UPDATE 09/18/2017

Hi guys!

Gotta say that last week was pretty good this time! Well, for overall of it:

- Edited last week's script. Quite a lot is erased and then re-writed again due to it feeling not quite satisfying yet. I will edit it more when I program this particular scene since there are parts where I'm not sure some actions will work or not.
- Wrote another 3800+ words 
- Preparing & joined Okapi digital art competition

I'm still having a rough time refreshing my writing skills and I spent quite a lot of time practicing for the competition ><

As for the result of the competition...

Tadaaaahhh! I won 2nd place! The prize I got is that cute trophy and some cash. 

Even though I didn't win a new pen tablet, there is another good news: the cash I got is enough to order a new pen. Just the pen, but this means I get to replace the pen my pups broke! x'D God is really giving me what I need :'3

I just hope there won't be any problem with the new pen >_<;

Oh and do you wanna know what won the 1st place? It's a drawing of a Cendrawasih :')) In other words, I drew Mitra (Javanese Hawk-Eagle), but Rama strikes back with revenge for me not picking him hahahah (This could only be understood by those who have played Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones~).

Anyways! To celebrate yesterday's good fortune, I decided to give you guys a background preview! This one have appeared a few times in the OCs preview.

This one have appeared a few times in the OCs preview, remember? Spring village part 1! 

Personally, I think this is a major spoiler, but eh, you won't know its secret until you play so I guess it's alright for you to see it :'3 

Welp, that's it for now! See you next week & I hope I can really get in tune with my writing muse this time ><



EDIT: Whoops, I forgot to tell you that my patrons will get a fun fact about Autumn village today; about its origin & what village I based it off.

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Am I a bad woman for being a little bit happy than Rama won, even if Mitra's victory would have meant your victory?... haha seems love can make us think bad things...... What? I really love Rama  waaay too much and you know it XD

Buuut... I digress - congrats on your second place!

No at all! 

I also have a complicated feeling about this x'D imagine my surprise when I saw him pop out as 1st lol ah well, in the end it's all fair game ~ in another perspective, my boys won 1st and 2nd! Sadly, no one draw Reksa. I guess its too hard to draw this darling ><

Yeah, Reksa needs some love too. 

I love him a lot myself - it's so easy to forget because of my unending affection for Rama haha! I honestly don't know anymore how many times I did his route. Actually, I'd like to do another fanart with Rama - an idea I want to illustrate since  the first time I've played, but it's very complicated and I need to actually find time to do it!

Thank you for the love, Konoi <3 

Take your time with  the fanart, Rama is not going anywhere :'3 aah I'm so lucky to have warm readers like you. Have fun!