UPDATE 9/23/2019!

Hey guys! 
How did your week go? I think I did a good job with Bermuda's progress ^.^-

Programmed in 30 pages from where we left off~

- While chapter 2's setting is near the Ruins, chapter 3 takes place deep into the forest so I adjusted the working chibis; hunting & making fire to be exact. Washing clothes will still take place near the Ruins (there's a reason why).


Made 1 CG lineart for chapter 3! Two down, one more to go! >:D

Everything is well~ I just wish I can program the script faster ><; here, have some cookies and cyber hugs while you wait! *offers a cookie before giving a bear huggg*

Aside from work, nothing interesting happened last week o.o
I hope you had a great week! Cheers for another productive week!



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Take cyber cookie, can't say no to sweets :3, I hope you have an awesome week!! :D

Sadly, I got a stomach flu x'D But I'm fine now!
I hope you had a great week, Lacosta10!

Thanks for the update! I am having a great week since this weekend is my Senior Homecoming T-T

I hope that your week is full of excitement!

Wooooot! Happy Senior Homecoming, Soph_8698! x'D

Thanks!! It was really hot and smelly in our gym but it was fun.


I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your weekly updates. Many indie authors simply leave their audience in the dust for months without any news.

You're welcome, tekkonkinkreet! *hugg
I'm also happy to see you comment every now and then to let me know people are still here and waiting for Bermuda ^////^