UPDATE 11/11/2019!

Hey, guys!
Sorry for the late update! I'm a bit out of shape and overslept ><; 

Christmas is coming and there's something I want to buy, but commissions are not going well these days, so I got into a small part-time job--it's only for 3 days so I didn't think it would be this exhausting but oh boy, am I mistaken or what x'D

In short, I became an LED screen assistant/freelancer for SEACA 2019 (South Eash Asia Game tournament, for Dota 2, PUBG, Free Fire, and Tekken 7). It's thanks fo my boyfriend that I got the job >< there are bumbs along the way, where my emotions got the better of me, but that's how relationships grow right? ^^; *cough* In any case, my responsibility was quite simple; making sure the LED screen I was in charge of didn't go black screen/white screen. Also, when it's time for Dota 2, I had to click a button every time Roshan died and who won the round (Radiant win/Dire win).

Of course, I made sure I fulfilled Bermuda's programming quota before I focus on SEACA!

30 pages programmed! I polished the scenes as usual and there are minor items need to be drawn, but nothing major ^.^ Chapter 3 part 2 is like a vacation compared to Chapter 3 part 1 lol. Ah, I'm also thinking to make more CG for some scenes. But for now, I need to rest @@ my part time job needs me to wake up at 5-6AM and work until 10-11PM. I usually sleep for 8 hours or more, so... after SEACA is finished, I got myself a headache, a sorethroat, and stiff limbs from sitting too much ^^;

I think that's all? See you again next week and stay healthy, guys! xoxo,


Fun Facts:

1. Guntur's name means 'lightning' in Indonesian. His parents wanted him to grow into a strong man--and he did. Maybe even a bit too much >< (He's very tall and buff for an Indonesian. On average, Indonesian men are only 5 feet 5 inches tall. However, we are growing taller by each generation.)

2. Arya means 'noble', 'valuable', or 'precious'. He is certainly a precious bundle of joy, huh? x'D *cough* jokes aside, his adoptive father really loves him and Arya knows this. He strives to make a better living/pay him back for raising him.

3. Kahlil's name is supposed to be Kah'lil (with apostrophe), but because of programming issues, I changed it into Kahlil. His name is from Arabic origin and it means 'friend'.  And yes, Kahlil has a mixed ancestry ^.^


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AAAAAAA i'm here again :DDD. I couldn't comment or play beause of my studies ;-;

I'm happy that you doing fine! You should rest now that you worked so hard!! Anyways, I'm going to play and enjoy this masterpiece in development now that I have some spare time uwu

Thank you for you hard work!!

No problem, TheLostAura! Just knowing you're making time to post now, makes me happy ^.^-

You too! Take care of yourself so you don't get sick--you've worked hard on your studies but don't forget to take breaks in between >< 

Let's work hard together! *sends a virtual hug & cookie

Let's do it !! *sends another virtual hug and a piece of cake*

Ahh, I think I haven't commented in a few months, but hello again SweetChiel :)

It's interesting that Arya is adopted, but I'm happy he grew up with lots of love <3 >u<

Anyways, great job and best of wishes to this wonderful game!


Hi, Steph :)! Really? I thought it's only yesterday you've visited x'D don't mind it! Visit anytime you want!

I realized too late that Arya's fun fact contained bits of spoilers--but oh well, there's more to discover in his route! >:D

And as always, thank you for your support! *hugg

My observations tell me that Indonesian people do not grow taller each generation. I keep seeing short and short and short people. WHERE IS MY 180CM (5'11") MAN?? #a-tall-men-lover (but obviously my observation is unscientific and therefore unreliable.)

SEACA?? That's so cool! Even if I'm not into any games they host, but still so cool! Focus on your job! Sometimes you do need more money to be happy.

(1 edit) (+1)

Rofl, I laughed so hard at 'WHERE IS MY 180CM (5'11") MAN??' x'D and I just woke up--thanks for making my day! 

But curiously enough, I keep seeing high schoolers/middle schoolers getting taller and taller these days o.o; I had an experience where I thought they were in college already and they laughed ><; the power of puberty?  growth spurt?

In any case, don't give up! Your 180 cm man is out there somewhere! >:D

Me too! I don't play any of their games, but the cosplays were cool! And yup, I agree. They say money can't buy happiness but everything needs money :"))

Thanks for visiting and making me laugh, PangHerHeart! *hugg Your support makes me feel warm ^///^

Growth spurt and hormone and peer pressure..? Maybe..? hahaha

Happy I can make someone laugh today :D Hope you are feeling better!

P.S. *whisper* I only found my men in 2D form or in Instagram so far ;;

That's so cool that you got to work at a gaming tournament! I hope you get well soon and sleep lots :)

Thanks, Soph_8698! I'm already feeling better! x') 

Yup, it's also my first time so I'm glad it turned out well! You too, take care and thank you as always for your support -^.^)/ *hugg

Hey! long time no comment huh?

Still so hyped for this game! Love the name meanings by the way, they all fit super well~ :)

Stay healthy as well! Get plenty of rest! (^ .^)"/ "

Hey, SkyDragon3564!
Now that I see you, I'm already feeling better now! x'D

I'm glad to hear you like the fun facts --and as always, thank you for the warm support! >///< *hugg