UPDATE 4/6/2020!

Hey, guys! I hope all of you are in great health~
Things are so-so over here... well, except for the weather >< 
One moment it was as hot as the Sahara Desert and the next it'll suddenly rain... it's really uncomfortable!

Without further ado, here's what I did last week!

- 26 pages programmed in! Kahlil's first branching event is finally done! Right now, I'm in the middle of programming Guntur's branch. This should be easier ^.^ the last one to program would be Arya's branch.

- New expressions for Kahlil and Guntur~ I feel a little bad for Arya. He's wearing a mask so he doesn't have a lot of expressions ><;

Other than above, I went back and forth a lot these days to polish the script~ 

I'm having a bad case of stomachache though, so I'll get some rest until this thing is cured x_x maybe it's constipation or smth *cough* don't worry, it's not anything serious.

See you again next week!


Fun Fact:

- Arya is not a morning person. Prepare a cup of coffee in advance to avoid disaster ><

- For Guntur, breakfast is a must! He can't start the day without at least a bowl of hot rice, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

- On the other hand, Kahlil usually doesn't have any appetite in the morning. He'll start the day with a glass of milk and nothing else until lunch (well, maybe some sweets in between).


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Hope you get well soon! Love waking up to your updates every Monday :)

Me and Arya are the same lol except I like Tea. XD

Thanks, SkyDragon3564! I'm always happy to see you dropping by ^///^

Lol me too, I'm not a morning person and I'm the difficult type where I would be grumpy for a few hours, wanting some peace and quiet until my brain fully wake up 😂

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Hello, Chiel! Long time no talk! It has been months, I'm sorry. I'm in online class right now, but we don't know until when this continues :/ I feel comforted whenever you update. You are diligent like always >.< Please prioritizing yourself, the most important thing is that you are healthy. You live near Jakarta, so please be careful.

Oh? No diverse expression? Well will he ever open his mask tho? You can draw the expressions you want at that moment! ...Maybe?

P.S. Get well soon.

Hi, PangHerHeart!
It's okay, I understand~ 
Online class sounds fun--I hope your internet connection stays smooth during class!

And thank you for your concern <3 
Don't worry, my stomachache is already better. Maybe it'll be cured tomorrow or in 2 days at most? You too, take care of yourself, go out less, and don't forget to drink lots ^.^

Oh, right! Arya will take off his mask later at the Winter area! Still a long way to go but I think you'll like him OuO)/ it'll only be for a scene or two though... Hmm... now you've inspired me to make more scenes of Arya without his mask later in the Spring Village x'D

Thanks for dropping by! *hugs


Feel better and thank you for the constant updates! :D

You're fast! x'D
Thanks, MermaidVictory! And you're welcome as always!

Lol, I just happened to open my app as you finished posting xD.