UPDATE 11/18/2019!

Good morning, guys!
How did your week go? ^.^

Pokemon Sword & Shield have just released and I'm very hyped--I got a Shiny Vulpix at the fire gym! What are the chances? >///< It's the luckiest thing that ever happened to me! (I was so happy, I posted the screenshot on my facebook and twitter)

But of course, before playing, I made sure I fulfilled Bermuda's quota of the week! ^.^)/

23 pages programmed! 
We're entering an important big branching event, where Maya got sick and each bachelor will have their own CG + their first POV scene! Personally, I really like this event ^///^ I still need to find references for their CGs though >< 

I also polished the scenes as usual, made 3 new objects for simple animation on screen, and on the side, I looked for new sfxs. 

Let's continue to work hard this week!


Fun Facts:

1. Arya is not a huge fan of amusement park. 'Too many people in one place and too fucking noisy,' he once said.

2. Kahlil once have a hamster pet named Fatty. It died due to obese and since then, he doesn't have the heart to rear another pet.

3. All the bachelors, including Maya, are not afraid of cockroach... until it takes flight.


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XD!!! I love the fun facts of the game!!
:v nobody is brave enough to face a flying cockroach, or when they  walk over your body >__<!!!
I LOVED Winged Ones, I got all endings and cry in every sad ending... TT^TT
We (brothers and I) had a hamster that learned to fly because he bite ours father XD he was fine. His name was caramel. :v He was pretty grumpy.

:D I don't write English well enough  without help. 
:P sorry if I write something weird XD I blame google traductor

Glad you like the fun facts, kidanshiro! Me too, I swear, a cockroach looks at least 50% bigger when they fly QAQ

Thank you for loving Winged Ones! and lol, hamsters could fly? that's a first! x'D the grumpy attitude reminds me of Arya, but he must be looks cute while putting seeds into his mouth pouch <3

And no problem at all! I understand your english just fine so don't hesitate to comment anytime you want ^.^-

Thank you for your support!

Hi, I just came across your game again after such a long time! ^^ I'm so glad to find you'e still creating VNs. Wishing you all the best and I'm here to support you. :)

P.S. I'll go back to play Winged Ones again, it's been such a long time. ^^

Thank you so much for the support, Anh Nguyen! My dream is to create games/Visual Novels as long as I can move my hands--and yes, I'm living the dream now thanks to you and my other supporters, especially patreons! x'D

I wouldn't be able to go this far without you guys  <3

You go, girl! ^O^ I  would like to support you via Patreon when I  have the chance ^^. You really inspire me, Chiel. I've never known anyone making individual games for a living, it's so nice!

Take care and remember to rest well. ^^



Hahahahahaha Arya and his F-Bomb lol

It's a pity Indonesian language doesn't have that much expression, don't you think, SweetChiel? I won't know how to translate an F-Bomb when it's used as an emphasis like that. Not only the cuss words though, but all expression in general. Sometimes it's more fun writing in English :P

I agree x'D english is much more expressive and endearing to write with. Cursing in english could also be a form of fondness? Like; little shit, son of a gun, etc 

Needless to say, writing Arya is really fun xD