UPDATE 12/30/2019!

Happy early New Years, guys! *blows a trumpet

How did your week go? I especially worked hard to cover next week, where I'll have less time to work >< I'm going to my cousin's house for new years' gathering tomorrow, remember? BBQ and karaoke is waiting for me~

Without further ado: I programmed in 31 pages and created 1 side background + 1 side CG last week~

Chapter 4 part 1 sure is a lot, huh? 643 pages in total x'D
In autumn, you'll officially enter the bachelor of your choice's route. Do you know what that means? New CGs, lots of branching events, and even new chibis! *happy dance

I have lots to do for this chapter but I'm sure it'll be fun ^.^

I also hope for you guys to have a blast today/tomorrow! Let's celebrate a new year with good food and spending time with family/friends!

Oh and before I forget... here's the promised sneak peek!

Did I improve? I hope so!

There's also Guntur's exclusive CG preview for my patrons on Patreon ^///^

I hope you like the sneak peeks, guys! Once again, Happy early New Years!


Fun Facts:

1. Guntur doesn't like haircuts, but does it anyway because he can't stand long hair.

2. Arya has a big OCD issue. If you touch his things and doesn't put it back where it belongs, he will throw a fit ><

3. Kahlil is allergic to broccoli. He absolutely didn't make this up to avoid broccoli. Really. 


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I'm so excited! Supporting you all the way! Always take care!! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Here's to a new year!! May next year bring all of us joy and blessings! :)

Awe, thank you very much, KimYuuki! >\\\<

You too, take care and stay healthy! Cheers for a better year with lots of happiness and joy! ^.^-

Of course, my 2020 resolution is to finish Bermuda and deliver it to you! x'D



Happy new year, Chiel! I'm so happy to hear you're having a great time with your family! ^O^~

Your art definitely improved a lot, I love how soft your coloring looks now. That said, I think your art was great way back then as well. *//3//*

Take care,


Happy New Year!! *throws confetti

Thank you! I hope to keep improving and let you see the progress as you progress through the story >\\\<