UPDATE 3/2/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?

I had one heck of a week! Lots of programming and heavy polishing!
I never had a problem of having too much scenes until now lol... 

I'm proud to announce I got 43 pages programmed in!
There are CGs to be made, but I'm skipping them for now >< gotta get more references and finish programming the scenes first!

I also made 1 new item icon


It's a sweet gift, which Maya will receive from a particular scene ;)
Romance is slow at the start, but flowers will bloom in the Autumn Village!

I hope you guys had a great week!
Cheers for productivity!


P.S. I got lots of headpats from last week's post! >///< so happy!

Fun Facts:

1. Arya is the type of person who will always want to stay 1 step above you when taking an escalator... because it's one of the rare moments where he can 'look down' on people lol.

2. When young, Kahlil is like that kid next door who never fails to watch his favourite cartoon on a specific time.

3. Meanwhile, Guntur is like our mom who packs our lunch to school... and he'll get angry if you forgot/lose the tupperware x'D 


*I don't know about you, but in my country, moms usually pack lunches in a tupperware and as a child, we share one same experience; our moms get really angry when we lose/forget about bringing back the tupperware lols*


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RIP for the lost tupperwares and press f for the sorry children who lost said tupperware and had to go home and tell mom.

Lol, I see we're on the same boat heatherandmistymornings!


Where I came from, we don't usually make lunches (only in kindergarden and when we start studying firts years), it's more like: here money, eat what you want if you have time and it's cheap
:v and last but not least.
*Pats SweetCiel in the head and start runing away* I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU BACK YOUR TUPPERWARE, MUAJAJAJAJA!!! >:3

Aah we also have a canteen where we can buy food! Honestly, I think not many students are bringing packed lunch? But most of us have experienced the tupperware incident x'D

*Enjoys the pat and...* HEY! COME BACK HERE! >x'D