UPDATE 5/22/2017

Hi guys! I hope you had a great weekend!
Wow, time went so fast and it's already count down before I start Bermuda's campaign ^^;;

Last week I was really productive, I surprised myself o.o;  

  •  I finished 3 minor sprites of important characters. Only their main base, no expressions yet. 
  •  1 scenery background 
  •  All IndieGoGo preparations (illustrations, screenshots, & drafted it in Indiegogo's website)

I've also been thinking a lot about what kind of payment I should provide for the backers later...

So here's the big question: 
Do you want to pledge using Paypal or Credit card?

If you vote for paypal, the campaign is going to be in Australlian dollars (AUD$) instead of USD. Indiegogo limited paypal to AUD as of February 2017. Other currencies are for credit card payments.

My friend said it's safer for you send me payment through paypal though. 

I also decided to use itch.io Download Keys to distribute the game instead of Steam (I had some problem making a tax ID & bank account procedures...) BUT! if my campaign succeeds & lots of people want it on steam, I will consider to enter steam greenlight after the problem with tax ID is solved.

What do you think? 

In the mean time I wait for your vote, here's the promised background fullview sneak peek! I'm sorry it's a bit late ^^; it missed my mind when I'm immersed in Indiegogo's preparations. Can you guess which Indonesian village I use as a reference?

I await your answer~ 


P.S. my patrons will get to see a character sprite sneak peek~

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