UPDATE 2/17/2020!

Happy late Valentine, everyone!
Did you celebrate with your loved ones? :'3

Sadly, I wasn't as productive as I'd like last week :S
I thought I'd be able to program in 30 pages, but I only managed to do 19 pages. 

I did lots of polishing though. I was surprised with how many scenes I changed o.o;

Also, we've reached the part of main branching! Maya will go on her separate ways, depending on which bachelor's affection is the highest! The same thing will happen again during their time in the winter area, but of course, they'll join together again as the main story progresses ^.^

Other than that... I regret to say that my gaming addiction isn't solved yet x_x;  Now, my motto is 'play hard and work hard' but the lack of sleep is getting me a headache--I hope I can solve this soon Q_Q

Here's a sneak peek to redeem myself!

This is Kahlil's pre-production designs ^.^)/ Honestly, design-wise, he is the most demanding of all ><;

Here's hoping you had a better week than me!


Fun Facts:

1. Guntur once considered to get a tongue piercing. But then decided against it, since he thought it'll affect his sense of taste and eating would be more difficult with it.

2. Speaking of Valentine, please don't give Kahlil too much chocolate. Consuming a large quantity of sugar will lead him into a bad case of sugar rush and Guntur had enough of it.

3. For Arya, chocolate is a convenient food. It's small but filling, so if he gets some, he'll keep them in his pockets and its number will slowly dwindle as he eat them while he works.


Surprisingly, Guntur didn't get any chocolates during Valentine. Maybe because women often finds him intimidating? Please give him some if you see him~


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I will give my Guntur all the chocolate in the world!!!  \('O')/

Thanks for your lovely updates as always and keep up the wonderful work Chiel! :D

Thank you very much, SkyDragon3564! QuQ  as always, your support and understanding makes my day brighter~

Guntur is very happy to hear that <3