UPDATE 10/14/2019!

Good morning, guys! How did your week go? Mine was arduous x_x

I spent most of my time programming, editing, and polishing the script. And by editing, I mean; I deleted & re-wrote a discussion scene, which took forever to finish! The ordeal is I sometimes didn't know the english for some words I was thinking to use and before I knew it, it's night already QAQ

I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out, but the polishing will continue in the future if I find a better alternative for some sentences/words.

But the good news is that I managed to program in 36 pages! There's only 4 small scenes left before we enter our 2nd fighting scene + minigame!

I'm planning to rest on Monday and Tuesday though >< did you know that 'Doraemon Story of Seasons' is now out on Steam? I simply adore the waterpainting style they're using! I'm also an avid fan of Harvest Moon so I need to try it! x'D Of course, I'll do my best not to get addicted *cough 

Okay, that's it for now and see you guys next week! xoxo,



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This game is worth the wait, so take all of the time to rest that you need!

Aww, thank you so much, Soph_8698! QuQ
I'm really lucky to have followers as patient and supportive as you guys! *grouphugggg!

Keep up the great work! :D I’m also trying to resist getting addicted to Story Of Seasons but its so good! :)

Thank you, xoxojessicaoxox! I will!
I know, right? There's something about farming that we all love x'D

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Good job SweetChiel! You deserve your rest now and yeah go play your games!

I'm also planning on buying Harvest Moon around christmas when i have the money for it! 

And since you say that you like the game i'm looking forward for playing it so thanks SweetChiel hahaha! xD


Thank you, Sorelia! *hugg

lol yup, I like Harvest Moon because there are hot bachelors to marry I mean, it's feels peaceful and the daily tasks are addicting! It feels really fulfilling when we upgraded the house, barn, win the festivals--there's a lot of things we can do there x'D

I can't marry in Doraemon Story Of Seasons though, but the quests are unique! Looking for Doraemon gadgets somehow satisfy my inner child lol

Have fun and I hope you can play Harvest Moon soon!

Can't wait to play the finished product! keep up the good work, your games are some of the BEST on Itch.Io <3


Thank you XxSuccubusxX! *hugg

I'm flattered that you think my games are some of the best on itch.io *cough* careful though, my head might bloat x'D 

Of course, I still have rooms for improvement and I'll do my best to lvl up through slowly but surely! Thank you for your support! ^.^-