UPDATE 10/02/2017

Hi guys! How was your week? 

Mine was not so good, so I hope yours are better ><

- Polished Chapter 3 part 1 again
- Written 4700+ words (2 events for Arya, 1 Main story event)

Hmm... Baby steps as usual TuT  I feel like I can do better but I swear, it seemed that everything was trying to distract me from writing :'( Even though my best friend (ErdaEnos) came last week to trade motivations, I still can't get hyped up as usual.

We're in the middle of changing seasons and it rained quite heavily last week, resulting in my internet stumbling down from 'decent' to 'nutjob'. Also, my identification card problem will have to wait 'coz the card printer was broken and I'm waiting for it to be replaced with a new one.

Meanwhile, Kiara is close to her first heat and I'm planning to wait until she's at least 1 year old before spaying her. SO! Because I don't want to have any accidental litters, I started to train Juno to sleep with me at night... Guess what? Juno was so happy with my bed until there are zoomies every night (Try google zoomies if you don't know what it is ><).

Juno also woke me up every 2 AM and 5 AM to pee/poop so I'm getting grumpy from being sleep deprived x_x

In other words... Last week sucked but thank goodness I managed to write!

Chapter 3 part 1 is at a critical point were Month 2 is ending in-game! It's the juicy part and it won't be easy to write but here I go! >< just pray so Juno won't take too long to adapt so I can get my beauty sleep again :'D

That's it for now and see you again next week!
No sneak peek for now 'cause I'm hoarding them for later updates xD


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^^;; Sounds like a tough week

I hope you don't stress yourself too much, and have a better week

Thanks PandaManiac!

I'll make sure to stock up ice cream & sneak some nap if I can >< I hope you have a good week ~