UPDATE 12/23/2019!

Happy early Christmas and Happy early New Years, guys! ^///^
How did your week go? I'm sure you've been busy with all the preparation and shopping?
Personally, I can't wait for the new years' family gathering + BBQ + karaoke!

Also, I have a great news for you today!

I've finished coloring all 7 CGs, so Chapter 3 is officially finished!  It was a rough week--I had a difficult time with Guntur's exclusive CG involving his tattoo. Remember Reksa's tattoo from Winged Ones? Guntur's tattoo is completely different from Reksa's. It's colored on his skin and while I had a hard time with the shading and adjusting it to his skin color, I somehow prevailed! -^.^)/

Overall, I'm really happy with the final-ish result of this 7 CGs >///<

I think I improved? I haven't applied them into the programming since I was out of time, but I reckon they look better--especially one of the few group CGs! I kinda feel bad for Maya's family CGs ^^; They look very different quality wise. Maybe I should remake them? Or maybe not so you guys can enjoy the improvement of the CGs as you progress through the story?

In any case, here's a sneak peek for the group CG!

I'll post the full preview next week to celebrate early christmas and new years!

It gets better! For my patrons on Patreon, I'll post it today as a bonus AND I'll post Guntur's exclusive CG preview for them next week to celebrate new years! *happy dance*

That's it for now and see you guys next week! I'll look forward to hear your opinions about the CGs! ^.^- xoxo,


Fun Facts:

1. Guntur once tackled someone into a coma. It's one of the reasons why the authorities labeled him as 'dangerous' ^^;

2. You might have guessed this, but all of the characters in Bermuda prefers comfy clothes rather than stylish clothes... Ah, maybe except for Bayu since it's a requirement for him to wear a suit.

3. Arya loves Christmas and New Years because of the gift and the red envelopes he would get from his father--but he hates the loud sounds of fireworks to death.

Bonus fact! Kahlil was the first one to buy a christmas gift for Guntur. Since then, it became a tradition for them to trade gifts.


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Aww Merry Christmas and happy early new year, Chiel! You sound so lively today! I'm so amazed you finished all those 7 CGs in a week! ^O^

That gift trading fun fact is so cute hi hi~ I love how you enjoy making games and sharing your progresses with us. :)

Take care,


Yes I do, Anh!
I'm always happy to see people are reading the updates ^///^

Also, it's not every day we trade gifts <3 it was so fun! I'm sorry for the late replies though... I always forgot to check notifications at working days OTL

You too, I hope you're having a blast today/tomorrow! *hugg


That's okay ^^~ I just come on Itch.io from time  to time as well. I 'm currently playing Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones again, and it's been a blast hi hi. *O* I   love all the details you put in there, you really create very beautiful games, Chiel!

Keep working and rocking, you're my idol hi hi ^O^. (And please don't forget to rest too.)

I  wish you a much happy new year with your friends and family.  ~^///^~



Aww thank you, Anh! I'm really glad to hear you're replaying Winged Ones >\\\<

I'm also grateful for you guys, who have been waiting and supporting me faithfully for 2 whole years ^///^ 

You too! Happy new year and here's hoping for a better year with our family and friends! And of course, my 2020 year resolution is to finish Bermuda and deliver it to you guys! ^.^-



I can't wait to buy this game. :)


Aww thank you for the support, Neneka <3

that bonus fact is super cute! :-))))

Thank you! Glad you like it x'D