UPDATE 1/6/2020!

Morning, guys! 
What's up? I hope you guys had a great week! ^.^

Mine wasn't so good because I got another toothache and I didn't even eat much  sweets OTL
I'll be going to the dentist tomorrow Q-Q

Oh and, did you know? Jakarta got a really bad flood this year. In my opinion, it's not a surprise since lots of people are still not aware about the importance of throwing your garbage in a garbage bin and not into the road/river :S

The good news is that my house's area doesn't flood! And to distract myself from the tootache pain, I did quite a lot of programming and polishing:

38 pages! We're on the way to the Autumn Village and man, I'm already loving the falling leaves special effect ^///^

I hope you'll love it as much as I do--but oh, what do we have here? What are they doing until they're both drenched from head to toe? *wiggles eyebrows*


In any case, there's quite a lot of events going on before and after they reach Autumn Village. 
You'll find a lot of branchings, new characters, new chibi animations, and yummy food pictures once you got there >< which means a lot of things for me to draw! *both excited and scared lol*

But overall, I think it'll be fun ^.^-
Look forward to it!


Fun Facts:

1. Speaking of toothache, Kahlil didn't get cavity very often despite loving to eat sweets >< I'm so jealous!

2. Speaking of food, Arya hates eating fish the most. Especially the ones with many bones, but he knows not to be picky if there's not much options to eat/pick.

3. Guntur have big, rough hands with callouses and small scars. Most of these scars came from a kitchen knife x'D he really loves cooking.


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Yes! Another update :D! 

I've started school again today, and it was quite tiring. However, coming home to this on my feed tab is a warm feeling and immediately destroys all my worries. Thank you for this update <3

- Steph :)


D'aww, things will be much better once you enter college ^.^- you'll meet new friends with similar interest and homework won't feel as tiring!

I'm really glad to hear my update destroys your worries! >\\\< for me, your comment makes me smile and look forward to the day where I giftwrap Bermuda for you! so thank YOU, Steph :)!

Cheers for a happy new years!




Aww I hope you took care of your toothache by now! Yay to more coding done hi hi ~^O^~ I'm sure we'll enjoy playing this seeing how much you enjoyed making it, Chiel. :)

I had a great and peaceful new year as well! I don't get to go home to see my extended family until Chinese New Year though *w*.

I admire you so much for your patience on working on your game! >//3//<

Take care & love you,


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Turns out I don't have a cavity, but an infection because the nerves in the tooth died x_x The dentist said we'll need to clean it thoroughly and take care of it for around 2-3 appointments--but the good news is that I don't have to pluck it off!

I also look forward to chinese new years! ^///^ 

For me, I'm lucky to have so many patient supporters, so thank YOU, Anh! >///< I can't say that enough--I'm aware of how long Bermuda is taking to complete Q-Q

You too, take care and here's hoping for a great new year! *hugg