UPDATE 09/25/2017

Hi guys! What's up? 

Me? Aside from a few hiccups, last week was pretty good!

The script have advanced to Month 2 in Chapter 3 part 1 and I have written some small events for the bachelors:
- 2 events for Guntur
- 1 common event
- 2 small events for Kahlil

It won't be long until I get into a critical event at the end of month 2. And did you notice? I filled the quota this time! 5,1k+ words hahah, but it's still too early to celebrate ><

Another good news is that I decided to release last week's competition digital art .psd file as a gift for my $5 patrons.

It uses many simple forms and tricks so I think it's going to be a good material for learning ^,^- it's not everyday we learn how to draw semi-realistic animals, right?

As for bad news... 

I got serious nightmares for the last 2 days due to accidentally seeing a gore video at facebook :'( it disturbed my sleep hours and I can't even take a nap! This might affect my writing since the image keeps popping in my head... Ugh, I really hate facebook's feature of automatically playing a video! 

There is also one more bad news; as if chewing on my pen tablet is not enough, my pup chewed on my identification card last night! I will have to go from place to place and really, I'd rather spend more time writing. 

I really didn't expect my pup to be able to open a wallet... but then again, it's also my fault for underestimating him OTL

*Sigh* anyways, I'm crossing my finger for a better week! ><
See you again next week!


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