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Genre: Otome Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Mystery
WARNINGS: Swearing, Blood, Death, Psychological Aspects such as Depression, Flashing Lights, & Extreme Gore. Viewer discretion is advised!
Rating: 16+

In 20XX, an enormous earthquake shook the world and caused a triangular crater to suddenly appear in the middle of Bermuda Triangle. The world was aghast with this discovery and it became even more concerning when scout teams came across a mysterious force, preventing people from getting too close. Those who went to examine it said that the force was like an invisible wall and there was no way around it, therefore, making further investigation difficult. 

Spiritual events and sightings have also dramatically increased since then.
It got to the point where people began to hold festivals to honor the dead and the mythical creatures. It wasn't long until it became a new worldwide sensation and there was not a single day where spiritual events weren't on the news

Our heroine, Maya (19), was busy earning her living so this kind of event was of little importance aside from adding an exciting spice into her life. But then her world crumbled when a Goddess came and announced that her family would die in a car accident in the near future.

The Goddess offered Maya a deal: She would alter her family’s fate in exchange for closing the Bermuda Crater. In order to do so, Maya would have to go to a place called The Forgotten Isles, find what caused it, and look for a solution.

If she agreed, three men would accompany her, acting as bodyguards. Apparently, they each have their own circumstances and a wish to be granted.

Game Info:

Hi guys! My new project is finally here! :D
Now before you ask; "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle" is not a sequel of "Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones".
This is an entirely new story but set on the same universe. It covers a wider horizon of Nusantara's archipelago.
Bermuda's story will be much longer, packed with content, and has lots more visual assets than Winged Ones... I dunno whether to be happy or cry about that :')) Because of this, I decided to make this project a commercial one.

- 4 Love interests (The last bachelor will be unlocked once you finished with all 3 main bachelors routes)
- 9 Endings
- 1 Constant Minigame
- Casual Status Raising
- Regular & Time-Limited Choices
- Translation/Definition Notes (Click on the Orange Text!)
- Mini Encyclopedia
- CG Gallery
- lots of CGs & BGs (I haven't calculate the exact number yet)
- Depending on IndieGoGo's success, the bachelors & MC may have partial voice acting.

My Honored Proofreaders:
- KrystalFlare
- crystalscm
- Blasé&Voracious
I found awesome proofreaders! It's so much fun working with them and I love the result <3 :'3

Game Progress:
- Plot: 100%
- Script: 100%
- Character Sprite: 90%
- Programming: 45%-50% (Demo Finished)
- Backgrounds : 95%
- Songs & Sound Effect: 75%

Feel free to write comments or give suggestion/critiques!
I will update once per week on Monday as usual <3

Oh, I also opened a Patreon: there will be step by step WIPs of my backgrounds, behind the scenes, and even a spot for beta-testing without strings attached if you want! 

For late backers, you can all come to my Paypal Shop! I withdrew 'Cameo Tier' since it's only available during campaign, but the other tiers are still available as long as the limit is not reached ^u^

See you around guys! xD

Commission Status: Open!


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Love the Demo and cant wait for the full game to be completed, I wish for its great success and popularity it justly deserves.

I downloaded the file but it says its only a demo! Where can I download the actual game? I love it too much 

Hi, Stephyra! The game is still in development and I update the progress every week on Monday ~

Omg okay thank you! I love it so far! Can't wait for the completed game thank you so much ^_^ 

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hope you  like gameplay it funny playing your game cant wait for the full game ! thanks for letting do this Good luck with your Game ! and cant play Nusantara Legend of winged ones !

to game play of that ! 

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hope like gameplay it very fun ! and i know I SAW POSTER with nusantara Legend of The Winged Ones POSTER I SAW IT but anyway i really enjoyed the game cant wait till i get to chapter 1 part 2 of the game ! 

is okay if do a Gameplay of this ? 

Of course! I'm flattered that you think my game is good enough for you to want to make a gameplay ^.^-

thank i wanted permission for this Thanks =3

So, basically, this is getting much closer to being finished every day?

Yup, slowly but surely, Aura Stone :'3
I update weekly every Monday~

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May I ask what are the perks for the Early Birds tier? Are they different from the The Game tier ones (price aside)? I can't see what the Early Birds pack includes 'cause it's been sold out in Indiegogo

 I'm really looking forward to playing Bermuda Triangle! 

Thanks for your time,

Everlasting Hope

PS. Reksa's smile still melts my heart...


It's the same as for "The Game", but it'll be significantly cheaper than purchasing the full game later.

Like, tekkonkinkreet said, with Early Bird, you can buy the game at a cheaper price! ^.^ 
The content is no different from The Game~

Thanks for dropping by and I hope we answered your question!


When is the expected release date for the game? Is it to late to apply to the tiers for the crowdfunding?

(2 edits)

Nope, you're not too late, lopmon_24!
The release date is supposed to be last year ^^; but I'm slower than I thought, so... here we are.
Chapter 5, Winter Arc programming done, Spring Arc left for the climax + Programming bonus Antagonist route! 

I'm horrible at predicting release dates though, so I can only offer you constant weekly update and I hope you can bear with me as we walk step by step to completion QuQ

But if you're still interested to pledge, there's a big PayPal button on Bermuda's game page! Click it and you'll be directed to my wixsite where you can pick a pledge and I'll take note of it ^.^)/

Thanks for dropping by!


I’m super excited for this game! Also I was wondering if you could give a breakdown of the different pledge tiers. 

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Hi, lilithknight! The breakdown for the pledges can be seen here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nusantara-bermuda-triangle-visual-novel#/

Also, I'm glad to hear you're excited! ^.^- I'll do my best to meet your expectations!

I know you said there are 4 bachelors but I noticed that there are 5 slots to show relationship status. I wonder if Dio is a possible love interest? He's really intriguing and he sounds fun <3


Hi, Fostofina! Yes, um... actually, I prepared 5 slots for one of indiegogo's stretch goals ><; I'm sorry to disappoint you but Dio doesn't have any route QuQ


Hi, maybe I missed it somewhere. I am a fan of these games and died when I finished the demo XD.

By the way, could the full version be free like the previous game? I'd appreciate it tons ^^


Hi, HorsesAreTooCute! I'm very glad to hear you like the demo~

Sadly, Bermuda won't be free >< the word count is at least triple Bermuda and well, I gotta pay my bills somehow x'D you can buy the Early Bird pack if you click the pledge with paypal button tho! It's only $10~


Oh no :( thanks, though.

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Hi! I don't think you remember me commenting on this thread (given that you try your best to reply to everyone which is adorable :3) Well, as I said, I finished playing your previous game, Nusantara: The Legend of the Winged Ones and I loved it to the core so I was more than ecstatic when I saw that you're currently working on a new game and the demo was out for a while now. I'm also done playing the demo of Nusantara: Bermuda tho and saying that I enjoyed it is an understatement. I was just wondering if you could let me know how much the full version would cost once it's done? So that I could save up some money! Thank you and have a nice day, Sweet Chiel! <3

If you can afford it right now and have PayPal, there's a yellow button at the bottom of this page saying "Pledge with PayPal". "Early Bird" is 10$, "The Game" - 15$, so I suppose this will be the final price.

Thank you for helping me to answer OnnaYuki's question! x'D

@OnnaYuki D'aww, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Winged Ones and Bermuda's demo!  Um, while it's unfortunate for me to not remember you--I have a goldfish memory syndrome QuQ--I'm very fortunate to have your support! Thank you!

And yup, as tekkonkinkreet said, there's a button at the game page and if you click it, it'll direct you to my wixsite! You can pledge for an Early Bird package $10 or buy it with the original price of $15 <3


Hello! I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your last game and have been watching your progress on this one. This is the first time I have ever felt complled to post. You have been so possitive and dilligent. It always makes me smile everytime I check in. I think you are doing amazing work and I love your art!


Hi, Bioras! Thanks for taking the time to write to me! >///<)/
I'm really happy to hear you read & like my weekly updates! It's also a relief because I often feel bad for making you wait so long ^^;
All I can say is... you're welcome and thanks for having my back!


Oh my god! I just finished playing the demo of this game, and I have to say it was completely breathtaking! Usually I don't like playing demos because I feel like they just leave me with unanswered questions, but I really loved this one. I love the whole concept with the different mirror designs. I also love how the main characters are deeply fleshed out. Most of all, I love how it has the familiarity of Nusantara The Legend of the Winged Ones to it! Thank you for making such amazing games!

After playing your games, I've been encouraged to make games of my own too. There's a story that just keeps gnawing at the back of my mind to make into a game. If you can give me any sort of advice, I'd be grateful.

I can't wait for the full game to come out!

Hi, MaiHarashi!
You're welcome and thank YOU for giving Bermuda a chance! I'm really flattered to hear you've been inspired to make your own games due to playing mine! ^///^ 

There are so many things to do in order to make a visual novel, but I do have some advises to share:
1. It's important to know how a story starts, the middle, and how it ends. You might want to make short notes, depicting the order of the scenes.
2. Commit to making progress each week! It doesn't matter how small, just don't stop. Little by little, polish it, give it your best so you won't leave any regrets, and you'll finish it before you know it ^.^

Good luck and I hope to see you around!



I've been silently watching the progress, I'm excited with how far the game has come and looking forward to seeing it in action when it's done! :D Keep up the brilliant work and also looking after yourself so you don't burn out.

Thank you, Sia! You guys are also amazing for supporting me until this far :'D 

I feel bad for making you guys wait for so long... but things like this cannot be rushed ><; there are still so many things I need to draw and program--I hope you'll bear with me QuQ

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in your game and for the regulars updates! I discovered Nusantara : legend of the Winged after seeing this game and it's one of my favorite VN! ^_^ Can't wait to play this one! (JK I can wait :P) So excited and I will happily continue to follow it's progress too :)

Hi, Ennaej!
Thanks for playing and I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! x'D
I might be a bit on the slow side but yup, you can count on me as I slowly but surely complete Bermuda~

Hi, I was wondering when will the game be fully released?

Is there a set date or year?


(2 edits) (+1)

Hi, Sesshoumaru.lover!
First of all, let me say I LOVE your nickname >///< Sesshoumaru is my first love lol, he's the one who got me started to delve into the fantasy genre ^///^

As for the release date... sadly, I'm horrible at predicting dates x_x; it's already way past the scheduled release date--thankfully, the fans and supporters are very patient with me!

We're halfway there and I'm updating every Monday every week, but yes, it'll be quite some time before Bermuda is complete ><; When it comes to progress bar, I'm slower than general but the one thing I'm good at is I'm committed to my work! (Well... I might have gone overboard/overambitious with Bermuda ^^; I never thought it'll be so long--the word count is at least triple Winged Ones, so... I'm sorry!)

I hope you'll bear with me as I slowly but surely progress Q_Q

(2 edits) (+1)

I just pledged, because you wouldn't abandon this game at that point. It basically says "you paid 10 USD" and I'm incredibly happy that I was finally able to support you somehow! :'D

D'aww thank you so much for your support, tekkonkinkreet! QuQ *hugggs
You just made my day~! I'm sorry for the late reply! ><

So I didn't realize it was a demo until I saw your update - I was too excited haha, I still finished it though and I'm already in love with all of them :,) I hope the MC will actually get to touch Kahlil's ears and tail as well as pet the huge fluffy wolf :3

I'm actually pretty invested in the storyline as well but I was wondering: will the game be available on Steam when it's released? Also, do you have an estimate of how much it would cost? I've never used the remaining balance on my Steam wallet so I'm hoping I would be able to use it to purchase your game!

I'm pretty down with purchasing this 'cos I played Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones too and I liked it a lot, I'm looking forward to the full release! <3

Hi, Dan13TD!
Thank you for playing and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! ^///^ Yes, unfortunately, it's still a demo, but the good news is we're halfway there! I hope you don't mind 'my slowly but surely' progress--I update every Monday though! ^.^

Ah, yes I do have a plan to release on Steam but it will take a while after the official release because I need to update my Ren'Py version before I can upload it to Steam~

Thank you again for your support! 


After quite some time, I realized I was in mood for otome games again, and the first one I got back to was Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones. Seeing the progress of this one makes me incredibly happy and I hope you finish it without any issues. Can't wait to play it! 

I hope so too, Alice Gone Mad!
You just made my day by saying my game is the first one you got back to--thank you so much for your love and support! >///< 

We're in the home stretch, so it would seem! I cannot wait until the game is completed! Looking forward to another great story from SweetChiel!


Thank you, PurpleMysteria! 
I'll continue to work hard! I'll apologise in advance but my progress has always been slowly but surely QuQ

(1 edit)

Came by to check in and saw that the plot and script is already done and all that's left is mainly programming! So exciting!!! Can't wait for the full release cause I've been holding back from playing even the demo as to not spoil myself lol

Yup, programming and making the CGs! >_< 
I hope you can be patient and walk with me as I progress little by little to completion m(_ _)m *bows


Just dropping by to say I loved the demo. Since this game revolves around Maya making a deal to change her family's fate, I'm glad we get to spend some quality time with her family; it makes the emotions really click into place with how relatable she is. I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into all of your characters, not just the boys.

Speaking of the guys, Kah'lil is so fluffing adorable, makes ya wanna give him some headpats while Guntur and Arya are such interesting characters, making for a trio full of dynamics and shenanigans. I also really like Dio in contrast to the Goddess, he has a certain flare for the dramatic that's completely charming. Excited for the mysterious fourth love interest, though I think I can guess who it will be, maybe ;) Well... it's between two people.

I'm gonna stop rambling/ gushing now. Thanks again! Stay healthy and keep up the good work ^-^

Thank you, castonovia44!
I'm a bit worried that people might get impatient with the prologue--I thought they might want to get on with it and get into the juicy parts, but I'm very glad to see you like the introduction about Maya's family! ^///^

And yup! The idea is a mismatched group lol. It's so much fun writing about them and I hope you'll enjoy them too once this game is finished <3 

Hehe, I won't spoiler but here's a hint: the 4th love interest has not make an appearance in the demo >< 

I hope to see you around~


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I dl Nusantara : Legend of the wigend Ones on steam, and I really love the game because it's rare that I don't play an otome game where I don't have a favorite character !

Rama, Mitra and Reksa have their own background their behaviour. So I love to replay each route.

 I'll follow your futur work with a lot of interest ! 

Do u have a date for the completed game or an early access for this new game ?

Very thanx for your hard work !

Thank you, Yami Meian!
I'm really sorry for the late reply ><;

I'm really happy to hear you love my characters ^.^- sadly, I don't have a planned/predicted date for Bermuda's completion... but some of my backers from Indiegogo and patrons on Patreon will have a one month early access to it once it's completed!


so... after pretty much falling in love with Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones, which I'm really glad I found and played first, because I LOVE finding all the little upnods to it through the story; I decided to see what else SweetChiel has done, or in the midst of doing. Delighted to say this one is another one to fall for!

So, Thanks for the wonderful game/visualnovels! Keep up the amazing work!

(PS. the "kill you with a mug" line in Arya's profile card made me giggle! I loved "Chronicles of Riddick" and that line really jumped out at me!)

(1 edit)

Hi! And you're welcome, Tathalia! 
Congratulations on finishing Winged Ones and thank you for dropping by to let me know you've also enjoyed Bermuda! OuO

I'm glad Arya makes you smile/giggle x'D expect lots of 'creative' curses from him in the game lol

Thanks again for taking the time to give me this warm comment ^///^ 
Bermuda will take some time to finish due to my slowly but surely progress... but I hope to see you around! 



First off, I want to say that SweetChiel's art is already improved from Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones (though I personally think it was already stellar so colour me impressed). Once again, SweetChiel has successfully created unique characters and is keeping up with the theme of them being demi humans!

I will admit when I saw Kah'lil, I was worried since I've seen his style of character in other games. Usually with Kah'lil's character style, I end up having mixed feelings about them where I either love them and think they are well executed OR they end up being the bane of my play through one way or another. xP All that being said about Kah'lil, I have not yet seen this happen and when I first met his character I was pleasantly surprised. As I've only read what the demo has to offer as of April 5, 2020, I'm hoping it stays that way.

Gunter and Arya are fun to watch interact! For Gunter, I am finding that he is just marshmallow on the inside with that tough exterior. Gunter also has a lot of my favorite aesthetics and character traits that I enjoy reading, so he is in the lead for being my favorite. I state that because of his take charge attitude while also still being considerate of this rag-tag group's needs. I hope to see more of his character develop as the story progresses.

Arya, hard a** that he is, keeps me on my toes. I do want to know what brand his laptop is though since he can still use it with no outlets about to keep it charged. Currently running on the theory that the Goddess did some magic or something to keep it running; or that it is part of his… quirkiness? I don't know but he is amazing. His character design is probably my favorite because it is a style I have not seen with hints of familiarity. I do have the same question as Maya as to how he gets stuff for half price (teach me your ways good sir!).

If you had to ask me who my number one favorite was, I am hard pressed to answer. They all are making me laugh and seem to all care (in their own ways of course) about Maya. With what the demo has shown me, I am leaning towards Gunter as my favorite but the other two are not far behind!

-- I do want to let you, SweetChiel, know that while I was playing, the status page in the menu still shows Maya's name as the default. Even when you change it. I mentioned this in a reply on Legend of the Winged Ones and wanted to make sure you caught it for when you continue polishing! --

Looking forward to your next update SweetChiel! Take care of yourself and stay safe.


(1 edit)

I love this game so so much, I love Maya and I think her personality is really entertaining and relatable. I also love all the love interests and how different and unique they are.


Thank you, Fostofina!
I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! ^.^-
Stay tuned with the updates~ I update every Monday!

That image of Maya and Tamara is so cuuuute :3


D'aww thank you, Lossy! I'm glad to hear you like them ^.^-

(1 edit) (+1)

Wait where???? in the demo?? Edit: I just realized it's at the top of the page XD


Hey I was just wondering if the Bermuda triangle game will be playable on Mac's as the update seems to have impacted the ability to play games, and so unfortunately i can no longer play the legend of the winged ones :(

Oh noo O_O; 

I'm sorry to hear that, Sima123. I wonder why this problem persists--it's fine for me over here. What's your email? I can give you a key so you can play via steam ^.^

and yes, all my games will be available for linux, mac, and windows.

thanks for your quick reply that would be awesome. my email is simacb@outlook.com. :)

Sent! ^.^

Have fun! And contact me if the key doesn't work--I might have mixed the key with the ones that are already redeemed ><;

(1 edit) (+1)

Aaah! I recently just finish Legend of The Winged Ones but instead of download it from here, I brought it on Steam(I was testing if the code I buy online work or not and I wasn't interested in any other games other than yours)I fall in love with the characters(I still love Reksa). Again. The last time I played the game was like 3 years ago. Time flies so fast.

(UPDATE 11/5/2018!: FYI, the Steam version works well! I received all of the achievements with no issues! There is a minor, minor, bug where if you skip the sound effects will stay even when it shouldn't but you could mute it and unmute it and it will disappear. so it's not a big deal compared to the glitch/bug where the pictures didn't appear when I downloaded from GameJolt.)

Last time I said I can't buy this game once it releases but I can confidently say yes now! The art has been improved since LoTWO, it's better and has blinking animations! Kahlil ears twitching and tail swooshing are so cute. I'm so happy about his reaction to them!

I am very much interested in the Antagonist. I heard that he is very much like Rama, very slow romance and the fact that the choices made to pursue his love would make the MC OOC made my interest piqued.

Speaking of characters, Kahlil and Arya are going to be my favorite. Especially Kahlil, not only I like Kahlil's charming personality but his design is my favorite, I like Arya as much as Kahlil design-wise but I lean towards Kahlil, mainly because androgynous is my favorite type of look when it comes to love interest. It's a bisexual goal. And men with long hair is hot. That's another reason why I love Reksa so much.

As for Guntur, I like him! Big, scary but a softie. A trope that I like! It's kinda weird that Arya and Kahlil have some animal traits, like Kahlil having cat ears and Arya turning into a wolf while Guntur doesn't other than his healing power.

Arya is the first character that piqued my interest, mainly because of how he acted towards everyone. Very cold. Highkey wanna see Arya protecting MC when he is in his wolf form.

A little bit off-topic but when MC is chasing Mawar the silly music starts playing, I couldn't turn it off or lower the volume down. That was the only music that is on when I turn off the music.

But other than that, the demo is very polished compared to LoTWO, everything is nice to look at and there is no major bug, it is longer that's for sure and I can't wait for it. I'm so interested in the antagonist! You said that the demo doesn't mention or showed the antagonist, so Dio isn't the antagonist love interest. Aaah!

Reading through the Devlogs makes me want the game to come out faster. I'm so excited about it! I wish you luck on the game! Sorry for the wall of text >-<;;


Oh my, thank you so much for the long review, Mishira! 

I've been really happy with returning players lately and you just made my day ^///^ I didn't know about that sound effect bug at all o.o; maybe I forgot to turn off the sfx when it's looping? And you even downloaded from the gamejolt! It's been a looong time since I last visited that website ><

and d'aaw, I'm very glad to see you have a good impression on Bermuda's bachelors! Yes they all have their unique points and don't worry, Guntur's animal trait will appear on the winter area~ *hint*hint 

and I think you'll either love or hate the antagonist x'D

Thanks again for your warm support and comment, Mishira! I hope to see you around~



OMG!! I love your games! >.<

I can't wait for this one to be finished. The suspense is gonna kill me haha. :)

Thank you so much for the support, azerahraven! ^///^
I also can't wait to hear your thoughts once this game is finished QuQ

This game is soooo good and I'm so happy to see it grow, like pretty flower

D'aww thank you, WolfyCZE!
This flower will strive to continue growing into a beautiful blossom! :'3


Hello sweetchiel! I have been your fan since Nusantara Winged Ones! I love how you mix local cultures into your games and i can already know you made it with your heart. I enjoyed it to the fullest--so, thank you for making the game! I haven't played the Bermuda Triangle demo yet but i'm sure it won't betray my expectation. So good to see you still working on this project. Looking forward to it!

Hi, kroissann! Wow... thank you so much for supporting me since Winged Ones! ^///^ yes, I've always think we have plenty unique culture to introduce so look forward for more in Bermuda, especially in Autumn Village!

I'm taking a bigger risk in Bernuda though x_x In addition to local culture and architecture, I'm also using western fantasy art for the Spring Village. Hopefully it'll turn alright *gulps*

In any case, I hope you'll enjoy your experience later when Bermuda is finished! ><



I can't wait until the game actually comes out!
I've only played the demo once so far, but I already have suspicions on who the 4th bachelor is (unless he's not in the demo, in which case never mind :P ) 
Also I love how expressive your sprites are. ^^ 

(2 edits)

Hi, Koryuu! Yes! I'm going all out with expressions and simple animations, so look forward to it! ^.^-

The 4th bachelor is not in the demo yet though, but you might find him at the character line up *wiggles eyebrows*--but I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the demo! ^///^ 

Sometimes, I have doubts whether people will find the demo a bit too long or not--I mean some people might be impatient and want to sink their teeth into the main beef, right? >< So it's a relief whenever I read comments like yours!

I'll see you around~



I love that this project is still going and updated - and I'm looking forward to being able to buy the finished game in the future. The art is gorgeous and I love that it's set in the same world as your other game, which I loved as well. I'm about to play the available demo, and I'll leave thoughts on it later on!

Thank you, TheRenpyJournal! I'm very happy to hear you like my art! >\\\<

And yes, if you noticed, the island in the middle is where Tamara and the Avians/Winged Ones lives in ^.^- Bermuda will have some cameos once you reached Autumn Village so I hope you enjoy it! >< 

I'll look forward to your thoughts about the demo~ <3



Ahaha the demo just got me even more excited for the release. I liked that some options were timed and some were not, - the art is just absolutely amazing and draws you in, and i liked the easter egg of the poster of the winged ones cast in her room. I did notice the island is the same one, but it's fun seeing the differences and little things like that thrown in is awesome as well. I like the story and the dynamics between the characters. that can be seen <3 as well. 

OMG The demo is so good! (I fell in love with all of them.) Where can we check for updates on the game?

Thank you so much, MiyaNight83!
I'm so glad you like the demo and love all of the characters! >///< that's the highest praise you could've given me <3

You can follow me here at itch.io for the weekly updates -^.^)/ I update every monday~

Every update is getting closer and I'm so excited to see your final project Chiel! Just wondering if the game progress is up to date? Also what's the final pieces price looking like? Again excited to see the final piece! From the original characters to now and the overall progress you've made is insane and I can't wait!

Thank you, Rin! *hug*
I'm sorry for the late reply--I've been busy with new years + christmas preparation + coloring the CGs for today's update ><;
Yes, the weekly updates are up to date and the final price for Bermuda will be $15! ^.^

its always great to see another update! The price sounds amazing for the time that you and the team has put in so thank you!!!

I'm always happy to hear you like the update >///< thank you for reading!
And yep, I always put all my heart in every game I made ^.^- it's part of the reason why it takes so long to complete @@

its always great to see another update! The price sounds amazing for the time that you and the team has put in so thank you!!!

Hi SweetChiel love your dedication. You create such wonderful VNs.  I wanted to ask is beta up for patreons yet?  I would love to get a chance to play through the stuff you have programmed so far :)  Thanks again for making such a great game.

Hi, sunkissie!
Sorry for the late reply, I was busy here and there preparing christmas and new year  x_x 
Unfortunately, beta testing is not up for patrons on patreons yet ><
The programming barely halfway and some things might change during finishing + proofreading, so I feel like it's not ready to be served to you :'D
However, when I've finished programming all of the bachelors' route, I'll definitely share the download link for beta testing!

Again, I can't press enough how thankful I am for your support and for being so patient with me! 

Awesome thank you so much looking forward to that beta testing download think.  And you make awesome games, I played your first game it was wonderful so I can't wait till you finish this one.  Enjoy your holiday and the new year.


How many chapters are there?

Keep up the good work! xD


Hi Sorelia!
There are 5 chapters and 4 routes!
If you have played Winged Ones, Bermuda's word count is at least triple Winged Ones' (yup, a one long visual novel! And yup, I'm slowly but surely progressing >< thank you for your support and patience!

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Thank you for answering my question!

But i forgot  another one!

That little boy that we saw in the demo will he be like a bigger plot in the game?

I really thought he was cute for following the boys and mainly Maya.

So i was kinda curious about him ( if its still a secret you don't have to tell me) XD

Yup, the mysterious boy is part of the main plot and you'll see him little by little until you reach chapter 5 ;)


I was scrolling through Tumblr and thought Sweetchiel needs to see this.

Also your emails hype me up so much I almost want to back this game AGAIN hahha. So I'm glad there's a PayPal option for that 😍

Lmao, yep, when I was young, I was definitely concerned when I heard planes and ships mysteriously disappeared/sink whenever they crossed the Bermuda Triangle--and I don't think we've found a solution to this other than avoiding it? x'D 

Mother Nature is both beautiful and dangerous ~ But at the same time, I've always been enamored with mysterious/magical phenomenon like Bermuda, Aurora, Glowing Caves/moss/worms, the four seasons, etc... and that's where my inspiration for backgrounds/setting comes from :'3

And there's no words to describe how happy I am to see there are people still waiting and hyped for Bermuda! >\\\< I'll do my best for all of you! Thank you very much! *bows before hugging

i thought it was a full game because i didnt see the word "demo" anywhere so i was dumbfounded but sad i dont get to see my precous arya


Aww, I'm sorry to hear that, bodypillow but thank you for the interest and support! >< 

However, the scriptwriting (the hard part) is all done and the programming is slowly but surely progressing! I hope you can wait a bit more until I complete this baby perfectly before I deliver it to you :'3

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