Mitra's route a lot, since he was really kind and thoughtfull, but also a badass when needed ;) That is just, uhm, no words to describe it. It's just everythng a girl can wish for, right?

2. I don't pay for VN's or anything really. I'm pretty much broke, soo yeah. So I looked up free VN's and yours got my attention, but since I don't like people making stuff up about what happened in the past (don't get me wrong, I love historical things, but it's just, I wan't the real thing, not just make up stories), I just didn't want to download it. But a few days later, I still hadn't found something that seemed good enough, so I remembered your VN (since it has such an interesting name: 'Legend of the winged ones'), so I decided to give it a chance, and boooyyy! Am I glade I did!!

3. What I think about this VN is, well.. It's pretty amazing, I liked every bit of it, except for the part where Rama made it confusing.

4. Like I already mentioned, I didn't like the parts where Rama messed up the story, but on the other hand, I understood that it couldn't be helped. And I just began to saw it as how caring the MC is, even when she has other things on her plate, she still went to the trouble totry to help a friend in need.

5. I'll consider it alright, but don't expect much from me, I need to save my money as much as I can. Yeah, seems like a poor excuse, but I really am broke, I need every cent I can get. So I don't know if I actually would pay, but I would condsider it.

Well I hope you don't mind reading my whole comment since I wrote a lot.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to your next stories. Good luck dear.

P.S. I loveeddd Asih and Yuda, they were just tew cute together!!

Hi Serefina! Hahahah, it makes me happy to hear that some people who accidentally found my VN enjoyed it more than they expected x'D

1. Yes, Reksa is still the favourite so far -people said there are more sexual tension in his route than other routes x'D (is it true? Why didn't I realize it sooner lol) and yes, Mitra is the symbol of chivalry -but honestly I just want to create a balance with Rama's dark story.

2.yes I understand that we need more free VNs out there! >< and YAYYY for you to decide to download my baby in the end! X'D

3.Hahahah yup, some people also have the same opinion as yours. I think there are rooms for improvements for my writing skills too -I'll do my best in my next project! >:)

4. Aww thank you! I also thought that Tamara is very patient with Rama despite him being a jerk.

5. It's okay ~ I'm just glad you like VN and even considered to save money for it :"D

Your comment/critiques are always welcome no matter how long they are xD (wall text amuses me and makes my day better to know people like it enough to leave a long comment <3)

See you again in the future/around if you have more questions!



P.S: Ikr! They're so cute together! But some people are sad that Yuda is not available anymore x'D


Yeah, you're right about the 'more sexual tension' in Reksa's route, I guess that made him even more interesting/likeble than he already was. It was kinda nice actually, it didn't go too far, it was just the right amount of 'sexual tension'. xD That sounds so weird, but okay.

P.S. It's true that I wished that Yuda was a love interest ('cause, let's admit it, he is kinda good looking too xD), but still.. It was also nice that the MC was not the only one who was in love. And Yuda and Asih were just sooo adorable I really loved it.

Hey SweetChiel, just want to say thank you for making a wonderful VN. The story was fantastic.

Though I still felt that a certain avian could've been saved even without doing that certain avian route. Since it happen because of a misunderstanding.

  1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
    My favorite was Mitra because his personality is exactly my boyfriend and he is gorgeous. Plus, he is family oriented that is a huge plus for me ;D and my I add he is gorgeous.
    After him is Reska because his possessiveness is hot. Then is Rama because of him being mentally unstable.
  2. What makes you consider to play this game?
    I was looking for free VN and then I saw the art for this game. Then I thought, "wow, this is beautiful" . I loved the colors, the dresses, the cultures of the tribes. It was great.
  3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?) Everything but for me the most is art, followed by characters and story.
  4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
    I think that Rama could've been saved regardless and that it would be interesting if there was a route in which you do save his life but not end up with him. Call me salty, but I just felt like he could've found happiness through forgiveness and learning the truth. But he is your character.
  5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)
    Depends how much it is. Unfortunately I don't have any money since I don't have a job. But I love to if I did have the money. Either way I'll be eager to read any future VN

Whoa, hi sirona04!

Really sorry for this late reply! >.<; your comment is hiding at the corner and I sometimes missed a comment :'D

Also, you're very welcome! it's my pride and joy to see people love my VN so much :')

1. Hahahah, yes, I agree! I think Mitra is like an almost extinct male species :')) so gentlemen and family oriented! Thanks for giving all three of them a chance tho :'D

2. Thank you! I do my best to 'woo' you guys with my arty-skills! x'D

3. Aww thank you! :'3 hmm, I think there are still rooms for improvements -I'll try to do better in my next project! >:)

4. Yes, you have a point there. But sadly, Rama's psychology is too far gone to be ever saved without someone he trust to push him out of his shell u.u he already 'stamped' the villagers as betrayals, let alone Komodos :') he doesn't trust anyone on the island anymore and that's where Tamara came in!

But hey! thanks for the input there! I'll take it into consideration when I write more angst stories x'D *gosh, I think I'm developing a sadist streak here*

5. Thanks for your consideration! :'D

Once again, thank you for your kind support and I hope I'll see you around!



It's ok, it happens lol ^-^ However, I do feel special because that you replied 8D

Yes, your VN is my favorite VN, then its Ninja Destiny 2 and Wizard hearts...or something like that.

1. I know! The way you did Mitra's character was on point. I wonder if someone will make a plushie of him...I'll totally get it.

2. You wooed my heart with your art ;v; it is beautiful!

3. I'm cheering for you. You did really well in this one :D and everyday we improve on what we work on. I believe in you!

4. I know ;-; I'm just a hopeful type a person, especially since I have depression myself. So, I felt like there was always a way. I do like his route though. I found it cool that he was a badass fighter. xD By the way, does his wings ever heal? or was the bones healed in a way that it wasn't in alignment?

5.I gots a job 8D so yush I shall buy it. Do let me know that you made a new one though si ^^

I keep running into a issue on Rama's story. I go through his...obstacle during Month 4 week 4, and everything kinda works out by Month 5 week 1, but then the story back tracks a week to the festival and the dialogue suggests that the obstacle wasn't overcome. I've already uninstalled the game then reinstalled, but the same thing happens. What exactly is going on and how can I fix it?

This is an uncommon problem o.o Most of people don't have this 'backtrack' problem.

I suggest to use skip by pressing 'ctrl' until you pass the obstacle and then save. This works for people who is stuck on a certain point of the story.

Other than that, you can always wait for the re-make ^^; I'm sorry, but there is little I can do about Novelty's bugs

Thanks for the reply! I'll try your suggestion. :

(Edited 1 time)

Hi ^^,

ooohhh i love your game. It's freaking awesome from the story to the art. ^^ I can't choice one of this guys. (okay i chose one of them the best)

Mitra is the gentle, strong and sey, who protected the other. His story was very fine. And the ending was beautiful. A intersting proposal.^^

Rama is the strongest of all but he was sometimes a bit creepy XD. And his blue eyes. His Past was so sad. I love both of his endings, the good end (epilog) was very sweet. He is very lovely because i think his dangerous fot Tamara. But his bad end was also very lovely and sad together because of his past. So sad.

And in the end Reksa ^^. At the start I thought can you speak or only growl. But this make's him pleasant ^^ and later he is very nice and i love his story to. Also "She is mine." I love it. ^^ The good and the bad ending was fantastic. The bad is so...I must cry because of this sad beautiful end.

But the best end of all was for me Reksa's, this ritual is like a display by the animal, oohhh i love it. This fits PERFECT. Reksa is soooo cute and a BIT horny AND he AWESOME. ^^

The illustration are amazing, I like the art. ^^

Hope for more from you ^^


Hi and thanks for reviewing Rinaria! :")

I'm really happy happy that you gave the boys a chance and discovered their unique charms :"3 and lol, somehow I'm not surprised Reksa is your fave xD He is our top guy here and made lots of maiden hearts soon <3

Your support is really appreciated and warmly accepted :"3 thanks again and see you in my next game!

omg wattt why i've re install my directx like 3times but they wont opeeen i want to play it soon

it should run after you extract it with winrar and re-install directX ver 9c ><;

Have you tried re-starting your computer?

so for ages now ive been attempting to download the game but everytime i doe a problem pops up. i go and download something to fix it then once its fixed another one pops up! its so frustrating ahh ~ does anyone know how to fix this? it said before something about fmodelx.dll or something and then something about error point and im literally brain dead rn haha!

umm maybe it has something to do with your internet speed or browser? O.o

I've checked the download link and I had no problem with it ><

Everytime I try and download the game it 'does' download but it is a flat file. I cannot click on it to open it.

it's a .rar file. You need to 'extract' it with Winrar ^^;

Thank you for the reply. Though I did figure out that I had to update the Directx (though it took me forever to figure out how.) Then I compressed the file and extracted it now it works! I can't wait to play it.

Well this is bad... This is the second time I have to extract a clean copy of the game in order to play it again. I think that if it crashes it sometimes corrupts my saves, because if I move my saved games to a clean game folder it suddenly doesn't load anymore as well. No error messages or anything, it just doesn't open anymore and closes. '_', I'm really interested in continuing playing, but now I'm feeling a little down to keep at it, sorry to say it... I hope a stable Renpy version comes soon.

(Edited 2 times)

FOR THOSE EXPERIENCING THIS ERROR: Restart your computer. It is as simple as that. It seems the game's process doesn't close properly at some errors, could be an engine thing. I couldn't pinpoint what could be wrong using the task manager, but if the issue is from engine it is something hard to fix for the average programmer. That and I'm not even sure if Novelty's engine is open source, so maybe it is not even something that can be fixed. So yeah, just restart your computer, it'll fix it by wiping your memory clean of all processes, and you're good to go again.

I'm having trouble getting Reksa's endings. Like, I can't get his endings even though I followed the guide. Is his route really supposed to overlap with Mitra's? Because after the ambush, I get Mitra's route and then everything turns into that instead of Reksa. The choice to either give the pink chrystal or the explosives doesn't even pop up. Could I get some help?

I have the same problem, except instead of switching over to Mitra's route, mine switches to Rama's. For some reason, I think in month 2 or 3 (?), I get an event where I tell Asih, Yuda, and Granny about helping Rama and it's a whole big deal. Then later, I visit his house. I don't get an option to hang out with Reksa instead.

(Edited 1 time)

also, fox, rama's route mixes with the main story. So it's not a bug. It's normal to suddenly switch to rama's route because if it doesn't, you won't understand why a particular event happened later in month 4

it's a common bug if you scroll down and look through the comments here ^^;

The choice to give Reksa the pink crystal is invisible. Just click on the blank spaces above/below the choice to give him the bombs

Thanks for replying. :) ((BIT OF A SPOILER))

I did see another post with the same problem. You mentioned something about Tamara chasing after Reksa if the affection was high enough, but that didn't happen at all. I've already downloaded the game a second time, just playing through Reksa's route but I still end up getting what appears to be Mitra's route, and then getting the ending where she goes back. How will you know if his affection is high enough? There was a mention of something like 200 points, but I don't know how much that is when looking at the love meter in the options tab.


jhey, can you explain to me what 'appears to be Mitra's route'?

If you're questioning about Rama's story where he's missing, it's normal if the story branches only between Mitra and Rama. Later, IF you are in Reksa's route, Rama will not be found, and the branching to Reksa's route happens in the festival (Month 5 week 1, Where Tamara thought about Rama but then she thought about Reksa as well and THEN she decided to look for him.)

If the events above is not happening, or you're thrown into Mitra's event (Omed-omedan), then I seriously don't know what's wrong ^^; 200 points should be achieved when you follow the walkthrough (in the love-parameter should be above mid-way)

I suggest, if the problem still appears, wait for the ren'py version. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Yeah, I know about Rama's story branching into every single route. AH. So there's the problem, because the Omed-Omedan happens every single time. And I'm pretty sure my love-parameter was near the top (right below the fancy design) - I could take a screenshot and attach it for you, if you'd like, but you said mid-way so I'm pretty sure the affection level is fine. Probably just another bug - I'll try playing it again. Thank you so much! ^.^

Okay solved it. XD I think it was because I kept skipping so much that the coding couldn't keep up. XD Thank you again for your help!! ^.^ And I'm looking forward to the Ren'Py version as well - maybe this time I can actually donate instead of downloading it for free. <3

(Edited 1 time)

I'm having some trouble with opening the game ('~') it says its a ".rar" file and it won't play it as a game or anything :'( Can i haz halp plz? (I'm still a noob at file components and stuff... so yea i'm dumb)

Oh, you have to extract it first. If you have WinRAR on your computer, just right click on the .rar file and then click on 'Extract Here'. The look for the Nusantara folder, open it, then play the application. ^.^

Thank you so much! :3

Also u can use renp'y which is free and easy to use

Also u can use renp'y which is free and easy to use

yes I know hahahah, I'm making the re-make with ren'py since Novelty has lots of bugs ^^;

omg I luv this vn, please tell me there's going to be a part 2 or something better than this cause the story line was awesome and please take your time

Sorry, it's completed and there won't be any part2 ^,^)

I'll work on a new project once I finished this re-make with ren'py~


yay I can't wait for it😲😲😲😲😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 arigato gozamas

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

I think I'm having the same problem as SleepyCat013. Whenever I try to run Nusantara (and believe me, I'm desperate in wanting to play this game ever since I read the reviews and saw the trailer), I get this error message that states: "The program can't start because d3dx9_37.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

I didn't come here until after I had made repeated attempts to reinstall, but again, the same error message keeps popping out. I've also taken the liberty to check my version of DirectX and it says that my DirectX is the latest installation already (DirectX 11.2). Please help me, what do I do? [I'm literally crying... I wanna play this so badly. (╥﹏╥) ]

Ahh, I'm sorry for the late reply ><;

yes, that is a common error, you need to re-install the DirectX even tho you already have the latest instalation. That worked for other people so I'm sure it will work for you too :)


why can I play!? It says error lots and I already check the file, data and scan. Still says error. TTxTT


if there's an error that prevents you to open the gane, you need to update your directX (minimum DirectX 9.0c) if your DirectX is more than ver 9.0, you just need to re-install it ^^;

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Deleted post

Warning..this may contain spoiler...or maybe not..i don't know

I want to say this is otome game is really good!

1. I like all the bachelors here. The papa bear Mitra who is every ladies dream husband, the horny (lol) and possesive Reksa, and the happy-go but actually a big bad of sadness Rama. But if i have to choose one, then i will choose Rama anytime. Why? Because he reminds me a bit of myself, except i am not as hot and sexy as him, lol.

2. Honestly, i almost miss this one if not because of the title. When i came and see the arts, i decided to download it, and i can't stop play until the end...

3. I like it. For your information, i am a bit picky about games, so it's big, comes from me ;). The most standout element? Well, that is a hard question. there are just too many things to love in this game. The art, the music, the characters, the story, all of them are simply too amazing.

4. Yeah, i'm sure you already heard this several times, but the bug, crashes...man...I got several crashes when i played the games.

-The game crashed when i minimize it and keep it runs in the behind.

-it also crashed in Mitra's route, at the part when they check dead bodies in the village, but strangely it fixed when i finished Rama's route and re-load my Mitra's save again (?)

5. sure, why not? I'll buy them when i have the money.

I'll just quote Tamara here...

"damn this word, damn it's attractive males, and damn my hormones!"

Aww, thank you for sparing your time to review, Miu! It made my day better! :'3

1. Oh LOL x'D someone FINALLY calls Reksa horny hahahahah. I was a little worried for Reksa since he's the youngest and shortest from the other 2 bachelors, but I'm glad his personality fits hahahah. I also have no objections calling Mitra papa bear x'D

and aww, thanks for your love! Rama will definitely appreciate it with a wide grin :') Don't worry, every person has their problems. Life could be a pain in the rear after all. But hey, I;m glad you can connect with Rama so well!

2. Hahahah, the power of first impression I guess? xD A happy-guts pose is in order for that 'I decided to download it, and can't stop playing...' lol

3. You praise me soo much that my head might fell over from being bloated >_<; give it time to deflate x'D

4. Ahh yes, the crashes are pretty random. But if it's still occurs in the same place over and over again, try saving near it and skip it with pressing CTRL. The bugs are annoying, that's why I'm in the middle of re-making it with Ren'py >.<

5. YAY, thanks! xD

-and lol, so many of my friends like that quote too!

Seriously?! I'm the only one who called Reksa horny? XD. 'Horny' is my first impression of him when i played his route, especially when compared to Mitra's gentle act and Rama's tsundere...But it suits him well because the fact that he is the youngest out of three...let's just call it 'youth spirit' xD.

If Mitra is papa bear....then Reksa is a cute little chihuahua...who dreams to become a majestic German Shepherd. Ah, please don't tell Reksa i said this, or he will kill me! XD

I also love how you put 'Finally!' in Rama's good end. That's right, that tsundere stray cat really needs his own happy ending, eh?

Eh, whaat? You don't like me gave you too much praises? Do you want me to bully you instead? *evil grin* ψ(`∇´)ψ

Yes, you're the first one! Congrats! xD

You know, at first I didn't notice him being horny at all. I guess that's what happens to you when you have to re-play the scenes over and over again to check bugs :') but then I played it again recently and... facepalmed while blushing. I was like; oh, God did I wrote this?? Reksa is being very possessive, like a teenage with uncontrollable hormones(horny/needy in the later scenes), but then again Tamara didn't do better with her hormones too lol. I admit, the 'youth spirit' is strong in his route x'D

and I LOVE how you describe Reksa being a chihuahua who dreams of becoming a majestic german shepherd HAHAHAHAH, gosh, I can really imagine it x'DD (Don't worry, thou hath been spared from Reksa's wrath. This will be our little secret x'D)

....last but not least, miu, how do you plan to bully me? I'm half scared and half in anticipation regarding your creative imagination lol

1.Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

I liked Mitra, Since he seems so sweet. Also cute.

2.What makes you consider to play this game?

Honestly, the art. It was the first thing I saw when looking into this game.

3.Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?

I loved it. It transported me into a different world, something I like to look for in a story / game.

What stands out besides the art, is the different stories you could explore with the boys.

4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques?

Spelling.A few words are not spelled right...

5.Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

I would if I had the money to spare. Heh.

Your game was lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed it. :

Hi Malaco, and thanks for sending me your thoughts! :D

1. *Sigh* I agree! He's so sweet that he almost get me diabetes every time I write his script c':

2. I see, first impressions are important, yes? x)

3. Ahh yes, I'm glad my way to introduce a new world worked! ^.^- I hope you're as immersed as I am in it.

4. Grammar is my weakness ^^; I kept remind myself over and over again about that. Pardon me and pray I get a good beta-reader later for later projects >.<

5. Aww thanks!

I'm happy you enjoyed reading my VN, and I hope you'll keep supporting me in the future -^.^)/

See you around!

Oh Mah Lawd.

I took a break from Otome's for a while for a new collection to build and this was one of the first one's I played after redoing a few. To be honest, I loved this game so much. The art is stunning, the stories for each character are well done and so interesting. The gameplay is long and allows for the relationships between each character to build. The music and sound effects don't take away from the game and are quite pleasant to listen to. Knowing the flaws of the game including crashing and the occasionally skip issue, this really doesn't take away from the game. To be honest my game crashed once on one route and it was easily remedied by saving right before the crash point and skipping one blurb of text. Any other time it was just if I shut my computer and left it alone.

As for the questions from the creator:

  1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
    1. It's between Mitra and Reksa but most likely Mitra, both are strong characters. I adore Mitra's sweet loving and "teddy bear" like qualities. Reksa is kind of the sexy bad boy which is great for a complete opposite.
  2. What makes you consider to play this game?
    1. I considered the game because of the stunning art, and let's be honest, if the characters have wings i'll probably be very interested.
  3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)
    1. I'd give this game a 9/10. 1 Point deduction simply for the odd skipping when you have to hold down ctrl and the occasional blips of the software (Not due to lack of trying on creators part). The elements that stand out? I find it hard to pick. Art 10/10. Story 9/10 for the occasional boy hoping though i understand it helps progress the story to a certain point but otherwise the general story is great. Character: Mitra 10/10 Reksa 9.5/10 Rama ehhh 8/10. Rama's story is good but there's just something that doesn't draw me in as much as the others.
  4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
    1. As stated above great game I adored my only critique being that (more programming than anything) instead of just using "him" and having random weeks of visiting certain individuals the character progresses down one boy's path or the boy who she randomly visits is met more throughout the weeks before the random meetings.
  5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)
    1. I'm broke af xD to be honest. Knowing that if you were able to buy the other VN platform and if it weren't outrageously priced, I'd be willing to save up some money to get it. I'm not saying like $2 a game because I can't even bring myself to buy that from a big company, but more like $10-$15. Possibly pay what you want so individuals can choose to pay more if they really adore your works or for those who want to be loyal fans but can't always scrounge the money for a little splurge, the ability to continue supporting their favorite creator through downloads and lip service.
I'm really excited for your next game and I can't wait to see what happens!

P.S. I'm Sorry this is so long, I just love the game xD

Hi Grace! first of all, I'm really sorry for the late reply >_<; I spent my internet quota and had some troubles recharging it.

I'm happy to hear you have little problems playing my VN! :D
Some people dropped it because of too many bugs and crashes -that's why I'm in the middle of working a re-make with Ren'Py, but I'm glad you don't have to wait long to play! x'D

Before answering your questions; thank you for sparing your time to review. I felt really warm and fuzzy reading them ^.^-

1. Hahahah, I;m really glad the 'sexy bad boy' image fits Reksa despite he's the youngest out of all 3 and the shortest x'D I was seriously worried he's not up to your expectations. And thanks for sharing the love with Mitra :3 All is well <3

2. Well... I haven't found many VN with winged characters aside from Memoirs of an Angel and ...something with 'Chronicles'? but it has Yuri elements in it and I often steer clear from Yuri so... >_<; but please do inform me if there's another good fantasy VN with winged characters! ^.^ I have a fetish to them hahahah

3. I... I'm so very touched with that 9/10 *sobs* Q_Q thank you very much!

4. I'm a little confused with this one >_<; you mean, you'd like it if we first focus on the other characters/main story first and as your chosen chosen bachelor's 'affection' perimeter raises, you'll get more 'meetings' with him?

5. Oooh, thank you for telling me your budget! I'll take it as future reference ^.^)/ Those are reasonable and I think when I DO make a commercial ones, it will range around there (Except if I work with someone else and need some reconsidering, but I doubt it!)

And no problem at all for the lengthy-review! I enjoy to read people's thoughts very much -especially if it's about my baby! OuO

Once again, thank you for your kind review!


No problem I understand internet can be evil. As for 4, for example, I would be playing Reksas route but earlier I had made the right choices to also open Ramas route. The part I'm talking about is how I'll go everyday to talk to Reksas yet somehow I end up randomly going to visit Rama like we're best buds and have conversations about something's that only occur in Mitra/Ramas routes which can make it confusing. Maybe it's just because I played all routes in the same day (whoops hehe) that they overlaped and I thought some of it was missing. In any case it was a great game and I can't wait to see what you come out with next! (Side noteif you need beta testers I'm totally up for it haha).

Ahh, yes. some people also said the random visits to Rama's house is confusing >.<

His story-line is kinda connected to the main-story, and I guess I kinda failed in mixing them appropriately x'D But thanks! I'll take notes so I won't repeat the same mistake again :'3 and lol, I'm really surprised you managed to finish all the routes in one day! x'DD

And thanks for the beta tester offer! drop me you e-mail here and when the time comes, maybe I'll contact you ^.^- (Tho it won't be in another 2 years since this will be another big project)

I'm super excited to see what you come out with next and if it takes you a while, at least your fans know you took time to make a great game again :D if you ever need a beta grace.nire@gmail.com. Hopefully, I can help in the future and best of luck ^w^

(Edited 1 time)

Hi hi ^^

I just finished your game and i absolutly loved it! i had some trouble with installing it because it's for windows and i own a mac, but after i struggeld a bit i could finally play it! I didn't have many bugs or problems, just the one in Reksa's route where you have to choose between the crystal or explosives , en the crystal option isn't there. But like everybody says, if you just click above or beneath the explosives option it will go to the crystal route.

This was the first VN in a long time i could play for free! Most VN games who are free are not that good, really short or don't have that cute, sweet little moments where you get to see a picture. That made this game so good! i loved it when you got to see an verry cute artwork and the music beneath it was really good ^^ I'm so so so so so so happy i could play this for free ^^ !!

I really hope i'll see another VN from you appear! But still, amazing job on this one! i loved it!!

Hi josephine, Sry for this very late reply! I spent my internet quota and had some difficulties recharging it ^^;

Thank you for sparing your time to review my VN and WOW, what did you do to make it work with Mac? x'D I'm currently re-making it with Ren'Py and I'm glad you don't have to wait long lol.

And yes, the bug in Reksa's route is still unsolved :')

I agree! We should have more free VNs available x') That's one of the reasons why I make this hahahah. I'm very, very happy to hear how you enjoyed the story ^.^- and of course, I will continue to make more VNs but it will be another long-term project since I often take my sweet time creating it x'D

Once again, thank you for the support and see you around!

Hi again ^^

haha no worries about the late reply! And i don't mind waiting :) and i downloaded wine glass, a windows thingy to get in on my mac haha ^^

i am looking forward to the next VN !! Good luck ^^

<3 josephine

(Edited 2 times)

Hello there :)

I've recently finished this game and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a cute art style, a unique storyline and the characters are lovable.

I have a few complaints though. The game doesn't seem to be optimized for my laptop's resolution and it sometimes crashes especially in full screen mode. Also, there are quite a few grammar mistakes and spelling errors. However, these problems weren't bad enough to ruin the game's overall experience.

Nevertheless, I hope you could remake the game someday with a better software and I hope to see more visual novels from you in the future.

Thank you Alexia!

Yes, I'm aware of the weaknesses (such as the grammar mistakes which everyone remind me everyday X'D)

Don't worry, I'm making the re-make with Ren'py now ;) it's about 45-50% done but I'm planning to take my sweet time with it.

Of course, I'll try to improve the grammar but no promises x.x I'm trying not to change it too much tho, since I want to keep my first VN as it is x')

Again, thanks for your kind review! I'll definitely do better next time! >:)

(Edited 1 time)

Hi, love this game! I will gladly donate some money once I have some to spare.

Just a quick question


Is there any way to save Rama with out being on his route? I'd really like to save him, but since I've already seen his romance I don't want to do it again, ahah.

Also, when I get up to giving Reksa the Crystal or the Explosives I only have the option to give him the Explosives despite following the instructions for his ending properly?

sry for the late reply! Got immersed in something >.<;

Unfortunately tgere's no other route to keep Rama alive :( his psychology doesn't allow it (his logic is already twisted as it is)

And regarding Reksa's route, that's a bug x.x the choice became invisible, but it should be there. Just click the empty space where the choice should be :")

Thank you for being thoughtful!

I cant get mitri ebd it get to cuddling after searching bodies then crashes

I absolutely love this game (although I almost finished Mitra's route and not touched the rest yet), but I feel like I'm playing against it's will.

I downloaded it a few times, also started it up with another settings (win7, xp, service packs and all that little things, even on my vm), but it's still crashing. And I can deal with it as long as it can see my saves, which it cannot. Hell, it made me laugh, but it's annoying (yeaa, try to get as far with ctrl again, without another nice crash - I'm still working on it!). XD Game made a folder for saves, they are sitting there nicely but apparently are invisible for the game itself. WP. :'D Is there a way to show the game where their files are? Right now it doesn't matter how I start the game or where it crashes - starting it over is making my saves invisible for the game.

Last night I ended up sitting with it since 12 AM till 4 AM, hibernated my pc, came back later in the morning and tried to finish (ah, I was so close this time! D:), but it crashed. Sometimes it's catching back after having problems with itself, but not this time.

Also the error is weird. Why is it looking for zip files anyway?

Hi Rivai!

Honestly, I'm confused with your bug o_o;
The saves should be just fine with the crash, yet, yours didn't get recognized. I've never had that problem here, so I'm having a hard time to find a resolution for that x_x

Other things you can try:
- borrow your parent's or friend's computer/laptop to play and see if the same problem still exist. If it still exist, then the game file is probably corrupted. I would suggest to re-download but I see you said you already try it a few times so... I'm confused x_x

- Wait for a ren'py version to be released (It's much more stable than novelty, so I doubt there will be any crashes. It also will be compatible with windows, mac, linux, and android.)

I'm happy to hear you love this game enough to sacrifice some sleep, so I hope you can find a resolve quickly :(

I'll download it on my laptop and check how it reacts. If it will be able to see save files after shutting down then I will just transfer them from pc. If it's not popular bug then there is chance that it won't reoccur on another machine. But then it shouldn't also show up on my virtual machine, which is one.

My guess would be that there is wrong line in code, responsible for importing the save files. It may be pointing at the source, that doesn't exist, cause CG is also always missing. I don't know, I would have to check it.

P.S. Or I would download if was not getting access denied on both my browsers. I will try later. :'D

Ok, I got it to go on my laptop, that's nice. :D I lost all my Mitra saves (must got overwritten), but it's fine. If I could finish The Witcher in few hours that should be piece of cake.

3. I'm not familiar with many VN's, I'm still new to this kind of games (hello,usually I play things like Dishonored or Assassin's Creed), but I would say both art and story. Although I saw on your dA that you can draw much more detailed pics than you did for the game. You really have talent. And what goes for the story - it was way longer than I thought. That's one thing but as was it said before - there is a gap in the market and you can fill it.

4. There is one important thing - when you enter saves it's almost mandatory to be able to see when that save was made. Day is not enough, next time make it show an hour. When I got back my saves I had some trouble with chosing the last one. Also, why so many "..." when she's thinking about Rama, at night (week 4, month 5)? My heart almost stopped, I thought it was a bug! xD

Also you should find yourself an editor, just someone who will check spelling and punctuation. I know from practice that sometimes even two editors are not enough for book or article, but they help a lot.

5. Sure, just make it on stable engine. Beta testers come in handy with that, the more of them, the better. Also people who know a bit about programming or are eager to learn about it cause raw program is often not enough.

The story was VERY different from the things i'm used to reading, i found myself curious enough to give it a chance and was not disappointed in the least. It was VERY good and held my attention to the point where i couldn't stop until it was over. Mitra is such a sweetheart that i'm having a difficult time accomplishing the other routes, I've fallen for him pretty hard.

I was really impressed by the range of facial expressions that were used and the character development was well thought out, it definitely seems like you poured all your heart into making this and i'm so glad i was able to discover and appreciate it. I hope you make another game sometime in the future, you do great work!

I'm really sorry for the late reply D:
Internet is being peachy with me lately, unstable and pretty much offline all the time ._.;

But I'm very happy to hear your thoughts!
Thank you for sparing your time to give this kind review :')

Yes, I also noticed that there are not many visual novels featuring Indonesian culture so I'm taking advantage of it x)
I still have many things to learn to become a better writer, but I'm glad I managed to implant it here with some difficulty :')

and yes, the amount of asset also surprised me at first o.o; Not to mention the programming hahahah, I wish I have four hands and two laptops x.x yup, I will definitely pour my heart and soul to all my works -though you will have to be patience since I'm a slow worker with life, work, and all that jazz X)

last but not least -YAY for Mitra!
I'm so happy to hear you attached to him! toomanypeoplegushingaboutreksa Mitra needs more love, I tell you.


I loved the game so far! But I'm having a hard time with Reksa's route, I make all the right choices but after he leaves us at the waterfall because he feels betrayed I seem to go onto Mitra's route and then I get Mitra's ending instead of Reksa's. Am I missing something?


Hmm, that is strange o,o

Reksa IS supposed to leave you and then Tamara will chase him IF Reksa's affection point are above 200.

I suggest you try a new game, but if this problem continues and you still can't get Reksa's ending then I suggest to re-download x.x

Thanks, I'll try and see how it goes!

I tried the redownload but it didn't work. How can I tell if the points are above 200. I used the options given in the guide but it isn't working. :'c

I really did enjoy the game , XDXD its also a relief to see the heroine is not 'your typical airhead' kinda girl. cause i`ve played so much of VN with the heroine either airhead sorta type or just succumb to the guys antic even if the guy is just plain jerk. So it is really nice to see a heroine who has a personality of her own . You know what i mean? Although the game crashes multiple of time and i cringe sometime because i did not save and had to replay it all over again. But hey i had fun .

answer to your question
1-Reksa, really he was just so friggin adorable, his route are so ,well posessive but that what make it more adorable. i cant- and all the teasing he made toward Tamara , deep down i was fangurlin XDXD. Second on the list would be Mitra . His route are sweet and it feels like both of the character are on the same level of romance. So there no conflict about him in his route. it was smooth ride. the third is Rama, when i first met him and he was all cheerful and stuff . I was guessing that Rama will most likely to be close to typical psycho that almost every otome oriented game have and it confirm it when his facial expression change. Not that i did not enjoy his route. Im just feelin there lackin of romance and Rama was being all emo and stuff , i sorta lose patience there. But in all the character are good.(sorta wish Yuda was a romance option cause it would be a tsundere ride-)

2.Well , at first glance i was taken back , The title of course. I never expect there people make Visual novel based on this theme. Im from Malaysia , a country near Indonesia. So i was surprised and intrigue at the same time , at that time it was still a very early idea and so of course. i waited patiently for the game to finish. Lurking around the corner of the website. Checking every once in a month for progress on lemmasoft. After the demo was out. i knew i had to wait for the full game. hahaha. The theme of the game really reel me in. Usually people often make Vn based on japanese high school, western kinda ish- sorta setting . You know the predictable one.

3. The art. Is beautifully done. I just love the cg, the design of the sprites are so pretty. I cant get over with Reksa sprite. so pretty. i am a bit curious to see Mc in a kebaya outfit. she`ll look sexy in it , no doubt. I know drawing sprites with different emotion and BG is tough but you managed to pull it off.It look wonderful . The story is sorta repetitive when you finished one of the guys route , knowing you gotta destroy the crystal . hoping there were alternate ending where blowing up crystal isnt necessary. Characters have their own personalities,all the main guys have their perks and throughout the game, their personality expand showing their openess toward Mc and how they in their own way express their feeling toward the MC., the route of each character a bit predictable but like i said, i really enjoy it and I really fond of Mc bond with Asih. Seeing a girl supporting other girls in romantic Vn is rare. so far loving it.(even tho secretly i wish there was a romance option with Yuda ) ....all in all, the art and character catches my attention the most.

4. I think i pretty much wrote too much of opinion in all the above answer. Its a short Visual novel [ wish it was longer] and i wish there more romantic scene with the guy character. ////// . The whole plot was decent . And honestly i love humor in romantic Visual novel. Its hard to find a vn with humor in it. Conclusion its a light visual novel with beautiful art , and fairly told story. with humor in it. In a way i feel im emotionally attached to the character. which is a good thing. Shows that the character can make one immersed to the story.

5. Of course , why not? The only problem is i dont have credit card . I m still a teenager and somewhat my parent believe cash are more reliable than credit card. so we never have credit card, just cash. But i do want to buy if the game you produced is this adorable and sweet like this game. I played too much of psycho oriented otome game like 'diabolik lover' and other japanese otome game that doesnt really have story or character development , just pretty art . But if i did have a credit card , i would totally buy it. after all its way of showing support.

-Okay, i stop here. Its a good Visual novel and i enjoyed it a lot. True there a few crashes and error in the text but are you really going to complain? the game is free and beautiful art. i waited so long and the years passes by , almost 2 years but not quite and you know what , its worth it. Sorry if i rambled too long here. . okay gotta go. Pray that you make more VN. <3

First of all thank you and sorry for the late reply! >.<;

Yes, I'm aware of the crashes :'D it's the major reason why I'm making a Ren'Py version so more people can play it without having to torture their laptop.
I'm also glad you like Tamara! I had lots of fun writing her x)

1. Oh lol, I know what you mean. Even I get sometimes annoyed by how emo Rama is x'D but heck, his psychology is very interesting to learn and challenging to write that I grew to love him. Nevertheless, I'm happy to see you finished all the routes despite the crashing and gave them all fair comments~

2. Yes, I know how VN usually go with japanese and western style. When I got an idea to try and combine Indonesian culture with japanese style I have some doubts, but now I'm happy to see people are open-minded and accepting its uniqueness!

Thank you for stalkering and waited for me to finish this project! :'3 I'm really touched with people who really waited for me!

3. Thank you! Man, my artists ego just got twice bigger :'D //slapsmyself and I'm happy to hear you like the characters different personalities! (I also considered about a different ending where we don't destroy the Blue Crystal, but it's not possible since the theme/moral I try to say is 'not to depend on something for too much' like a drug.)

and lol, that's the second time you with there's a route for Yuda x'D Gosh, with how many people comment about this, I think I can safely say that tsundere is a very popular trait. Thanks and I'll consider this in the next project!

4. Don't worry, I feel the same!

In all otome games I think we need more laughs and 'awww' moments xD but looking for not cliche reference is hard especially when the good stuffs are already overly used. Another challenge for a writer! >:'D

5. Ah yes, I understand. I also just got introduced with paypal not long ago :'D

all in all, thank you for your wonderful review! I'm glad that my characters managed to get this kind of reaction from you. It's exactly why I wanted to try and make a VN :') I hope you'll keep supporting me in the future!

xoxo (lots of cookies too),


hahahah, Yes i know what you mean by the overly used reference** but you did a good job with this game nevertheless , it has its own originality and spunkness too. Way better than some paid game if i may add ...

Oh yeah i just realize I can purchase your game if it upload to Steam cause I can just purchase MOP (its like money point ) in seven eleven and purchase your game in steam so i can buy it (my friend just told me about it ) yeaaaaaah. hahahah ,without using credit card. Yeah so i`ll be waiting and rooting from afar for you to make another VN. If there any new project i wanna know :3 i really like to see the progress of the game. Again i will be waiting~~~~ oh and i hope you can achieve in getting The tyrano builder !

Thank you for the laughs and *awwwww* moment you given in your Vn . I truly enjoy myself. ^^

Umm... When will you publish the Renpy version?

I will patiently wait for it. Since, even if I try replaying the same scene over and over again, (Which I literally did for 3 hours straight) I still couldn't go forward with the story. I was so, soooo close to finishing Reksa's route, but then in 'Month 4 Week 3' The background and sprites suddenly disappeared, leading to a crashing program. When I gave up and tried the other boys, it still met the same fate... TT_TT Now the only thing I can do is to wait for the Renpy Version.

Hi Vanessa!

The ren'py version won't be available until next year's Autumn (I'm taking my sweet time programming it since I'm still learning about ren'py programming with Jedit coupled with work and freelance x.x)

Some tips for you regarding the crash:

Try to press the skip button when you're near the 'crashing-point'. Someone tried this and it works o.o; she skipped some story but there's the story log for this problem. I hope it will help you >.<; Or maybe you can try to close and re-open the VN, re-download, or stealyourfriend'scomputer play in other computer.

I'm really sorry to hear you can't move forward with any of the bachelors routes D':

Thank a lot for replying, SweetChiel!

I'll do what you've recommended. And if worst comes to worst, then I'll steal borrow my friend's computer and start playing where she left it. XD

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