UPDATE 12/9/2019!

Morning guys!
What's up? Christmas and New Years are coming so I guess we're all busy/resting right now? x'D

But of course, I'm still doing my best with programming~

36 pages programmed in! Unexpectedly, there are lots of polishing going here, especially with the bonding scene where they shared a heart to heart talk :'3

I think I'll be able to finish the programming this week--I want to finish chapter 3 before we celebrate Christmas and New Years >< I'm sure we all have something to do at this time of the month, right? ^.^ I'm also going to look for a new dress/new clothes for Chinese New Year (Red envelopes time!)

Time flew and as the end of the year is coming, I've always remembered all of you, who had supported me from the start of Winged Ones until Bermuda today... *bows* m(_ _)m Thank you for being so patient with me and thank you for your ever warm support! I wouldn't be here without you guys and my only regret is that my progress isn't as fast as other developers...

But! I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to serve you an unique visual novel! Especially for those who loves fantasy genre ^.^ so please don't give up on me, just like I won't give up on Bermuda!


In any case, I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends! Is there a new goal you'd like to reach next year? For me, of course to complete Bermuda :'))

That's it for now and see you guys next week! xoxo,


Fun Facts:

1.  This is not explained/talked about within the game, but Kahlil is bisexual ^.^ There are traces/hints of that, so your imagination/guesses during some scenes might not be wrong.

2. Guntur is the type of person who acts first without thinking. Because of this, the consequences he had to bear is usually heavy and that's where Kahlil comes in. His help tremendously lifted a lot of load off of Guntur's shoulders and Kahlil likes Guntur's straightforward/unpretentious act. That's why they became partners.

3. Consecutively, Arya's favorite holiday is Chinese New Years (red envelopes!), Kahlil's is Halloween (sweets!), and Guntur's is National Food Days (free food + food coupons!).


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I like Guntur's style you can never go wrong with free food!! :) Kahlil and me share a favorite holiday you get to dress up and free candy!! hehehe

I love that you update us every week but remember that with the holiday season you should take it easy and enjoy this special time of year. :)

Happy Holidays! :)

Yep, I wish I have halloween over here too x'D sometimes, I wonder if children really carry toilet papers to throw over people's houses when they don't give them candies?

But I saw videos of little kids in costumes and my heart just melted >///< some children are also very creative with their costumes (or have creative parents?), I once saw a video of kids with transformer costumes and they can actually transform into a simple car or a plane when they lay on the ground! o.o

You too! Take care of yourself and have a great holiday!

aaaa happy early hols! been a while (went back to Lurk Mode /cough) but i see development's doing just fine! even if it's not as fast as you say, i'm still amazed you take the time to write these weekly logs 👏👏 you're probably one of the few devs i know of that interact that much with us c: oh and fun facts about guntur and kahlil are adorkable <3 

have fun & take care during the hols!

Thanks, inky!
I knew it! There are people behind the bushes/lurks in the shadow watching me! x'D
I'm very glad that you took the time to drop a comment ^.^- and no problem at all! The weekly updates are the least I can do since I made you wait for a long time QuQ in fact, I'm really lucky to have your support and patience, so... thank YOU! *hugg

You too! Happy holidays and sorry for the late reply >< I have this habit where I saw the notification and then forgetting to reply to the comments for a few days QAQ

You're so hardworking, Chiel! ^^ I love those little facts and updates every week. :) We can tell how much passion you have for making Bermuda.

Take care of yourself and I hope you enjoy the holidays. :)



Aww, thank you Anh!
I'm also glad you like the little fun facts! You too, take care and have a great holiday! ^///^
Time flew really fast. It's almost 3 years now that I've been working on Bermuda o.o


It's been a while since I checked up on your updates, and I think you have been making great progress! It's as always great to see how you've been doing. Remember to take care of yourself and have fun on the holidays! ^.^

Thank you, Alexbell!
You too, take care and don't forget to drink lots of water! People are having sore throats these days, including me >< I think it's because of the weird weather? Sometimes hot, sometimes cold--we need to drink more water and rest plenty!


Although I'm waiting for a lot of otome games/visual novels to be finished, yours will always be the main one on my list! Love your hard work and your weekly updates to readers like me :) 

Lots of love,

Steph :)


Aww thank you, Steph :)! *hugg
Your support always makes me smile ^///^ hope you're having a great holiday!