UPDATE 10/21/2019!

Mooorning, guys! How did your week go? Mine was so-so :3
I polished the scenes as usual and focused on finishing off the small events~

Exactly 20 pages! Yay! ^.^  I'm going to start programming the fighting scene. It also has another minigame with a time limit! You'll get a bad end if you don't finish it in time, but the bad end has tiny bits of hints for the Antagonist route, so it's not a bad idea to see it once x'D

I also got 2 new items + sfxs~ By 'items'it could mean; items that belongs to the bachelors or for background purposes, like this:

Lol, don't be surprised that the backgrounds sometimes have 'horror' elements/atmosphere. Even if the original genre is fantasy, not everything is rainbow & unicorns in my VN x'D They're fighting something and you'll have to uncover the mystery surrounding the Forgotten Isles!

On another note, man, Story of Seasons did it again! For people who's looking for peaceful/casual games, it's definitely a game worth to be noticed :'D There's also a new game called Digimon Rearise that is quite addictive--fortunately, I'm not a hardcore gamer or Bermuda will be in trouble x'D

That's it for now and thanks for reading, everyone! See you again next week! xoxo,



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I'm not a hardcore gamer either, SweetChiel XD My games consist of casuals, otoge, VN, and a bit of action like Assassin's Creed Series, but I still love games tho. I just don't have the resources (time, money, equipment, skill) for the hobby. Oh well.

Waiting for this game, dev! I don't know if you've told us or not, but when is your release target?

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Hi, PangHerHeart!
As for me, I like otoge, JRPG like final fantasy,  & music related like Ayodance! I also don't have the resources--consoles are getting more expensive these days Q_Q

As for the release target, the original plan was winter 2018, but... as you can see, I'm horrible with plans :') the story is longer than I thought it would be and before I knew it, 2 years has passed and here I am, still programming OTL

Clearly, I underestimated the story/word count  x_x that's why I'm really grateful for the really patient patrons/backers/supporters! QuQ I can't ask for anything better!


Just a shout of appreciation.

I know it might be a lot of work keeping us updated with everything but thank you so much. Whenever I check my feeds, there is always an update from you and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you being so proactive and passionate. You have my upmost respect and support \( > u < )/

Aww, you're welcome SinRannie!
I'm also very happy to see comments every time I posted an update >////<

Like you, I appreciate the support you gave me--really, you guys are so patient and supportive! I couldn't ask for anything better ^///^


I'm not much of a gamer either (I don't know what any of that foreign speak was lol) but it's great that you're having fun! Always appreciate your regular updates :D

Thank you, Soph_8689!
I watched my uncle a lot when I was a kid. He was playing Resident Evil/Harvest Moon and that's how I learned english early x'D 

Ooh yay I love some darkness in my otome/VNs. :D (I say as a lover of a certain bad end of Winged Ones especially xD)
Also besides the Doraemon SOS, you excited for RF4 or the SOS Mineral Town remake? :D Also, ooh there's a new Digimon game? :o

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Lol, glad to see we're on the same boat, Seraiden! x'D
And yes! I've played RF4 with my 3DS (Proudly married to Big D & Leon!) as for the SOS Mineral Town remake... I'm considering about buying a nintendo switch next year--I want to play Pokemon Shield for the sake of that Galar Ponyta >< she's so cute! But I don't know, it's a bit on the expensive side and the priority is to help pay the bill so... no high hopes there x'D 

And yup! Digimon Rearise is a new android/phone game!