UPDATE! 2/3/2020!

Good morning, guys!
What's up? Yesterday was such a beautiful date, isn't it? 2-2-2020 x'D

I did lots of polishing last week~ Lines were made, deleted, rewritten, and 28 pages are programmed in!

I also did 2 versions of a sub-background, morning and afternoon for the marketplace. It's been a long time so here's a full preview of it ^.^

"Stalls lined the route but most of the vendors made use of their house's porch and openly spread or hang their wares for everyone to see."

I thought about making a new background, but it's a better idea to re-use this one background to show that the villagers are not too keen at chopping down trees. I mean, there are Dryads here and chopping a tree equals to a Dryad losing a home ><

I wasn't able to make any chibi sketches like I've planned tho...
I confess--there's a game I'm a bit addicted to :S
It's called Temtem, do you know/also play it? If so, you'll find me there grinding a lot x'D my IGN is Chiel if you want to add me as a friend.

I'm planning to heal my addiction this week! Wish me luck!


Fun Facts:

1. Speaking of games, all of our bachelors also played video games when they're young. Typical of boys, right? Kahlil likes to racing/JRPGs, Guntur likes fighting/football games, while Arya likes thinking games like Tetr*s/Ballist*c. However, Arya stopped playing ever since he became blind u.u

2.  Sometimes, Guntur learns new techniques from Tekk*n... or a wrestling/boxing TV show... Guess who became the victim? Kahlil.

3. On the other hand, Maya likes to play multiplayer games/board games. She looks forward to the day she can play with the twins the most ^.^-


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