UPDATE 1/27/2020!

Gong Xi Fat Cai!
Happy late Chinese New Year, everyone! ^.^-
I wish you all a prosperous chinese new year~

I didn't get much done last week because the house was busy mopping the floor, changing the sheets, etc so it's hard for me to concentrate with all the noises ><;

For us, it's kinda like a tradition to clean the house and sleep with a new pajamas to welcome chinese new year. The next day, we'll wear new clothes/a new dress to gather with our big family! There, we'll have a feast and collect red envelopes OuO

Fun fact: The red envelopes are usually given to children/young adults who is not married yet or elderly who has retired.

Okay, I'll stop rambling here and tell you last week's progress x'D

- Made 2 new crowd with a simple walking back and forth animation using last week's new silhouettes~
- 1 new sub-background and a base for the Quest Board, which is optional for the story--this is where the new chibis will take place OuO)/
- 13 pages programmed in!

And this is how the Quest Board will look like: 

The texts are censored to avoid spoilers~

 I'm planning to start making the chibis this week and hopefully, nothing distracts me so I can program 30 pages every week! ><


Fun Facts:

1. Kahlil is allergic to broccoli and doesn't like to eat vegetables, except maybe a fruit juice ><

2. Have I told you that Arya hates mushroom with a passion? He can't stand the earthy flavor/smell and the chewy texture. He usually stays quiet and leave them on the plate. But if you ask his opinion, 'It's fucking gross' u.u

3. In contrary, Guntur loves mushroom. He is often confused why Arya leaves them on the plate, but eh, more for him *eats the leftovers, much to Arya's shock and disgust* Arya has an OCD, remember? x'D


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:3 thank you for sharing yours experiences, XD I love to learn about others cultures and traditions,  from where I'm  we don't celebrate Chinese New Year, but we usually reunite with all the family in my granny's house.

XD I can easily imagine Guntur eating the rest of the food everyone left, not only the mushrooms of Arya, XD when we eat together (my family or close friends), we eat what the other didn't like :v my sister don't like onions and mushrooms, and I HATE olives >___< Uu  and the fun part is that if we are no careful our father will "steal" a big bite :'v my poor dessert.

If i write something wrong sorry XD English is not my mother language.

Lol you're absolutely right, kidanshiro x'D

Guntur has no qualms about eating others' leftovers lol. Wasting food is not in his book because he has experienced true hunger :'3

and me too! When my family gathers, we would share food from the same plate sometimes~ my uncle would be the one with the hugest pile of food and would be the fastest to finish it x'D no one knows where all the food gone to lol. 

And no worries! your english is fine~ ^.^-