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Hello~! So I've actually played your other visual novel, "Legend of The Winged Ones" and I really enjoyed it! It was fun to read and pretty to look at, it was also paced out very well! I played it a long time ago, and just recently I came back to this website to find a new visual novel to play. Then I found this gem~!

At first, I didn't even realize this was also made by you, I read what this was about and it interested me. I clicked on your profile and then realized you were the same curator for the other visual name mentioned prior. I went back to the download page, downloaded it and began to play immediately haha.

I played as much as the demo could offer within a day, and of course it ended right when it was getting good XD. I enjoyed each character so much, that whenever I played it over within my head for which I may want to go after first, I seriously couldn't decide. I love each one of their personalities and their character designs (right now Arya and Gunter are winning in my heart, but Kah'lil is still close behind). I also love their names hehe.

I honestly cannot wait for there to be more of the story that I can see haha, I'm definitely staying for the rest of the journey to completion for this one. Keep up the beautiful work~!

Hi Iciio! Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment!

I'm really flattered to hear my VNs managed to catch your fancy twice >///< and without you knowing lol 
You even came back and made an account just to tell me this! You really made my day x'D 

I still have lots to learn and I have rooms for improvement, but I'll do my best so your wait will be worth it!
And of course, thank you for loving my characters! The bachelors in Bermuda don't have any particular arrangement, so pick whoever you want first and enjoy yourself! x')

Lastly, welcome aboard to the journey!
You can read my update every Monday or maybe join the shy crew that lurks in the shadows/bushes and eat cyber cookies while waiting x'D
Either way, I'm happy to have you! 

Stay tuned & see you around! 


Keren bro


Makasih kak! X'D *postny dobel, jd sy apus 1 y?

Stay tuned!



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Do you have any idea if the game's coming out in the Summer? Not rushing you or anything, take your time :) I loved your first game, can't wait for this one, I know it's going to be amazing! I got my eyes on Arya, he's a precious foul mouthed bean that will beat you with a mug ;3 Just can't stop replaying the Demo, start a little with the other guys but keep going back to Arya >_<

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Unfortunately the scriptwriting is waay slower than I thought it would be :'D I might be able to finish it in December/winter 2018 like the teaser video suggest, but stay tuned! 

I decided to give some compensation in return for being late *more info in my latest update devlog~* but yeah! So far, the mug Arya is thriving and one of my proofreaders is starting to get a bias x'D

Thank you for your support and hope to see you around!



All is fine my child, like I said, take your precious time and don't overwork yourself trying to get it out earlier. I can't blame them for getting a bias towards that mug child, he's just SO precious >///<

Aww, thank you, dear :'D
Don't worry, I'll do my best to make it perfect! 

--Honestly, I think I can be a lazy person if the mood/muse is not present, but if it involves something that I love, I became a perfectionist and stubbornly wade through fire or ice to make sure the progress bar moves forward x'D 

It's just that I sometimes worry for my readers who had been waiting for quite a while now ><
So thank you for being considerate and patiently waiting beside me!



I am so excited for this game! The demo legitimately made my cry (in a good way), I think Maya might by my favorite otome protagonist ever.

I saw a comment from a while ago mentioning a tentative release date of July 2018, I'm assuming that's not still the plan, but was wondering, do you have a current tentative release date? Are we still looking at $15 for the final product, or is it likely to be more since the scope seems to have been expanded?

Hi CassiopeiaSD! Thank you for coming & for your warm support >\\\<

Yes, the scriptwriting is longer than I thought! The game will have a total of 5 Chapter + 1 Antagonist route, and I'm currently at the beginnings of Chapter 5! After that, CGs will be made along with programmig. So... I'm hoping to hit the racks at December/Winter 2018 like the teaser video suggested, but we'll see ^^;

In the meantime, to compensate my lateness, the originally cut down CGs will all be made + I'll add a few more BGs in winter and autumn area! *more info in my last update report~

And yes again! The final product will still be $15! However, there are still early bird packs for paypal users, so if you want to pre-order, click on the 'pledge with paypal' button for $10 early bird pack ^.^

Thanks again and hope to see you around! 



Disclaimer: This is a long comment review I'm sorry rip

Yes!! I’m so excited to play this game! o((*^▽^*))o

I thought the first Nusantara game was good, but this looks 10x better! I really like the minute details, like with the calendar + season, the load/save/status menus, with how they kind of look like a scrapbook or a journal - which would make sense that Maya would document what happens in the year they’re on the island. Also the funny chibi moments and the slow transition of when a character either goes beat red or pale! I also thought the “What she is thinking right now” was a cool touch I haven’t really seen before. And items?? Now I’m really interested to see what we obtain in the game lol.

Plus, the humor hasn’t changed - I laugh my butt off a lot during your games XD. Like. I didn’t have my thinking cap on while playing so when it came to the part that Maya’s like “maybe Guntur reflects the weasel/ferret mirror” I kind of died. Like. Look at him!!! Look at those guns!! That is one beefy ferret-man XDDDD (Also Kahlil reacting to his tails and ears is literally me I relate to him on a spiritual level.)

The art has taken a beautiful upgrade, too. The relationship status meter makes me feel it’s going to be - or at least it gives the illusion of - a longer game, because three hours in and I’ve only raised Arya’s affinity barely past the triangle design on the bottom of the meter??? Like Boiiiiii. Plus the fact that this happens over the course of the year makes a romance much more realistically probable, especially since their in isolation lololol. 

ALSO I’M SO INTERESTED IN WHAT SINS THE BOYS COMMITTED LMAOOO. I kno it’s probably not a joking matter but I’m excited for the juicy gossip (*•̀•́*)و ̑̑

For which character caught my attention… Hm. On my first playthrough of the demo I p much targeted Arya, since I decided to start with him from the getgo (while still being nice to the other characters ofc lol) and his cursing is hilarious - especially his threats with a mug, that was gold (did he bring a mug to the island??? Bc, “please, Oh Great Arya, save us from this monster with your mighty mug!!” <— a scene I need that at the very least occurs in Maya’s dreams XDDD (jk jk)

For Kahlil - I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for his type of character so I’m biased - but he’s just so ADORABLE (ω*) whether it’s a facade he puts on or his legit personality, he’s really fun to interact with in the game lolol. I’m still a bit wary of his character, waiting for the other shoe to drop, though! He kind of reminds me of Rama. 

Then for Guntur, originally I didn’t really like him bc I felt his teasing towards Maya was belittling, but the interactions they have on the island got rid of that dislike. Personally I don’t find smoking all that attractive, but for some reason, I don’t really know why, the way he and Maya interact differently from the other two made me the most interested in him. 

(Still going w Mug Boi first when the game comes out just bc I’m stubborn lmao)


Maya isn’t a pansy; when she has something to protect, she does, like when she protected her mom from Gunter in the beginning. Of course if Guntur really wanted to hurt her it wouldn’t have gone so well, but she didn’t know that, so I thought it was badass how she went all “protect mamma bear” mode. 


Both in this game and the previous one, there have been lines where characters suggested another character might be gay because they showed no interest in the opposite gender, and both times the lines were something like: “I was starting to worry that you were… like that…” and imo it’s kind of ridiculous they treat it in a scandalized matter rather than a normal one? 

Also, this is more of just a question - if it’s not a spoiler ig - I was confused by the mirror choice in the beginning, during Maya’s dream? From a traditional perspective I would assume that’s where you lock on to a route, but from what happened in the demo it didn’t seem so? It didn’t seem like an important choice, at least in the demo, so is it more of an affinity choice? Or?

BUT OVERALL I’M SO HYPED TO PLAY THIS GAME. ()Is this game really going to be free? Bc if it was me, I would totally put a price tag on this kind of quality lol. 

Hi destinycreate!
Thanks for visiting and your review made my day brighter! x'D

I'm really happy that you gave all my boys a chance & you even noticed all the small details! *^.^* I thought I will have to wait until the game is finished for people to understand the features -but you surprised me by guessing all of them correctly x'D

And yay!! I'm so happy when you said I still have my sense of humor --I sometimes doubt myself lol, and yes, there are more surprises about the ferret ;) all three sins are unique and I think you'll like the illustrations I've planned to tell their past later ~  

I can somewhat foreshadow that Arya is going to be popular because of the mug -one of my proofreaders already have a bias toward him :')) Kahlil...well, I think he's better than Rama, more normal and mellower than Arya/Guntur even, but I'll leave the evaluation to you when you're finished with his route x'D 

There's also a 4th route (Antagonist route) that unlocks after you're finished with all 3 routes! Part of the reason why I took so long just to write the script is this >< and because I like your enthusiasm, I'll tell you a small spoiler: to minimize repetition, I made many reaction variations in each route so I hope you enjoy them!

As for the 'characters suggested another character might be gay because they showed no interest in the opposite gender, and both times the lines were something like: “I was starting to worry that you were… like that…” and imo it’s kind of ridiculous they treat it in a scandalized matter rather than a normal one? '...Well, to be honest, I'm also dismayed by this kind of discrimination/Sarah's response, but in Indonesia, the rainbow flag is viewed as such due to the thick blood of traditionalist :( they're not as open as US, or any country that recognized same-sex marriage, but I hope we'll progress toward that future ><

As for the mirror... Aside from adding affection + 5 when you choose a mirror, this scene is an important one! Hint: After you finish all three routes, something will change. Don't forget to save ~

Alright, I'll stop here in case I blabber my big mouth with more spoiler x'D
I hope you'll be patient with me and stay tuned with the updates! See you around!


P.S. I also like Maya in the 'protect mama bear' mode x'D 


I loved your last game. I cant wait for this one and all the others. Keep it up. Much love 

Thank you for the support, Angel253!
It's going to be quite a while to finish Bermuda, but stay tuned! ><




It was going to be 5, but Bermuda sadly didn't reach the stretch goal >< 

Thanks for the energetic support!

Omy! You replied! Crap! Crap! Should we stretch it further!? Or there is no hope for now? T_T

The indiegogo has already ended x'D 

And yes, I reply to every single comment here if I see one ~

Awwww ;_; I'm hoping for Nusantra: The legend of the winged one season 2!? *_*

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Which is the height of the boys ?

Amazing :) I can't wait for the full game to come out, I love all the characters so far :D

Thanks for dropping by, Sugar~!

I'm glad to hear you like it :'D stay tuned!

seems somewhat promising, but it's testing my patience with how much 'fluff' dialogue there is. it's taking what, to me, is an unnecessarily long amount of time, to setup the story and background. i wanna get to the meat of it already!

Hi AlphaGodith! Thanks for visiting and giving me your thoughts~

Yes, I agree that the pace is really slow in Bermuda, but it's necessary and your patience will be rewarded later in the end >< I hope you'll give it a chance and maybe follow a bachelor's route before you give me your final verdict :'3

It's still quite a long way until I released the completed version though x_x;
Either way, I'm glad to hear you tried the demo!



after coming to the end of the demo i'm definitely interested enough to give it another go once it's complete :)

The other game she made was a bit slow so this is even more amazing. Im sure once finished it will be one of the best otome games ever. So looking forward to it.

I already love the game so much. I can't wait for the full game!

(Maya's room is literally mine in real life, I swear.)

Thanks, Eilonwy!
I feel warm whenever I thought more people is waiting and loving my game as much as I do :')

Stay updated and glad to see you around!



I am so awaiting until this game is finished. I want to play it so bad. I am already saving up money to donate at least 10-20$. Also really hope your dog is doing better. My dog is my world so I know how it is to worry about them.  I love your games they're awesome Arya is my favorite character!!!! And wolves!!!!! Love it. The god concept is great. Really makes you question their pasts and what they did. Hope full version is released soon. And hoping you dont stress your body out. Although I want it to come out soon, still we need you in good health. If this was on the phone it be great so I could play it on the go!!!! Thank so much and keep up the great work!!!

Hi OkamiChan! Welcome back and thank you for the support and well wishes! You made me smile just before I sleep :'3 

I also can't wait to finish so I can read my dear readers' reviews >\\\< -but all in good time <3 the script is half finished, but it's still quite a long way to go until completion ~ (havent touched CG + Programming)

I hope that you'll be patient with me :"D but I believe it will be finished before/at winter 2018 like what is written in the teaser! For now, I thank you for reading the updates -and yes! My pups are also my precious >\\\< Kiara is doing well, but I got myself pretty done by her antiques this week :")) more detail tomorrow!

For now I need to catch my sleep ~ Thanks again and see you around! Sweet dreams!



Your health is also important and please even though I want it to finish soon I know that your games are only so amazing cuz you actually put so much effort and time in it. I appreciate your work and story line. I am also an author and create stories online. So I can really get the feel from it. I love that even though it's not a sequel it follows the story line with the goddess and "chosen ones" it falls perfectly without ruining the other. I've waited this long I can wait longer and that just means my donation can be bigger as I save up more money. This could really be a great app for phones. <3 wishing you best of luck. And great health for you and your babies :)

Yes, thank you for caring :"D I think your warm advice  just made my day much better <3

Ah, so you're a fellow author! Do you write on wattpad/fanfiction/fictionpress? I often go there to read! Lots of good stories and often inspirational ~ 

And you too! Please take care as the weather is a bit unkind these days >_< I don't know where you live, but here in Indonesia is having quite an extreme difference from one day to another; yesterday was a stormy rain and today is hellish hot x_x We know how mentally exhausting writing could be :"D sometimes our muse will cooperate and sometimes they won't -just don't forget to drink/eat!

I'm very happy to hear you like the plot so far >\\\< I also hope I can apply for mobile apps (renpy can export it directly to a mobile version, but the file might be a bit too big if it's not created via Unity, so just let's see :'3)

Best of luck to you too! I'm very lucky to have such understanding readers here...



Yes, I do write on wattpad. I am usually busy so I understanding needing to take long breaks from work. I write my own stories not fan fiction. Im scared to ruin a great piece with my own bias opinions or spoilers lol. I wanted to write some of anime or otome games I've played. If you make a mobile game I'm sure it will be as great as Mystic Messenger. Im very excited for this game!!!!!

Ah, I don't dare to be compared to Mystic Messenger >\\\< I'm an old fan of Cheritz (Dandelion and Nameless are the first korea otomes I play lol) and I'm so happy to see a lot of people finally noticed their brilliance! MM ruined my sleep schedule tho :")) 

Thank you for your strong encouragement >\\\< my dear reader's support is what keeps me going. It's my fuel, my juice, my personal battery *cough*

Here, take some cyber cookies and hugs from me ^.^-



I loved Nusantara, the winged ones, and was so excited to see that Bermuda Triangle was downloadable! I didn't realize it was just a demo, and I think I finished it at one go before realizing that it had ended, haha. That was a real moment of disappointment, but now I have something to look forward to!

I really like that we get to see "Maya"'s background and motivations and that there is already an inkling of the supernatural with the spiritual sightings and the Tarot readings even before the main story begins. It's been a while since I played the Winged ones, but I don't think Tamara had any warning at all before the plunge, while "Maya" has plenty of little clues. I adore the relationship she has with her baby brothers and mischievous sister, and also really like that her family seems so supportive and united despite their various troubles. The slower pacing gives us more time to appreciate them, and to understand how Maya so readily agreed to take the plunge into the unknown. The little scene with the extra lunch box and the forgotten wallet had me in tears...

As for some comments, I agree with a previous reader that there are grammar errors here and there, which sometimes took my concentration away from the game. It's a lot of work and I saw that you wrote that you have proofreaders already, so I'm sure these will be fixed in later versions! :) In the meantime, maybe a simple tool like Grammarly could help with the little errors, to allow you more time for the important stuff! :)

Also, I noticed that while you have the option to change the protagonist's name, the background in the kitchen still shows the name on the door to be "Maya". This is more of a nitpick, but it did catch my eye, so I thought you might like to know! :)

All in all though, awesome work so far! I can't wait for more updates and to play the final version! :D

Hi itara! Thanks for stopping by and telling me your thoughts ~

I'm really happy to hear you love Winged Ones and come again to try Bermuda >\\\< some doesn't like the slow pace so I got a bit worried -thanks for cheering me up!

Thank you for pointing out the nameplate on the door! I totally forgot about it :")) I will change it to an empty one, but as for the grammar... I apologize, but no matter how we double proof it, some always managed to escape our radar :"D I sometimes google about some sentences I'm not sure about, but I didn't know about grammarly O.o I'll look into it!

If you do noticed some in the full version, I hope you'll forgive me for it >< I'll appreciate it if you can help me  point out the obvious ones though! So I can fix it and re-upload the file later.

Bermuda still have a long way to go, but I hope you'll stay beside me step by step :"3 

Thanks again and see you around!



I really enjoyed Nusantara: The Winged Ones and finally got around to trying out the demo of Bermuda! By the end of it I was so looking forward to the full thing but I will admit that I struggled with the story until they actually got to the Lost Island. It was like "hey here's an amazing massive hole that appeared and loads of spiritual stuff is happening!" and I'm like "cool! show me more!" but first.. let's go through the daily life of a girl for a week... for an hour or so... and I get that it's an opportunity to show the male leads and how much she loves her family but some of it was so painfully boring that I just gave up reading and sped through. Felt like the pacing was just a bit too slow, especially knowing what was coming next and wanting to get there (and when we did, I was so pumped!).

Loved Sarah, her dad and the boyfriend, whose name I forget. Really interesting characters and they help flesh out "Maya" and her situation a bit more. Also, Maya's dad is too sweet for words! And the scene with the lunch boxes and the forgotten wallet almost made me tear up. Loving Guntur the most out of the 3 choices currently. I'm sure Arya will grow on me once I get past his wall a little bit, and poor Kah'lil just seems like a cute younger brother lol! I'll do his route just to see what he's like, but Guntur has first dibs. A strong, dependable guy with a cheeky side? On it! Oh, and he COOKS!

And the Goddess, dang, she's hilarious. When she opened the hole I could just remember Tamara being thrown into a lake! I liked that honorable mention :D I'm also wondering if that piglet is going to show up anymore - cute sidekick? Stalker who steals things?

Bugs: I had the music off but sometimes it would play. It was a bit jarring because I had two instrumental tracks then going at the same time (my own playlist + the game). Also, I don't know if sometimes the footsteps were meant to be fast? At the start they were about walking pace and sounded great but then later they came really close together and the tempo was totally off. I had to race through the text until it stopped. Turning off the sound didn't turn off the footsteps even when they appeared later in the game. Otherwise, everything worked fine as far as I'm aware.

Great job - thank you for your hard work! Can't wait for the full thing *squee*

Hi scribblefingers! Thanks for visiting and telling me your thoughts! 

I'm very happy to hear your report of the bugs; I'll take note of this walking sfx and I will fix it in the complete version (I put more than 1 sfxs at times for an effect of more than 1 person walking, but since they overlapped, I'll just put 1 later :S) 

As for the music, it could be because I put more than 1 at times (ambiance + music) so I think the control got confused o.o; thanks for pointing this out! However I might not be able to fix it immediately since I rarely twiddle with the options control. So you might want to mute or lower the music through your laptop's sound control panel for the time being,  but I'll see what I can do!

And yes, Bermuda is certainly much more slow paced than Winged Ones so I suggest you to take your time and don't read it until dawn like a few of my readers >_<;

I'm glad to hear you like the story so far though :'3 it's going to be a very long one though so I hope you'll be patient and walk beside me through the whole story ><

See you again in the future!



Just looked at the main character and the creepy thing is.... She looks like me, dresses like me and Im also a cancer born in July. So ya, Ima play it XD I just wanted to point out sthe resemblance LOOL


I loved this game! I came from playing another game I was excited to play and it ended up making me slightly sad an disappointed instead. So I chose to play this game hoping it would cheer me up and boy did it!  I enjoyed the characters and the plot was amazing I hadn't played your other game but now I am definitely will! I also liked the personality of all the characters you did because you did stick with some of the 'normal formula' that visual novels have but made a huge twist with those formula's and it's amazing how you twisted it but made it work so well with the personality of the characters in such a way I could never see them be any other way! The only errors I saw was some grammatical errors they were not enough to take me out of the plot but since when I play visual novels I tend to read out loud I ended up noticing them when a sentence was either missing a word or a mistyping occurred.  I also have a question to ask you which I normally prefer to ask in a more private setting but I will ask this way. First I would like to mention I am a YouTube gamer because of this I tend to record when I play games just in case I end up enjoying a game. I also do this because I end up having many problems recording(since i'm still a new YouTube gamer). The reason I mention this is because I want to ask if you mind me posting it on YouTube. If you do, I do not mind one bit since I understand that making something  you created it is like your baby but even if you don't I would at least like to send you the video so you can see some suggestions I made while playing. They were not major things just some minor issues like I mentioned above but I think it would probably still be helpful for you as you move on with this project. I can not wait till the full release of this game and I will be eagerly awaiting its release no matter your response!

Hi, Jules! Thanks for visiting and leaving this warm review! I just woke up and this made my day ^^-

I'm glad to know my game cheered you up! And yes, grammar error has been a long time problem that I'm still fighting now >< I already have 2 proofreaders, but somehow, something always managed to escape our radar x_x (Maybe I should read it outloud like you o.o)

I still have a long way to go but I hope you'll bear wih me if if there's more grammar error in the future :'D 

And yes! I'm flattered you think my game is good enough until you want to make a video and post it on youtube >\\\< the suggestions in there will definitely be a good guide for me to notice the grammar errors and other things. You can post the video link here or find me at a facebook fanpage: SweetChiel's Visual Novels

I'll post your link over there too! People might come to your channel for a walkthrough after all x')

Once again, thanks for your support and I hope to see you around!



I loved this the characters so far are amazing Arya reminds me of kakashi from naruto dying to see his face. Guntur is like big brother complex and well Kahlil he's so cute! But did The characters from the last game die. I am guessing they meet Tamara and they have to come together to save the world. Still trying to finish the other games. I wont be able to try and finish it until Wednesday since I have surgery on Tuesday but I am so excited to finish it with your tips I have something to do on bed rest lol. Thanks for saving me hours of boredom lol. Can I just reccomend one thing Maybe more times we can make interactions like choices in the game and I love you made a skip button and status of them men's meters. I can't wait I would pay 10$ for this game!!!!! It doesn't seem like it will be as fast pace as the last one so you caan enjoy it some more!!!!!Please keep working hard but not too hard :)

Hi OkamiChan!
Thanks for coming again and telling me your thoughts!

I'm glad to know you like the characters >///< but they won't meet Tamara here. They might encounter Mitra/Reksa/Rama as a cameo though~ And yes! The pace in this one is a lot more slower than Winged Ones & there's definitely more choices in the future x'D 

I wish you best of luck for your surgery! I hope you're not losing sleep trying to finish all the games in one go >< won't it be better to save some so you won't be bored after you're done with surgery and put on bed rest? o.o

And really thank you for your warm support >///< it never fails to make me smile and it's what motivates me the most to keep going >:')
I hope to see you again in the future and tell me your thoughts once this game is finished!


P.S. Pssst, did you know that you can click on the Red text? It will show you their meaning/translation, like when Kahlil is speaking in Spanish!

Hi! i have a quick question! when you update every monday are those updates added to the game? or is that just your overall progress? and what are you aiming for to be the release date of this game?

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Hi! The update every Monday is my overall progress, I don't have the habit of making in-game updates while the script is still in progress >< Usually, my in-game updates is scheduled after the game is finished (to fix bugs, typo, etc).

The deadline/original release date is July 2018. However, it might take longer depending on my speed of programming & script-writing (I personally have told my dear readers about this and fortunately, they wanted what's best for the game and willing to be patient ><)

*Clenches credit card and whispers*

Please come out soon... I need you.. 

Amen, Artemis_Ameretsu!
I also want to deliver my baby ASAP for you~>///<

Oh god I almost died xD

I forgot all about this post (I do that, I frequently forget this entire website exists)

ONLY TO OPEN TO THE WEIRDEST REPLY EVER (out of context at least)

I don't think I've ever hit the "See Parent Post" link faster. Heh... parent post. Lol.

Have there been any major updates about it yet? :D

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Oh rofl x'D I laughed out loud when I saw what you mean by 'the weirdest reply' ever x'DD  

Thank you parent post link!

Well, I've just finished writing the script for the Autumn arc. I only need to finish Winter Arc, Spring arc, and then the antangonist route before I touch CG/programming :'3 



Hello~ I'm excited to see this when it comes out! (I'll be cheering from the sidelines since I don't have any money. ;-;) I loved the Winged Ones, and Rama is my precious baby. Honestly, it's mainly because of your VN that I decided to make one of my own. Yours was so fun and endearing that I just couldn't help myself! <3 I hope you won't mind me crediting you in it? (Sorry if that's weird, I just really want people to know of your awesomeness~)

Aww, hi Sylvi!
I'm flattered to hear I managed to inspire you to make your own VN! O////O Thanks for your support and I hope you'll be patient enough to walk beside me step by step >< Bermuda is much longer than Winged Ones and the completion is still quite far in the future :'D

And yes, no problem at all! Thank you for the credit <3 
I'd be really happy if more people are coming to read my VN because of your recommendation ~

See you again!


Would you mind if we become friends? I'd love to talk to you more! :D

No problem at all x'D 
Find me on Facebook: Cecilia Sabrina Susanto 

Depending on our time difference, I might reply to your chat the next day though >< I did that all the time with my friend at Alaska/Egypt and other parts of the world :'))

I love your games! I can't wait till this one is completely finished so I can play through all the fun routes! 6^6

Thanks, xXxIce_BearxXx!Glad to see your enthusiasm and patience to read my updates <3

I also can't wait to read your reviews later after this little one is finished x'D

i have to say that i absolutely love your work, i will play all of your games if you plan on keeping this up, i know it is an amazing dating simulator if it makes me sad when it ends, and i keep thinking about your game even when i've finished it. you are just really good at creating these kinds of  games, i played hours and hours of your last game (i love reksa, mmmm) i might even replay some of my fav scenes in it, and i only finished the game last night XD i'm very excited for your future games, they make me happy and i enjoy all of your game, keep it up!!

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Hi! Sorry for this late reply, b00o! 
I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed my game thoroughly and my story managed to stick in your mind O///O

Ah! and now you're even following my next game >///< Thank you! I still have lots to learn and rooms for improvements, but I do hope you can be patient with me since I develop my VNs quite slowly compared to other teams ><  

Stay tuned & hope to see you again!



i absolutely LOVED nusantara: legend of the winged ones!!! I'm soooo excited for this one!! i can't wait for it to be finished!! seriously can't wait XD im too hyped now!! i normally never play demo's cuz i hate it when a game is good and u cant finish it :'(... but this game i have too!! im soo happy to see another game! thank you <3

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lol, hi josephinex!

I'm really happy hear you love Winged Ones & even gave so much hype + enthusiasm for Bermuda >////<  I'm also excited to quickly finish & see your reactions/reviews <3 but as always, one step at a time x'D 

I hope you can be patient with me and read the updates every Monday!
See you again in the future~


Edit: Ack, again, I'm sorry for the late reply Q_Q

saw your video on youtube (dari sini :D), love the artwork and story!

suggestion! kayaknya bakal lebih bagus kalau ada VO buat karakternya
aku ga pernah VO, tapi mau coba (kalau dibolehkan & mau hehe)

stay awesome, cheers!

Thanks, Fei! Glad to hear you like my game <3
Klo VO masi blm brani krena butuh Voice Actor indonesia & blm ad wktu buat audisi nyari org"ny :'D 

Tp mngkin d masa depan akan terwujud, lihat sj yaa ><

good game i really like it

tapi kalau ada VO nya mungkin bisa jadi luar biasa...

love the story and art work in the game its so Cute <3

Aww thanks IoneWolfash >////<
Stay tuned!

your welcome :)

Do you have any plans for this game to have voices for the characters? And if so, would I be able to audition?


Due to limited time and un-compatible voices (I'm looking for Indonesian voice actors unfortunately u.u) I decided to not include voices in any of my games. At most, there would be only chuckles/laughs/sighs.

I'll try to back you at the end of the month, my first backing for an otome, haha! Yours is totally worth it~ Also, leaving it to only chuckles/laughs/sighs and one or 2 words spoken from a sentence is a lot better because you leave it to imagination and that's the best part~ Imo at least. x: Good luck!


I Can't Wait For The Full Game!! 

I Reaaaally Hope It's Finished Next Year! 

Me too x'D 

Hahah, thanks for dropping by & for the support <3

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Halo mbak... ada tidak cara lain membeli game selain lewat paypal?? (Saya blm punya kartu kredit dan org baru di

I played ur previous game and reaally into it .. and i reaaally want to play ur new one, i wonder if i had other way to purchase it without using paypal.. (never puchased anything with paypal)

Im sorry if asking too much..

Haloo ~ 

Waduh klo gk punya kartu kredit rada susah y >< klo lwt pulsa sy gk bgtu butuh. Bisany lwt ap kira"? Sy adany rekening BCA & paypal.

kalau rekening BCA saya punya mbak..  :D

pakai rekening BCA saja bagaimana

klo gt transfer 120.000 yaa untuk Early Bird a/n Evy Kurniawan ~ 

Jgn lupa tempel d sni alamat emailny jd nanti bs d kirim kesitu nanti x')

email saya:

terima kasih ya mbak

Oh ud d transfer ya? Okeee, noted ~

When the game will release?

If things go well, July 2018. At the latest, Winter 2018 >< Ican't predict the exact time because my script writing depends on my muse

Im excited :D

(Edited 1 time)


Pledged Early Birds X2 because I forgot when I pledged the first time XD
I will receive two keys?
And I have no friend to give the second one...

Edit:You support Linux...It's worth 20 dollars  ^_^

Hi Violette! Yep, you're going to get 2 keys x'D 

Mouratille, right? The first time you pledge was at 11th July 2017 and I will send the keys to your email in the future when it's finished ~

I will also send you a wallpaper as a bonus x'D you remind me of myself -I also forgot easily and have a goldfish memory!



Yep,that's me XD

Thanks for the Wallpaper and a billion of Thanks for Linux ^__^

No problem at all! 

Gotta thank Ren'Py for that x'D the creator is a genius -exporting to all 3 platforms at the same time!

Just finished the demo and can't wait for the game <3 *some spoilers ahead, read at your own risk* As usual, I love how you mixed Indonesian elements to the game especially the little touches like the Coklang (if I spelled this wrong I'm sorry omg) and the pigeons. I actually come from the Philippines and we have a similar game (I'm assuming they're similar because they look exactly the same) called Sungka and it's also a common practice here to take care of pigeons and hold races with them. It makes me feel so happy to see South East Asian characters represented in video games, especially visual novels, because it's so rare to see an Asian character who is not Chinese/Japanese/Korean. So thank you for that! Plotwise, I really liked it. I'm just curious how Maya ended up with tarot reading powers and stuff (I hope to read more of her backstory in the full game). I also loved her family, especially the babies WHO DOESN'T LIKE BABIES (>////<)/ Her parents are really cool, I love how caring they are. Hope to see more of Sarah, Baku, and Mr. Smith too. For the bachelors I don't really have much comments, I'm just perplexed as to how Arya's laptop is still working. Is it somehow solar powered and doesn't require electricity? Did the goddess enchant it to have immortal battery life? Because if so can you introduce me to her? Khalil is too cute and optimistic, there's definitely a tragic story there I can feel it AND GUNTUR IS SO PRECIOUS OH MY GOD I CHOSE ARYA FIRST BECAUSE HE GAVE ME REKSA VIBES BUT GUNTUR IS A BABE WITH HIS FRYING PAN AND I'M DEFINITELY PLAYING HIS ROUTE FIRST WHEN WE GET THE FULL VERSION Gameplay wise, I liked how you added casual stat-raising to the game. It's a little different from The Winged Ones but I liked it. Another addition that I saw was the relationship bars, I have a feeling that they're going to be important to the gameplay as well so looking forward to more updates! I also wish there was a note or something in the beginning of the game saying that if you click on the colored text they would be translated (I just read it in IndieGoGo after playing through the demo), I think others wouldn't mind a heads up. I could barely understand the Spanish but the Indonesian killed me. Also, is the gameplay going to be for the whole year that they're gone because that's a little long omg I don't mind but it would decrease the replay value for me (but then again I played all routes in Always Remember Me and it's pretty similar to this one so I'm just going to suck it up I guess) Anyway, great work so far and I'm really looking forward to more updates!

Hi triquester! Thanks for visiting & giving me constructive suggestions! 

I'm really happy to hear you like the demo *SPOILER ALERT* -especially when I heard about how similar Philipine is with Indonesia x'D I've been to Penang with my friends once for an anime event (um, like AFAID but smaller?) And I did notice the pigeons! I didn't know you have a similar game like Congklak though so this is really interesting!

I also like your suggestions about leaving a note or two about the hidden footnote (colored text). I think I will put it at the start of the game as a reminder or when the first colored text appeared.

Oh, and don't worry about the casual status raising ~ it won't be used for a whole year, I predict it would be used only until you reach the village in Autumn Area (4 or 5 months at most I think. The script is still at Summer area so this could still change ><) 

After that, you will enter a bachelor's route. A lot of things will happen in the meantime. I just hope the programming will go smoothly x'D if anything changes, I will surely tell you through the weekly updates~

Lastly, lol, yes I noticed that Arya felt similar to Reksa, but eh, you'll see :'p meanwhile, Guntur seemed to get most of the votes this time! And thank you for giving Kahlil a chance too <3 

You're always welcome to leave some comments below -I love reading them but forgive me if sometimes it took awhile before I reply ><

See you again!



Hey! I am sorry if it's written somewhere and I just didn't see it,but how long is the demo? Like how many hours,or,I guess, *days*?

Hi! It really depends on your reading speed ><  It's definitely longer than Winged Ones though; the total of Bermuda's  demo word count is 48k+ words while Winged Ones' demo is only around 19.5k+ words. So just double the amount of time you use to read WInged Ones' demo x')

I can't wait for the full game.The story is amazing and my fav character is Guntur I love you so much! I hope you finish it soon

ps:I played the Demo 3 times and I still can't get over it I love you so much keep up the good work!

Thanks for the enthusiasm Emmaeow <3 I'm really flattered to hear you love it enough to play the demo 3 times >////<

If nothing goes wrong & my muse cooperates, I think it will be finished around June 2018. Hopefully, you're willing to wait patiently :'3

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