UPDATE 11/4/2019!

Good morning, guys!
How did your week go?

Happy late Halloween! x'D Did you eat lots of sweets? My country doesn't celebrate it, so I never got the chance to dress up and walk from door to door asking for treat or trick QuQ It must've been lots of fun seeing many cute kids all dressed up and adorably asking for candies--not counting the naughty ones, who I heard, threw toilet tissues all over your house for 'trick'? x'D 

But I did have fun on 30th October--because it's my mom's birthday! Love you, mom! ^///^

Other than Halloween, I'm also excited for Christmas! It's my fave holiday because we get to trade gifts(or even gift ourselves for job well done lol) and lots of events/discounts going on everywhere!


Okay, I'll stop rambling about holidays and get on with Bermuda's progress update x'D

- Chapter 3 part 1 is done and I've started on Chapter 3 part 2!

We're finally done with our 2nd big fighting scene! *phew* The minigame is also fine-tuned and works well! -^.^- In total, I've programmed 19 pages this week!

There won't be another big fighting scene until Chapter 4 part 2, so the programming should be faster. However, there are lots of new chibi artworks later in Chapter 4 part 1, where Maya helps/works part time in the Autumn Village, so... yup, wish me luck so I can finish them quickly! >_<; 

- I added 3 new sfxs and 2 new item icons (1 important, 1 not important). Reminder: you can check important items and its descriptions on the status page (right click on game). It's right below the bachelors' affection meters~

- I noticed that Steam updated their Library so I updated Winged Ones' Library Assets! ^.^ Nothing major though, but it looks good >///<

Oh! One more thing! My patron, K.H., suggested for more fun facts about the bachelors, so here we go!

Fun Facts:
1. Arya is ambidextrous.
2. Kahlil used to have an unhealthy diet consisting of sweets, until he met Guntur.
3. While Guntur is a great cook, he also has a great appetite. He eats a lot and sometimes, he got caught eating straight from the rice cooker.

That's it for now and stay tuned for next week, where you'll get fun facts regarding their names'! xoxo,



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I'm glad that you enjoyed your mom's birthday! I indeed had fun trick-or-treating (dressed as a Ravenclaw, of course) with my friends. Thanks for the update, as always!

Glad to hear you enjoyed Halloween, Soph_8698! Ah, fellow Harry Potter fan~ Greetings from Griffindor! x'D

You're welcome and also thank you for reading! <3