UPDATE 2/10/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?
Last week was such a struggle as I fought my new addiction to a game called Temtem... but I think I prevailed?

1. I made 3 new chibi animations! They're simple but good enough to convey what I want ^.^ One of them will be shown below as today's sneak peek!

2. I made night versions for 2 of autumn's backgrounds! Most of my backgrounds are at daytime so if the script demands it, I'll need to make their night/afternoon versions ><

3. Programmed in 15 pages! Not as much as I'd like to, but not bad either?

On the other hand, I can't help but I hear that people are getting restless and wearing masks to avoid catching a new virus called Corona virus?

When I read an article about it originating from China, somehow, I'm not surprised. I mean, they eat lots of unusual animals. Some are not supposed to be eaten and I find that the majority of the reason is because they 'want to experience life' or because it's a 'delicacy'? I found it unacceptable.

We eat because we're hungry and we're thankful for it. It's as simple as that.  In dark days, we even eat bugs to survive. But when we have plenty food to eat, why the hell would you want to eat a peacock or a koala? Or shark fin when there are news about how they cruelly dump their bodies after cutting off their fins?

And as if that's not enough, I found out how they easily torture dogs or cooking them alive just because they have a belief the adrenaline will soften the meat. I was horrified. 

And then I saw paranoid people who is afraid of Corona virus are pushing their dogs/cats off their balcony, making them fall to their deaths...

I say, Karma is real, guys. You're getting what you deserved =_=; I might be bias since I'm a dog lover, but hell, now I understand why humans are really the most frightening creature of all.

However, on a lighter note... I also see people risking their lives saving koalas from that huge forest fire incident. *sigh* one side of the world is so different from the other side, eh?

Okay, I'll stop rambling here ^^; I'm really sorry for the text wall. It's just that, I can't help but to speak my mind whenever I see news involving animals like this one...

Here's hoping for a productive week for us all! But don't forget to take care of yourself and take plenty of reset, okay? ^.^ xoxo,


P.S. I'll take a day off from fun facts~


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SweetChiel, long time no see -_-" I'm in the middle of doing an assignment. It's 4AM and I just... *sigh*

Well, thank you for your work! It's reassuring to get notifications from you each week. Even though for like 2 or 3 months I hadn't had the time and energy to check. I'm sorry -_-

About the virus, I'm actually one of the paranoid people here lol There has been no infected here in our country. So far. No news, but that just makes me restless :D About your rambling tho, omg, yes. I love animals. I really do. Reading your rant just makes my blood boiled. I hate animal cruelty. Some people are just ARGHASDFGHJKL!!! But I do sympathize the patients. They are dying, the racism increased, and, well, I just hope everything will be okay. Even if it may be Karma, but some people don't deserve that. Let's just pray there will be more development on the virus and the vaccine research. May we learn from all of these issues >.<

Hi PangHerHeart! Ah, working hard I see :'3 I hope you're not pushing yourself too hard >< working until 4AM  is not exactly healthy but I understand too well x_x

Me too, there's no news about infected people in my country o.o WHO has shown their concern whether we're able to detect the virus or not, but we'll see ><

Yes... I guess my personal feelings got me there. I also hope the virus will be resolved soon... but if china keeps eating bizarre things I dunno x_x hygene isn't their strongest point, so I just hope they raise their awareness and take care of what they eat.

Again, thanks for dropping by and showing me your support! ^.^-

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"Me too"? Wh- We live in the same country, SweetChiel looool That's why I refer it as "our country" XD