UPDATE 3/9/2020!

Morning, guys!
How did your week go? Mine was... a combination of productive and hectic.

My proofreaders! It's been hard on you! QuQ
Really now, I'm a bit embarrassed when I read my old script ><; some scenes didn't even make sense so I had to do some serious polishing and fixing. The result is:

65 pages programmed in. Take this with a grain of salt.
- I told you last week that I have a problem of too many scenes, right? Well, after a long and hard thinking for days, for now I've decided; 1 scene is removed, 2 scenes are combined into one, and 1 new scene will be written.

This is not final, mind you!
Chapter 4 part 1 programming is only at day 16 so there are still quite a lot of scenes to be programmed in... when I get back and re-read it, I might change it again until I'm satisfied with it.

So far, I'm struggling with the story pacing. 
Sometimes I question myself x_x like, from scene A to scene B, is it too fast? Do we need to add more days in between? Is scene C needed? What about the night and day transition? Is it too repetitive? etc, etc...

So many things to consider and my mood is like:

lol, but seriously, the main story is progressing a bit fast here--especially when you're in Kahlil's route. Expect lots of CGs ;)

As for Guntur's and Arya's fans, don't worry, they'll follow real soon at the winter area (Chapter 4 part 2).

Okay, I'll stop here before I start rambling x'D
I think I need to clear my head a bit before I give Chapter 4 part 1 another look, so... I'm taking a day off~

In any case, I hope you guys had a great week!
Take care! Things are a bit noisy here. Corona virus had just gotten into my country. There are some panic buying, but I'm pretty chill with it.

Cheers for another week of productivity!


Fun Facts:

- When Kahlil's tail gets wet, it can take up to 3 days for it to dry. Wet fur is no joke!

- Raw eggs for muscle growth? No thanks, Guntur doesn't like to eat raw food of any kind.

- Arya doesn't mention his preferences much, but he prefers sour and spicy food than salty or sweet food


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I haven't been on here in awhile since I've been busy with school, but I'm glad that you're doing well, SweetChiel! Please make sure to take care of yourself so you don't get the Corona virus. A lot of schools around me are being closed because of it, but like you I don't agree that it's as big of an issue as we're making it. As always, I enjoy your updates :)

You too, Soph_8698! Stay safe and take care~ 

Well, if your school closes down at least you'll get a free holiday  x'D we got this! We've had worse outbreak like bird flu and sars~

and as always, thank you for your suport! *hugs

Just yesterday i ate raw egg yold with sugar, you beat them together and get kogel-mogel. It was a sweet treat when i was little :D You are amazing Chiel ~sending relaxing vibes~

Hi, Ailantan! 

I've never had kogel-mogel but it sounds tasty~ and thank you for your support! *sending positive  vibes~ -^.^)/