UPDATE 1/13/2020

Morning, guys!
How did your week go?

I hope it's better than mine >< 
My toothache is almost healed, but I still have one more appointment at the 15th. Hopefully, it'll be resolved soon. 

I still don't have much appetite though :S I'm not sure what's the english word for this, but I have a small 'mouth ulcer' at the tip of my tongue. It's painful whenever I move my tongue so even if I have good food, I can't enjoy them to the fullest because of this Q_Q

However, I think I did a good job last week!
- 1 New silhouette character programmed in!
- 1 New chibi animation programmed in!
- a small revision for Maya's full sprite, which appears on a scene.
- 31 pages programmed in! We're almost arrived at the Autumn Village!

Here's hoping things will go smoothly at the Autumn Village! 


Fun Facts:

1. Kahlil is tone-deaf, but if you bring him to karaoke, he's a fun guy to hang out with ^.^

2. Guntur tends to eat really fast. Even more so if he likes the food, because the faster he eats, the more he can have seconds.

3. Because Arya is blind, his sense of taste is sharper than most people, so if he eats slowly, that means he likes the food and is savoring the taste.


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