UPDATE 1/20/2020!

Hey, guys!
How did your week go? Mine was a challenge >_<

Maya and the group have finally arrived at the Autumn Village, but there's so much for me to do! Overall, I think I did a good job:

- Programmed in 20 NPC silhouettes (10 are new, 3 are recycled from old ones, 7 are from Winged Ones so if you played it before, be prepared for some nostalgia ;D)
- Made an afternoon and night version of Autumn Village's main background
- Revised worldmap's afternoon version
- 16 pages programmed in!

Here's a little sneak peek ^.^

There's a lot of simple animations going on at the first scenes of Autumn Village. While it's fun to make our characters come to life, it's one heck of a programming headache since there are so many characters jumping and moving around x_x

For my loyal patrons on patreon, I'll post a full preview of this background's day, afternoon, and night versions! So stay tuned! ^.^

Here's hoping for another productive week! xoxo,


Fun Facts:

1. Arya's wolf form is heavily referenced from my husky, Kiara. Albeit less fluffy x'D

2. There's a reason why Guntur's spirit animal is a weasel. For example, a weasel is able to eat their own body weight each day. You'll find out more of his animal characteristics later in the story~

3. Kahlil is not the only Fox Demon on the Forgotten Isles ;) *hint*hint


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Good luck! I used to play the og and didn't know about the sequel until recently. Remember that you are a great game designer and an even better story teller! Well the thing I remember most about you is mostly how funny Nusantara was so stay confident ! We believe in you!

Thanks so much for the constant updates, your doing so much work it's amazing.

You're very welcome, Dodess10123! ^///^

You're so ambitious with your projects, Chiel. I hope you remember to rest too. ^.^ I know you can overcome any challenges.

Take care,


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Don't worry, Anh, I'm taking plenty of rest ^///^

And yep, this is the longest story I've ever made x-x
Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it once it's done >///< *anxious, worried, but also excited to show it to you!

So much hype for this game!! and so ready for all the nostalgia!!! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for keeping us updated.

*Quick question* when is the possible release date for the game? I can't remember sorry :'/ 

Hi, SkyDragon3564!
Thank you for your support as always! <3
Sadly, there is no set release date yet Q_Q I'm horrible at predicting dates *as you can see, I predicted that Bermuda should've been finished last year's winter, but we've already passed that OTL 

Ooooh~ o3o So freaking excited! <3 I know it's a lot of hard work but thank you so much for bringing it to life for all of us.

Me too, Seraiden!
Excited to show it to you soon but there's still quite a long way to go Q_Q
Thank YOU for staying and giving me so much support!