UPDATE 3/30/2020!

Morning, guys!
How did your week go? Mine is so-so >< there's some bad and good news.

The bad news is that the corona virus has entered my province. I was a bit surprised but I guess it's kinda expected? People are still going to work and trains/buses are always packed in the morning.

The good news is that no one seems to be infected in my neighborhood ^.^ I also heard that Japan has developed a cure called Avigan? I don't know whether it's a rumor or not, but the governor said he had bought 2 million pills from Japan...

In any case! In this times of need and worry, I'd like to thank you guys for your continuous support!

Be it those who brings me energy through their comments or those who had bought the game through itch.io or steam, thank you so much! I'd like to offer my gratitude and special thanks for my patrons on Patreon though. They are literally paying my bills and keeping my belly full *bows* m(_ _)m

*coughs with an awkward smile*

Now without further ado, here's what I did last week besides the usual polishing!

- 21 pages programmed in! I slowed down because we've entered the scenes with many simple animations and sprites :'D There are at least 4-5 sprites in one scene, which I doubt will last more than five minutes lol. The time I spent arranging them is longer than the actual scene--even when I already cheated a little x'D

- A robe for Maya's side sprite & 1 new silhouette. Maya will wear this robe until the end of a big scene. There's going to me another robe for Winter area and each bachelors will also get one! New look, guys!

- 2 new night versions of the autumn forest + 1 new sub-background with 1 variation! This sub-background is pretty simple, not hard at all ^.^

It's been a long time since I show you guys a background sneak peek, right?  Here you go~

Is it too dark?  o.o;
This is what I imagine being the woods with only moonlight as natural light source.

Okay, that's it for now!
Take care and stay healthy, guys!


Fun Fact:

- Guntur loves spicy food. There's a period of time where he brought a bottle of chili sauce everywhere he went lol.

- Kahlil loves honey but it's a different story if that honey got stuck on his tail.

- Arya doesn't like to work out so imagine his pleasant surprise when he transformed.


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Hello SweetChiel,

Thank you for your update!

Please take care of yourself and stay healthy (҂◡̀_◡́)ᕤ

As for the game...Having different outfits for the characters seems really cool! Once I find my favorite guy I am pretty sure I might love seeing him in different robes ( ͡♥ ͜ʖ ͡♥)

Regarding your question about the background being to dark- to be honest in my personal point of view it might be a bit, but just a bit too dark. Where I am from I used to get moonlight and you can see very clearly everything around you (but it might also be, because I was living in a mountain ;P), and where I am currently living if you go to the fields when there is moonlight you can see the other person's facial gestures without coming too close :D 

Another thing, I've just became your patron in patreon (though do not know exactly that works- will learn more ;p). So you have my support in your games! :)

I am looking forward to your updates and games! Once again, keep safe and healthy and try to follow the rules of not going out or meeting people (face to face). 

Wish you all the best! <3 

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Hi, Bea!
You're welcome and thank you for visiting! -^.^)/
You too, take care of your health! Don't forget to eat and don't be too tired ><

I agree! Though it will take time, a different look will be refreshing once in a while ~

I see O.O thank you for the info!
I don't go to the mountains/forest often but I do know that the stars will look brighter and more beautiful~ there are no stars from where I live, they're hiding because we have too many street lights x'D

I'll increase the brightness by 20 and contrast by... 10?
It looks like this now:

Better? OuO

And thank you very much for becoming a patron! >///< patreon is a platform where you'll be able to buy me coffee support me every month~ if you picked $5 tier, patreon will charge you every month until you decide to stop. 

The benefits are you'll get to see exclusive/early sneak peeks~ Scroll down my posts in my patreon and you'll see some posts with 'unlocked' on the top right ^.^ 

Also, you'll get to become a beta tester for Bermuda's earliest completed version! I'm planning to give all my present & past patrons keys a month early before its official release~

Thank you again for your warm support and I hope to see you around!
It always makes me happy to see people reading and commenting my updates!


I hope you are doing well and staying safe, Sweetchiel! I've been out of school for 2 weeks now and may not be going back at all this year :(. The entire state is currently on lock- down until the end of April, so I'll definitely have a lot of free time on my hands... As always, thank you for the update!!

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Thanks! You too, Soph_8698, stay safe!

I'm sorry to hear about your school :( People are losing jobs over here and some are still not aware/don't have the resources to stay at home for a long period of time... it's a bit worrying but we'll get through this! 

You're welcome and thank you for visiting! ^.^

I'm playing on windows and it appears that something happened with my download since chapter 2 doesn't want to start... I was wondering if there's some way that I can keep playing since I Downloaded it again and same thing happened. I really like this and I would like to continue playing!

Hi sky1mercy! I'm sorry to hear ypur problem >< this maybe because you have an updated version of Ren'Py in your computer/laptop. Winged Ones is still ver 6.99 so unless you play on a computer clean of other Ren'P versions, the game will crash (I've just discovered this problem)

I can give you a steamkey to download through steam? tell me your email address and I'll send it to you ASAP ^.^

it's skychanyeolli@gmail.com but I don't have steam yet...

ok now I have steam.

Thanks for waiting!
I've sent the steam key to your mail ^.^

Stay safe, SweetChiel! Make sure you drink and eat lots! And good job on the update! 

You too, El.Seth!
Drink lots and wash your hands often especially when you've just went out ><
I hope your workplace/office is not giving you any trouble?

Haha no, don't worry about me and thanks for the concern!

Great to hear it! ^.^