UPDATE 10/28/2019!

Hey, guys! What's up?
I got one hell of a ride last week x'D

The fighting scene is full with simple animations(sliding sprites, attacking effects, sfxs, etc) and man, did I get a headache or what :')) there's also some revisions I made for the script, but overall, I'm satisfied with how it's going!

16 pages of programming is done~ sorry, I don't meet the usual 20 pages quote but we're this close to get to our 2nd minigame! >.<;

I've finished the preparations (the images I'm going to use for the minigame) so all I need is to program it and test for bugs ^.^

I also designed magic circles last week!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are magic users in Bermuda! 

I imagine that when someone wanted to use a particular spell, the magic circle would be white first before slowly changing color into the element corressponding to that spell. For example; fire wall spell would be white => red, wind spell would be white => tosca/light green, earth would be => brown w/ speckles of green, etc.

The more complicated the magic circle is, the more advance the magic. You'll get to see some simple animations/effects of what these magic circles do ^.^

However, magic is not the main focus in Bermuda, so you won't see magic circles often :'3 (Maya's group won't have the time to learn or a teacher to learn from, but... expect some surprises! *hinthint*)

That's it for now and see you guys next week!
Hopefully, I'll be finished with Chapter 3 part 1 by then!



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Good work, SweetChiel ^^

I have no skill to design. I can't understand how you... draw something like that lol But the circles seem good!

Don't forget to get some rest! Even if you are a freelance, you must have a healthy schedule!

Thanks, PangHerHeart!
Everything is possible with photoshop! x'D

You too, take care and stay healthy! It's so hot these days, I'm sweating buckets x_x I hope your weather isn't as scorching as over here!