UPDATE 3/23/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?
I hope you guys are in good health~

Over here, the corona infected numbers are escalating at a scary pace. The main problem is that most of our population needs to go out to work or they can't eat. I don't know how the government can solve this--but the reality is our currency is inflating a lot these past few weeks. Check, the exchange rate of USD to rupiah, you'll know what I mean ^^;

Anyways! Let's see what I did last week!

- 26 pages programmed in. We're finally entering our first branching big event! After this, there's another big event where cameos from Winged Ones will appear~

- I forgot to tell you this last week, but Kahlil has a lot of new expressions! Due to his ears and tail, Kahlil is particularly rich in expressing himself!

- Created 2 new item icons + 1 variation.

- Created 1 big sub-background! This one was difficult! I'm so glad it's done! Here's a little sneak peek:

For my $5 tier and up patrons on Patreon, I'll post a full preview of the background ^.^-  But beware! This background contains spoiler about what big event happened in the Autumn Village (it's quite easy to guess), so look at your own risk ><

Phew, that's it for now. I think I'll take some rest before I jump into programming again... I need to prepare myself--the upcoming scene involves many sprites and simple animations ^^; 

Take care and see you guys next week!


Fun Fact:

- Now, Kahlil takes a long time to wear pants/jeans. Inserting a tail into a hole is a serious business!

- Guntur stocks a lot of canned food at home. He said it's for emergency purposes.

- Arya hates being sick. He can't think, he can't work--hell, he can't even get up from his bed.


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Stay safe! <3 i have too much stuff to do for college, hope your days are going better :)


Please stay healthy and safe Chiel and everyone reading this! <3 

I can relate to Kahlil except with skinny jeans. The struggle is real XD 

lol me too!
Especially when we have just showered, right? x'D

Take care, SkyDragon3564--drink lots and avoid overworking ^.^)/

That's pretty scary( In Russia too, you can quarantine the big cities for a while, but not the 9/10 of the populace(( Stay safe, Chiel!


Yes, Italy... Russia... it's getting scary ><
You too, stay safe, sherkin!

thank you! =*