UPDATE 12/2/2019!

Hi guys! How did your week go?
Mine was spent on programming lol

34 pages programmed in! Only 1 big event left and we're done with Chapter 3's programming! After that, I'll color the CGs and install them~

The big event is a scene where you'll get to ask questions and get to know your favourite character better ^.^ gotta say Chapter 3 part 2 is much more relaxing compared to part 1 lol, but as usual, after the calm, expect some action, then calm again--you know the drill x'D 

I also made 1 new silhouette + its sound effect, which might become a jump scare for some people... but others might find it funny lol. 

Overall, there's still some way until we finish Chapter 3, but I can't wait to get into Chapter 4 and enter the autumn forest! >< it's my favourite season and the village is where the cameo from WInged Ones happens lol.

Let's continue to work hard! xoxo,


Fun Facts:

1. Arya never had a pet and is not interested to have one.

2. Guntur also never had a pet. It's mainly because it's not convenient for him to commit and have one, but if he can, he'd love to have a dog or a cute kitty.

3. Due to his eccentric tendecies, Kahlil never had a girlfriend despite his good looks. So yup, he's still innocent and pure. Expect lots of fluff in his route (literally and figuratively).

P.S. Christmas is coming! Have you decorated your tree? x'D


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Sorry, I'm late, SweetChiel!

Good work with the job, but this is the holiday month, you can rest easy you know? Today is my last day in the semesterrr, tomorrow I'm going home :DD

Arya never had a pet??? WhY?? He sounds like he will like cats though... (Well I don't really know, I never play the demo HAHAHA). I can picture Guntur petting a German Shepherd, it will look... cute... Men with dogs are... HMM. And, OOF, so, Kahlil is the puppy himself. Alright. Bisa diatur, Kakak hehehe

P.S. Decorating a Christmas tree is never my family tradition. Mostly I just stay home and go to church when it's the time :D

Hi, PangHerHeart!
No problem at all, I've also been busy with preparing christmas and new year + chinese new year! So many things to do, so little time--I wish we have 48 hours instead of 24 hours ><

I agree! Somehow, men with big dogs looks hot-- and Guntur with a German Shepherd is... *cough*

My mother used to decorate a christmas tree at this time of the month , but we haven't done it for a long time now since my cousin is getting a habit of inviting us to their house to do some BBQ to celebrate christmas + new years at the same time ><

You too, rest and have fun at this holiday month! ^.^