UPDATE 10/7/2019!

What's up, guys? How did your week go?
Mine went okay~

- From where we left off, I programmed in 23 pages!

- Made a spear variation for the soldier silhouettes.

- Polished the conversations! I did a lot of that these days and will probably do more in the future o.o; There's only few scenes left before we reach 2nd Big Battle & advance to the Autumn Forest--and oh boy, there's a lot animation involved x_x

- To make up my shortcomings last week, I finished 2 CG lineart! Last time, I said there's only 1 CG lineart left in my to-do-list, but apparently, I forgot 1 ><; But with this, I've finally finished ALL CG lineart for Chapter 3 part 1 and part 2!

I'm also very satisfied with the result >///< I mean, there are days where my CGs are okay/not as good as I imagined them to be, but these two are like, premium quality x'D

As today's bonus, here's a full preview of one of the CGs -^.^-

It's spoiler-free~ They're only having a nice chat around the campfire~ But you get what I mean by they look premium, right? Man, I wish all my CGs are like this x'D

The second CG also features the four of them. There's a little bit of spoiler but not too much, so... I've decided to show it to my $5-and-up patrons on my Patreon! It's been a while since I gave you a treat, right? :3

That's it for now and see you guys next week! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek! xoxo,



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I played the demo and enjoyed it. I always love it when you have an update- I look forward to playing this game. ^^

Thanks, Stardust! 
Glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! >///< I also hope to see you around!

You're getting closer to the finish line every day!! Woohoo!

Amen to that!
I might be a bit on the slow side, but I will definitely reach the goal! >:D

Hi, SweetChiel! Not really long but long time no see?

The CG looks so chill. I like it! 😂 It reflects their personality a lot. And the art is especially good! And good job on the script writing!

Yesterday, I went around in itch (instead of studying for midterm tests, yes, me a lazy ass I know). I found Bermuda's character profiles (YES only now, I know). And they are so interesting! When other commenters mentioned names, I didn't know who's who. But now I remember all and I'm getting excited! I need to quench my thirst for VN and Otoge...

I must sign out. As much as I'm in denial, I still have to study heh heh...... ...:(

Take care, dev!

Hi, PangHerHeart! Yup, long time no see! *hugg 
Glad to see you love the art! I have so many script editing to do though :'D

I feel you so much lol. I always find excuses for midterm tests, only to panic and study a couple of days before the Big day x'D *good kids, please don't copy us OTL

Good luck with your tests! Stay strong! There's always a rainbow after a storm! ><