UPDATE 12/16/2019!

Hi, guys! Are you ready? 
Christmas and New Years are coming~! 

I'm ready though--for the BBQ and fireworks x'D My big family have a tradition to have them at the 31st while waiting for midnight! It's one of few times I look forward to since we don't get to get together so often ><

Now then, before I tell you what I did last week, I have to tell you one thing: - During holiday season, Bermuda's updates will be up weekly as usual, but occassionally, there will be times where I won't be able to do as much programming as I do now. For example; the family gathering at 31st and Chinese New Years where I go around the city to get red envelopes. 

My mother and I are also going to pick new clothes for New Years. Since it's only the two of us, the shopping usually lasts for a day or two ^.^

Now then, onto the progress!

Behold! Chapter 3's programming is officially finished!  All that's left are coloring the CGs! In total, there are 7 CGs; 2 group CGs where all bachelors are present, 3 CGs for a branching event (same event but with different bachelor), 1 CG of the mysterious 4th bachelor, and 1 exclusive CG of Guntur's!

That's a long list of CGs I have to color, eh? o.o the branching CGs also have 2-3 expression variety so there's quite a lot for me to work on. Fortunately, I already got used to it lol. Here's a sneak peek for you!

For me, painting their basic colors took a longer time compared to painting the shading/hightlight/other small details. Of course, the group CGs took the longest time to paint--but somehow, I managed to finish all 7 CGs basic coloring last week! Three cheers for that!

Oh, and have I told you that exclusive CGs can only be found when you faithfully pursue your chosen bachelor?

For example; if you like Guntur, I suggest you look/follow/collect all his events. Some events might be connected to each other and if you miss one, you might miss an exclusive CG.

The picture above is an example of a locked event button. They're see-through and cannot be pressed unless you've met the requirements. 

So... yup, what I'm saying is you have to stay loyal to your chosen bachelor x'D 

Phew, okay, that's all for now and see you guys next week! 23rd would be just before Christmas ^///^ it's really convenient~



Fun Facts:

1. Arya tends to forget time when he's programming. If someone doesn't remind him, he might be working with his laptop until dawn and he won't even notice it. 

2. Guntur didn't know how to drive.

3. Kahlil knows how to drive but Guntur would rather walk than him driving because it feels like having a five year old kid holding the steer and it's terrifying.

(Actually, Kahlil is a good driver. He just teased Guntur once because he looks so nervous but he would never expect his one time mischief would result in traumatizing Guntur ^^;)


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Have a great time with your mom. I love the traditions that you have with your family! You're progressing quickly with Bermuda too, but there's nothing wrong with taking a break and enjoying the Holidays. Continue being amazing!

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Yes, I always look forward to this annual BBQ + karaoke party ^.^-
You give me too much credits by saying I progress quickly Q_Q I wish I can do a lot more and quicker so you guys don't need to wait for so long...

For me, you guys are the ones that are amazing! I can't describe how precious your support is to me >///<

What a long update and I'm so happy to see the new CGs coming in! Wow, that's a LOT of coloring to do, Chiel. You mentioned that base coloring is the hardest, can you just use the Magic Wand tool? That's what I do most of the time to make my life easier *o*~!

As a fellow Asian, I relate to what you said a lot about the New Years ^^. I'm also looking forward to seeing my whole family. Do you not live with your family anymore as well? At times, I wonder if it would have been a bit better to live in the same city as them.

Love your updates as always.

Take care and keep rocking ^O^,


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Hi, Anh!
I'm sorry for the late reply--I've been busy with new years + christmas preparation + coloring the CGs for today's update ><;

And yep, lots of coloring to do last week but I prevailed! QuQ
There's going to be a sneak peek for one of the few group CGs today <3 and I'm going to show it to you guys the full preview next week to celebrate new years! 

As for the magic wand tool... I tried, but somehow, there are always gaps in my characters' line art and the magic wand tool ended up spilling all over the place x_x I could've sworn it's easier to use magic wand tool for my backgrounds ^^;

I live with my mother, but most of my cousins also lived in the area(same city, but there's a cousin that lived in a different island), so new years is one of the few times we're able to get together and have a BBQ + karaoke! *happy dance*

You too! Take care and drink lots of water!
I don't know about over there, but over here, it seems to be the season for coughing + sore throats ><

Hope you have a good Christmas and New Year's ! <3

You too, yohanlove!
the preparations made us really busy but it feels so festive now ^.^-