UPDATE 10/09/2017

Hi guys! I'm happy to say that last week was GREAT! x'D

I managed to write a lot and the content is quite satisfying (pacing, description, etc):
- Polished Chapter 3 Part 1 as usual
- Wrote 5k+ words (Main story + short bad ending)

Guess what? Chapter 3 part 1 is almost finished! I will have to revise some parts and maybe add a few more descriptions/dialogue and then we're done!
I didn't expect it to be finished in a week to be honest. There's a scene which I doubt will go well but wow, my muse suddenly came back in the weekends!

I also decided to add something:
- When you failed a minigame in a critical story scene, you will get a Bad End. It will have different CGs depending on when and where the story is at that moment -but more importantly, you will also get a glance of what happened in the past *hint*hint*morehintforyou. The CGs will be in a story book style like in the prologue so it won't be too extravagant and not too time consuming >< hopefully it won't disturb my schedule too much!

This week, I'm planning to focus on polishing, revising some scenes, and start on the bachelors secondary pose (It seemed unfair that Guntur got so many minor poses ><) so wish me luck! I'll let you see them if things go well ;)

Hahah, this month is full with ups and downs but they're worth it in the end!

That's it for now and see you again next week!


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I hope you have an amazing week , make sure to get plenty of rest