UPDATE 2/24/2020!

Morning, guys~
What's up? I did a lot of things yesterday!

- Made autumn versions of the working chibis! (3) I've programmed them in + debugging.
- Small adjustments here and there for the villagers' silhouettes and bachelors' side image on textbox!
- Programmed in Bulletin Board!
- Made afternoon versions for 2 of autumn's backgrounds!
- Last but not least, programmed in 26 pages + the usual polishing!

Not bad, right? ^.^-
I worked hard, praise me~ *asking for a headpat!*


There's this one silly moment though; one morning, I checked the screens section on Ren'Py and almost had a heart attack when I thought some of my programming disappeared overnight... turns out that I confused the screen names x_x;

Everything is fine! *wipes the sweat on my forehead*

In any case, I'm in a good mood today so there's going to be a chibi animation sneak peek involving mushrooms for my $5 patrons and up on Patreon~

I hope you guys had an awesome week!
Here's hoping for another productive week! 


Fun Facts:

1. Guntur rarely gets sick. 

2. Due to sitting in front of a laptop for a long period of time, Arya has a weak body but his wolf form is very strong!

3. In the group, Kahlil is the one who sleeps the most. He's often seen hugging his own tail to sleep.


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*pats head* Good job~  ^-^

*leans over cutely* I'm being spoiled this week and I love it! x'D

You deserve all the love >:0 You update us weekly to let everyone know how the games going. You actually interact with us <3 Let me just say this, I freakin love ya! ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`▭´)ノ︵ ┻━┻


>\\\< I love you too, AnubisDara! 

Can't say how grateful I am to have your support ^///^ and of course, to all my backers and supporters who lurks in the bushes/watching from the shadow; I love you all! *gives a big hug*


Thank you so much for working so hard all the time and continuing to keep us up to date :) *Gives a lot of headpats* :D

And thank you for the cute fun facts. love getting to know the guys even while the game is still in development. :)

Yaay! *leans over and enjoys the pats*

You're welcome, SkyDragon3564! It's the least I can do--you guys have been so patient with me after all O//u//O