UPDATE 11/25/2019!

Morning guys!
How was your week? ^.^ I'm still enjoying Pokemon Shield and currently, I'm shiny hunting Eevee~ 

I didn't forget to work hard on Bermuda though!
- I made 3 CG line arts for Arya, Guntur, and Kahlil, complete with their expression variations! With this, all the CGs for chapter 3 should be all finished. I'll color them as soon as I'm done programming chapter 3 ;)

- I programmed in 31 pages! They still need to be fine-tuned with the CGs, but no big problems here!

Currently, Guntur have the most expression variations in his CGs compared with other bachelors, but I'll do my best to balance them >< the branching events starts at chapter 4 so there will be more CGs to be made~

Here's a full preview of Arya's branching event CG, where Maya got sick:

For my patrons on Patreon, I'll give them a full preview of Guntur's half colored CG ^.^ I'll also include a few lines describing the event~

Gotta say it was a good week, it's been a while since I managed to do so many things >///<
Let's continue to work hard together!


Fun Facts:

1. Guntur is very good with his hands. Due to his hard past, he is forced to learn how to sew and cook early in his years, but then he found out he actually enjoys them. Especially cooking.

2. Kahlil is the type of person that remembers and treasures the people that is good to him. He has a great memory, but sometimes, he forgot what he had for breakfast and he usually knows a book by its content, not its title.

3. Consecutively, Arya's favourite tv show is Inside the Criminal Mind, Kahlil's is Mr. Bean, and Guntur's is MasterChef. When Arya finds out about G*rdon R*msay, he praised him for having a  good taste.

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You are amazing :D That's all I wanted to say, yep

Omg kak I actually amazed at your progress, like it's almost two years in development and updating every week, talking about dedication! Can't wait when it's finally release in the future hehehe /o/ don't forget to take a rest and transferring all the positive vibes to you!

Thank yiu, creonnida! Yep, I'm a commited person but I wish I could be faster Q_Q I'm really grateful to the people who kept waiting patiently and giving me their support like you <3 

I won't be here without you guys so thank you! *bows before giving a hug

Keep up the great work SweetChiel! And have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it).

Thanks, Soph_8698!
We don't have thanksgiving celebration in Indonesia, but I'm resting to celebrate it x'D 

Happy Thanksgiving and be easy on the turkey!