UPDATE 3/16/2020!

Morning, guys! What's up?
Wherever you are, I hope all of you are in good health >< Corona virus has officially entered my country and the government is trying to find ways to counter & contain it. I'm lucky that I work at home, but for those who needs to work at an office, please take care, hydrate yourself, and wash your hands often~

Now then, without another delay, let's see what I did last week! ^.^

- 55 pages programmed in! Again, take this with a grain of salt.
- 1 small event is moved to Chapter 4 part 2 and 2 small events are deleted. I deleted them because they're not related to the main story and there are more important things to focus on.

For example:

In Chapter 4 part 1, you will finally get to see the first flash back of the bachelors' past life memory! That is, if you're in Kahlil's route ^.^

I censored the title to avoid spoiler x'D ...On second thought, I need to re-draw the fox's lineart. I thought it's a good idea to make it a bit blurry but I think it'll be better with a clean lineart? But yeah, I'm going to make many simple illustrations for the flash back. It'll be like you're reading a children storybook :3

We're more than halfway done with Chapter 4 part 1, but there are still 2 big events to program, 1 which will branch into 3 different scenes depending which route you're in!

You'll find many CGs too, much to my chagrin ><; After I'm done with the programming, the CGs and storybook illustrations will take time, so... I hope you can bear with me as I slowly make my way per picture :'D

Stay healthy, guys!


Fun Facts:

- One day, Arya would like to try building a ship in a bottle.

- In Kahlil's opinion, bean bags are the greatest invention of humanity. Just sink into it and you'll fell like you're sleeping on a cloud.

- In Guntur's opinion, a bean bag is a recipe for back pains. Not everyone is compatible with it.


For everyone who is wondering why Guntur's fun facts often collides with Kahlil's, it's because they're roommates x'D


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Where do I donate to you guys again? Is it your patreon account, or is there an account specificly for the game?


Hi Queen Mak!
First of all, thank you for your support!

If you want to constantly donate every month, I recommend my Patreon account ^.^- 
For one-time donation, I recommend through my Ko-Fi or through the itch.io game page, where you can download the demo and pay what you want for it~ There's also a Paypal button at Bermuda's game page. If you click on it, you can become a backer and get some benefits (like, there's an early bird pack where you can get the game for $10, there's also packages with artbook, walkthrough, etc...)

I hope this helps!



Thank you so much! I was a lil bit confused  as  to how to support your guys. I would like the artbook and walkthrough....Options, options. :D

Take your time~ the options are not going anywhere xD

Where are u from? oh i forgot to mention that my fav so far is Arya, why am so into the bad and arrogant boys? ;;;-----;;;


Hi, Lossy!
I'm from Indonesia ^.^)/ and don't worry, you're not alone--I have a soft spot for bad boys like Arya, even if I want to strangle him sometimes lol


Stay safe, Chiel!
Sadly my country is FUBARing this badly. They'll only test you here if you've been in direct contact with someone with a confirmed case, unless they eventually call you back to be all "Uuuh yeah nvm go get tested" which is rare. :/ Greed and idiocy is winning out here.


You too, Seraiden! Take care of your health, don't be too tired, wash your hands, and drink lots ^.^

Over here, we have an infected patient running away from hospital because they don't feel sick/don't believe when the authorities tell them they got corona :'D they ran away because they're scared to be put into the same room with the other infected and 'really' get sick... idiocy is really out there and the test for corona is expensive. It's only free if you're positive corona 😂


Stay safe, SweetChiel!! It's funny that our government warned everyone to stay at home but wherever I go it's still crowded... and people actually use this chance to go for a holiday while tickets are cheap! Can you believe it? XD

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lol, I know! And then if a lot of people got infected, they'll blame the government :'D I can't understand the mind of these people--but yeah, you too, stay safe El.Seth! Drink lots, don't overwork yourself, and wash your hands often!


Thanks, SweetChiel! Take care of your health!