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Genre: Otome Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Mystery
WARNINGS: Swearing, Blood, Death, Psychological Aspects such as Depression, Flashing Lights, & Extreme Gore. Viewer discretion is advised!
Rating: 16+

In 20XX, an enormous earthquake shook the world and caused a triangular crater to suddenly appear in the middle of Bermuda Triangle. The world was aghast with this discovery and it became even more concerning when scout teams came across a mysterious force, preventing people from getting too close. Those who went to examine it said that the force was like an invisible wall and there was no way around it, therefore, making further investigation difficult. 

Spiritual events and sightings have also dramatically increased since then.
It got to the point where people began to hold festivals to honor the dead and the mythical creatures. It wasn't long until it became a new worldwide sensation and there was not a single day where spiritual events weren't on the news

Our heroine, Maya (19), was busy earning her living so this kind of event was of little importance aside from adding an exciting spice into her life. But then her world crumbled when a Goddess came and announced that her family would die in a car accident in the near future.

The Goddess offered Maya a deal: She would alter her family’s fate in exchange for closing the Bermuda Crater. In order to do so, Maya would have to go to a place called The Forgotten Isles, find what caused it, and look for a solution.

If she agreed, three men would accompany her, acting as bodyguards. Apparently, they each have their own circumstances and a wish to be granted.

Game Info:

Hi guys! My new project is finally here! :D
Now before you ask; "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle" is not a sequel of "Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones". This is an entirely new story but set on the same universe. It covers a wider horizon of Nusantara's archipelago.

 Bermuda's story will be much longer, packed with content, and has lots more visual assets than Winged Ones... Because of this, I decided to make this project a Commercial one. The demo is free though ^.^)/

- 4 Love interests (The last bachelor will be unlocked once you finished with all 3 main bachelors routes)
- 9 Endings
- 1 Constant Minigame
- Casual Status Raising
- Regular & Time-Limited Choices
- Translation/Definition Notes (Click on the Orange Text!)
- Mini Encyclopedia
- CG Gallery
- lots of CGs & BGs (I haven't calculate the exact number yet)
- Depending on IndieGoGo's success, the bachelors & MC may have partial voice acting.

My Honored Proofreaders:

- KiiAnima
- KrystalFlare
- crystalscm
- Blasé&Voracious

I found awesome proofreaders! It's so much fun working with them and I love the result <3 :'3

Game Progress:
- Plot: 100%
- Script: 100%
- Character Sprite: 90%
- Programming: 90% (Antagonist Route Left)
- Backgrounds : 95%
- Songs & Sound Effect: 95%

Feel free to write comments or give suggestion/critiques!
I will update once per week on Monday as usual <3

Oh, I also opened a Patreon: there will be step by step WIPs of my backgrounds, behind the scenes, and even a spot for beta-testing without strings attached if you want! 

See you around guys! xD


Commission Status: Open!

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(128 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAction-Adventure, Comedy, commercial, Fantasy, Otome, Romance


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I had to go back to your first game just to check if I got the dates right, and man... it's been more than 6 YEARS since I played the first game and left you a comment on it. I still have fond memories of the story and the characters, and it warms my heart to see that you're almost done with this one. 

It's been quite a while and many things have changed (congrats on your marriage!), and even though I'm not a teenager anymore, I made sure to keep up with your updates on this one. I'm so happy to see you working towards your goal and I absolutely cannot wait to play it. I'm positive that I'm going to love it as much as the first one, if not more! 

Seeing all of this made me nostalgic for simpler times and bingeing visual novels, so I think I'm gonna go back to the first one and replay it just for the cozy and warm feelings it gives me. Best of luck to you both in this one and in other projects yet to come! ♥

will there be a walkthrough made for the routes?

Yes, TEXT4life!
Don't worry, I'll provide a walkthrough in case you want to relax and read a particular route ^.^)/


I haven't been here in 2 years, i'm so proud ur almost done *cries


Jesus Christ, I've been following your game and it's progress for 4 years (I finished your other Nusantara game 4 years ago and I absolutely loved it, I inhaled all the routes inhumanly fast) The fact that you're almost done with it fills me with an emotion I can't explain but I am so proud of you!! I haven't commented on any of the updates recently cause I have the attention span of a goldfish but I did see your update about you getting married!! Congrats! (You looked absolutely gorgeous in your wedding photos 💕)

Anyways, I'm so ecstatic to see the end result of your hard work. And I hope these past 4 years have been treating you well!! Thank you for taking me on this journey with your memorable characters and storylines, and thank you for inspiring me to make my own dating sim/visual novel <3


I'm not really sure how to word this considering i have never left a comment before even tho i have been interested in this game for almost 4 years. ( ps: i apologize I really  don't know how to  prove it)  

 But the fact that the game is almost done left me so shocked considering so many things have changed, but it feels like such a short time.

And the fact that u even got marrieddd. U genuinely are absolutely GORGEOUS and like how other people mentioned u looked like a princess!! <3

This community REALLY does feel like a huge friend group and wow just the fact of how time passed leaves me flabbergasted EVERY TIME

Anyways i really hope ur doing great and that u have a great life, week, day. ( I don't know which one to say but u get the point)



Hi, ymirhoe!
Ikr? Where did the time go? I could've sworn I've just posted Bermuda's demo XD

I also love the community <3
I never thought you guys would support me for so long, let alone staying until now ^///^ Patreon also have helped me through difficult times. It helped my mother to pay the bills, feed my pups, and fix my house's roof when it caved in--honestly, you guys are the best Q_Q It feels like I have an invisible, second family & friends guarding my back and I have never felt so grateful!

...I hope it doesn't sound too corny, but that's how I really feel :'D
So thank you for being here and I hope you're healthy no matter where you are <3 Please take care, rest plenty, and don't skip your meals!



Oh man its been years since I left a comment but I hope you are doing well!
I'm so ready for this to be released! <3

Also, sooooo proud of you!!!  It's almost done!! 
Waiting patiently yet eagerly :3


Omg, KimYuuki! Welcome back! I'm glad to see you again~
Yes, I'm doing well, still slowly but surely like the snail I am x'D 

I don't know what else to say besides thank you for the patience and for the warm support \(TuT)/
Here's hoping you're also doing great over there! Please take care and wait for me just a little bit longer~


Oh gosh! Im saving my pennies, i will buy this game as soon as its available! Been a fan of yours since i played "Leyend of the winged ones". I already played the demo and I can tell this game will be amazing.

Awww, thank you, Mavya90 ^///^
No rush, I think I can finish Bermuda before the end of the year--hopefully sooner, but I'm one known for being a perfectionist, not to mention my proofreaders x'D

I hope you still have the patience to wait and walk with me in the process :'3
If you have any questions, please feel free to drop it here or somewhere in my weekly updates!



Its okay, good games take time x3 if the first Nusantara was amazing, then this one is bound to be even better. I can wait a little bit more ;)

Thank you for being so understanding, Mavya90! QuQ
I will do my best to reach your expectations ><

So glad to see how much progress you've made, just a bit longer now! : D and congrats on the recent wedding too! I'v been watching this project since I found Legend of the Winged Ones a few years back. That vn was one of the ones that kickstarted what may or may not be an addiction >.> either way, you did well on that game and the demo for this one. I can't wait to see what the finished product will look like! : D Best of luck in all endeavors.


Yes! Thank you for being so patient, IntrovertedTurtles365! \(>v<)/
The years really flew by, I hope I didn't make you wait for too long--please walk with me a bit longer~

I'm a bit flattered to hear you like Winged Ones so much, it started an addiction a new hobby! If you're having a good time, then it's great, but please remember not to try finishing it in one day :'D

Take care, have plenty of rest, and don't skip your meals!


OmO after years of waiting <3 just a little bit push ^-^ cant wait to see the full version

Yess! Just a bit more!
We can do this! \(>u<)/

Almost done almost done aaaahhhhh!!!!

We're almost there indeed~
Stay with me, xdell! x'D

I'm excited that this is almost done. I'm very proud of you for keeping up the great work!

Thanks, DivineHonee!
I wouldn't have lasted this far if not for the many support I've received Q^Q
Really, thank you for being so patient with me! You guys are saints!



damn i downloaded this last 2020, good to know its nearly done, goodluck!

It's been a long time, isn't it :'D
My motto is 'Slowly but surely' so I really appreciate your patience <3

Thanks for dropping by, gyurjac!



Thank you for the support, AmaraDenee! QuQ
I'll do my best to deliver it soon to you but I hope you can give me more time~

Of course! Take the time you need, darling! Im just happy to see the progress!

Every time I pop in to see how the progress is going I'm always so impressed, Honestly you've done such a good job so far I remember finding this in early 2018 and falling in love with the playable demo then. There's not much in terms of progress left now! Enjoy some time off ^_^ 

Thank you, JoJo19!
I'm really happy and flattered to hear you've followed me since 2018 ^///^
It's truly a blessing for me to have so many patient supporters--you guys are saints! Now that the photoshoot is done, I'll do my best to get back to work this week!

Here's hoping there won't be anymore distractions :'3


Hey Chiel,

I haven't been keeping up with updates. I went back and read the previous updates, but an still a bit confused. Is the game available and will get an update once the antagonist is ready, or is the whole game delayed until you finish the antagonist? No rush and no worries either way; I'm just trying to figure out where you are in game development. I bought this a while back, so whenever it's ready, I'm going to jump on it!


Hi, KyiSoRo! 

So far, there has been a beta test for the main routes (the three bachelor) and currently, I'm developing the antagonist route :'3 and yes, you can say the whole game isn't ready until I finish the antagonist route >< it's kinda like the grand finale while also giving my proofreader time to finish checking the main routes ~ 

I thank you for the understanding and the patience *bows* we've come so far! >\\\<



Hi, 0Cinnamon0Apples0!

I'm sorry for the late reply, I somehow missed this one notification OuO;

You give me too much credit though! I'm much slower than other developers so the least I can do is to write an update every week (so you'll know I'm still alive, kicking, and trying to finish my game x'D)

Here's hoping you stay around and patient enough to walk along with me to the finish line :'3



Haha, looks like we're both slow to reply XD And I definitely will wait, 100%!! Good luck~

Thank you, 0Cinnamon0Apples0! >u<)/

And it's okay, better late than never x'D I'll see you around~ 



demo was great! cant wait for the finished product

Aaaah! I'm sorry for the late reply, sweetginger1108 @@
How come I missed so many--I'm glad to hear you liked the demo though! I'll do my best to reach your expectations! >///<


Hey just checking in again, looks like you're making plenty of progress congrats!

I can wait to see the game announced and I'll keep watching to see when it does :3

Hi, Artemis_Ameretsu!
Thank you for checking up on me and I'm sorry for this late reply Q_Q
I really appreciate your support and I hope you'll keep walking with me until it's finally time to release this baby QuQ


Wow, you've made so much progress since the last time I checked! It looks awesome :)

Thank you, unseellesiren!
I'm sorry for this very late reply--I don't know how I missed the notification ><;

Rest assured! I'm slowly but surely progressing thanks to you guys who is always supporting me ^///^

(1 edit) (+4)

i just finished the whole demo a few hours ago (only writing now since i fell asleep just after playing it) anyhow, i liked it so much since the plot and the characters were so established - given that this was only a demo. despite that, it still gave us a good amount of content that could further pique the players interest - knowing mc's reasons to why they have to do this. 

not all demos really give you a good gist of the story and only teases the actual beginning of it, but seeing one of these makes me happy as it's just amazing :D

i also really liked the way indonesia's language was integrated as it was based from that place - as someone from a neighboring country, i really wanna see more as

anyways here are some funny stuff from the game which i absolutely wheezed at during 3am:

kahlil: why won't we hold hands and jump right in!! :D
guntur: yea and sing fuckin' humbaya while we're at it. 

Hi, ardeallydead!
I'm really sorry for this long overdue reply Q///Q I don't know how I missed your notification, but I really just read your comment!

I'm flattered that you like the demo a lot, but I hope I didn't mess up your sleeping schedule >///< However, it's really a relief that you think the demo is good :'D sometimes I wonder whether the story is too slow/too much info in the beginning, but seeing that most of you enjoyed it really makes me happy!

And I'm also glad to hear you like my sense of humor x'D 
I thought I was getting rusty lol--but yup, always happy to make you laugh!

Here's hoping you'll still visit me now and then <3
Take care and I hope you're well!



OBTW i also loved how you added Sari to this as well XD


I'm really happy to see you're enjoying yourself ^///^
Thank you for giving Bermuda's demo a chance <3

(3 edits)

EEEEEE, I love the poster of the Winged Ones! I love it when I find Easter eggs like that. So thanks :] Oh i mean in the MC's bedroom.

Thank you, MonseFinnie6612!
I'm glad you like the easter egg x'D
There's more to come! Like a cameo in the late game so stay tuned!


is this gon be free?

Hi, BeaBla!
Unfortunately, Bermuda will be a commercial product -^.^)/
For free-to-play, you can play Winged Ones!

I can't open the game on mac. It doesn't say anything like you don't have permission or anything, it just won't open.

Hi, jojowear! Thank you for downloading and giving my game a chance!
This is a first though o.o the demo package should've included all 3 versions, mac included. Once you opened it, you only need to click on 'NusantaraBermuda' app (not the .exe one) and the game should run by itself. Maybe your mac automatically blocked it due to it being a new app? I'm not sure >_<; all I can say is; try use a computer (windows) or try with another laptop? Maybe your friend's? I'm sorry that I'm unable to give you more help Q_Q

thank you for relpying. Nothing changed but I do hope that you find the problem, so i could enjoy your game.


Right click on the mac app icon, select Show Package Contents, then in the Contents folder, click on the MacOS folder - there will be something called NusantaraBermuda in it - double click that to run the app through terminal.


omg thank you it worked


Thank you for helping me solve this problem, TSharpe! ^///^

(7 edits) (+2)(-1)

Hello, Chiel! Hereby is my review of the demo after one (or two) years of putting it off. I always make sure to write my reviews in detail because I think it is more helpful >.< I divide this review into art, writing, and characters because those are the topics I understand the best (not an expert tho, at all). I hope this doesn't sound obnoxious or excessive or overwhelming or something because this is too LONG (mostly because I have many thoughts about the characters teehee)! And so I have to put this into Docs -_- I'm so sorry I have written this much. And whatever I have written, I’m so sorry if something offends you T_T Not my intention at all. It’s just that I’m pretty honest with reviews.

By the way, if you are curious, the review has 5 pages, but don’t quick scroll it just yet to scan this long-ass review because I prepared a surprise at the end.

(For fellow players, you can totally read this too!)

Of course, since this is long and you recently got a health diagnosis, you can read and reply whenever.

Edit1: After I have people messing with it, I changed the link to only people allowed can access it -_- Guys, I give you access not for you to try to be my editor for whatever reason. This is a review for god's sake. Now people who want access, especially Chiel or people who often comment on Chiel's weekly update posts, can tell me directly that they want to access in the replies. I allowed Chiel basically anything, but the rest I only allowed you people to read or comment on it. Don't suggest things please.

Don't worry. I check my phone frequently.

Edit2: Because Chiel has read and commented, I provide you with pdf version instead. Well, just in case. You can only view tho.


(1 edit)

Jesus--5 pages of review, this is a first lol
I've sent the request and I'd like to thank you for the love you've poured for my sake! >///<

I'm not sure why people are messing with it but I guess it shows that a lot of people cares x'D you've outdone yourself! 

I'll take my time reading it, and maybe... how about you add me on discord so I can reciprocate your love? ;) that is, if you don't mind some spamming x'D I might reply to your review in a loooooonggg paragraph!

My Discord: SweetChiel#6894

Last but not least, I'm really sorry for this late reply--I've been busy exercising and dying from it :')) 


I have sent a request! My Discord username is #kpchrs, Chiel. Thank you 😊😊


Review memes: 

I am gonna play this womans demo because her first game was amazing so this is gonna be a heads up ciel. 

From a long time since Ive been on this account. Imma play your game once again keep yaah posted. x3 and hope you are doing well. x3

Update i Saved it and i said yeet sleep is calling me lol

(1 edit)

OMG, how--itch.io, why didn't you notify me of these comments until a month have passed by without my knowledge?! Q_Q

MariaDarkChild, sorry and thank you for playing! No worries tho! Take your time and play the demo when you're really free ^.^)/ I'm currently still busy fixing my lifestyle--or more accurately, I'm dying right now from all the exercise (my body is so weak because my work involves sitting in front of a computer all day T^T)

Hopefully you're doing better than me and stay healthy!



I am well friendo been offline for a bit because InRL i intend to graduate college or university as its called in some cases. I hope you are well and by the by. I loved your Demo. Its amazing story writing and creativity as always keep it up and stay healthy and well. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this so far.  I just finished both your VN.  Love all your characters and amazing writing!

In Bermuda we spend a lot of time with Sarah, Mr. Smith and Bayu. I hope that further in the story they play a role again.  ☺️

This might be off topic but in legend of the winged ones I really wished there was a secret romance option with Purba... He is hot lol maybe one day? 😅

(1 edit) (+1)

BlinxTheRabbat, thank you and I'm really sorry for this late reply--itch.io, why--how could you do this to me? QAQ where is the notification?? this comment is 2 months old for goodness' sake!

Nevertheless, I'd like to thank you again for the warm support! I'm really happy to hear you like the demo and hopefully, you're still around waiting for the completion of Bermuda :'D

And I know! Lots of people asked me about Purba lol, but I don't think I'll return to Winged Ones because to me, that book is finished and I look fondly upon it as my first 'child' with all its strengths and weaknesses. Still, thank you for the love and I hope you're having a great day! Take care and stay hydrated! ^.^


I'm so excited for the release of this one. Do you have any future game plans after this one, or are you solely focused on this one for now? I just want to check because I know I'll be lining up like the rest for any games you make! :D


Hi, PurpleMysteria!
Yup, I definitely have new ideas in mind -^.^- I'm not planning to stop making VNs anytime soon~ However, I don't think I'd write long stories like Bermuda again ><; it takes too much time and energy while there are bills to pay and I need to save for the future QuQ 


I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future productions then! And I understand that, though it proves just how much you love what you do. Long or short, you've got a big fan in me!


Hey Chiel, have you ever considered releasing your games by routes? I know I've seen it done pretty commonly, and the developers like it because they get real time feedback and money. LOL


Hi, KyiSoRo!
I honestly didn't know about this until you told me O-O; 
I'll look it up and see if I can try this in the future! Thanks for the heads up!


SweetChiel <3

(1 edit)

Wow, really? It is actually super popular. Some people release routes right after they are finished, while others start releasing them after they are confident that they are far enough along with the process to ensure that there won't be too much time in between each route.

The pricing is usually based on the final price of the game. For example, if you were planning to release a game with five bachelors for $20, each route will be $4. If the person decides to buy each individual route, they are often given a code to access the unified game of they want it.

This method usually keeps people engaged long-term, keeps a constant flow of money coming in for the creator, and it allows the players to give feedback on what is available so that the creator can use it to improve other routes. I never mentioned it to you because I thought it was common knowledge amongst creators. LOL

This method may allow you to take on some of the ambitious ideas your have, but put off due to the required time commitment and lack of incoming cash.

I see... Can you give me a few links/game titles as reference? OuO I still find it a little hard to imagine how it'll turn out--like, there's a file for demo but the routes will be separated? If there are 3 bachelors, there would be 3 more files?

It still feels a little strange to me but I'm willing to give it a try~

hey! just wanted to know when the game will be out in it's entirety? 

loved the demo so so much tho! great work 


Hi, a~! I can't say for sure but the beta test will be open for my patrons on patreon and my backers from indegogo (if they want to) once I'm done programming the main bachelors' routes OuO)b

I'm glad to hear you love the demo tho! My goal is to finish Bermuda this year, so please bear with me a little longer ~ ><


aw wish you all the luck in developing the game! take your time because i'll be here with the rest of the crowd, patiently waiting~


Thank you for the understanding, a~! I really appreciate the support--especially those who've been watching me silently >\\\< 

I've been saying this, but let me say this again; you guys are Saints! 🥰


I have a big fat crush on Arya! I mean mysterious guys be lookin' cute to me shhshs I LOVE THIS GAME

(1 edit)

Hi, juls! Overall, Arya seems to be the most popular character but... he'll be testing your patience in the beginning >_< a lot.
I'll look forward to hear your thoughts later when Bermuda is finished! ^.^)/

I hope to see you around~



giving you a lots of good luck and thank you for putting so much hard work to this game! 

(1 edit)

Hey,i really loved you game Nusantara:Winged Ones,and now i'm looking for play this one.Do you plan to make a serie?If yes,this is really a good idea and theme.<3 Looking foward. 

PS:I don't really have a lot of money to support you with more force,but since the game is so great,i can't help but try.


Thank you so much for the support, OmegaJoestar! Every penny/thoughts counts! -^.^)/ 

And yes, while Bermuda is not a sequel of Winged Ones's, they're connected and there are even cameos of the past characters ;) this will be the last of the 'series', I'm planning to make a shorter story for my next project ><

Hope to see you around~



sad,i really think that would make a great serie,but to make a game it's really hard,and i understand why you want to make a small story.Still looking to it,thank,and see you.


Hehe, been waiting for this game ever since June of 2019!! I'm still very excited and I was wondering if you think the game will be finished this year? :^) Anyways, amazing job SweetChiel - working on a VN/Otome game for this long already is very commendable! I'll support you to the end. 

(1 edit) (+3)

Hi Steph :)! Yes I do believe so--I mean, we're at the last chapter for the 3 main routes. The last secret route is not as long as the main route so Bermuda gotta be finished this year! >_<; I'm also planning to do a beta test for my Patreon patrons  once the 3 main routes are finished so look forward to it! ^\\\\^

Ahh, you flatter me--for me, I think you guys are more amazing for constantly supporting me all these years >\\\< thank you very much Steph <3 we're almost there! *Happy dance


I'm so excited for this!!! <33 When it's done, do you plan on putting it on Steam as well?


Hi, kyumee! Yes, after it's completion, I plan to put Bermuda on steam once I finished distributing patron rewards -^.^-

Thank you so much for your support and I'm glad to hear you like the demo <3



Looking forward to this!! Loved your other nusantara game. :D 

Hi, Stephanieex1! Thanks for the support! >///<
I'm very happy to hear you loved Winged Ones <3


Love the Demo and cant wait for the full game to be completed, I wish for its great success and popularity it justly deserves.

Hi, MazboyOtome! Really sorry for the late reply QuQ
Thank you so much for the support! I'll do my best to meet your expectations~

I downloaded the file but it says its only a demo! Where can I download the actual game? I love it too much 

Hi, Stephyra! The game is still in development and I update the progress every week on Monday ~

Omg okay thank you! I love it so far! Can't wait for the completed game thank you so much ^_^ 

(1 edit)

hope you  like gameplay it funny playing your game cant wait for the full game ! thanks for letting do this Good luck with your Game ! and cant play Nusantara Legend of winged ones !

to game play of that ! 

(1 edit)

hope like gameplay it very fun ! and i know I SAW POSTER with nusantara Legend of The Winged Ones POSTER I SAW IT but anyway i really enjoyed the game cant wait till i get to chapter 1 part 2 of the game ! 

is okay if do a Gameplay of this ? 

Of course! I'm flattered that you think my game is good enough for you to want to make a gameplay ^.^-

thank i wanted permission for this Thanks =3

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