UPDATE 4/13/2020!

Morning, guys! I hope all of you are well ^.^~
Things are going as usual over here... except that the weather is getting very hot! There are sporadic rain here and there, but even then, it's still hot u.u;

Oh and... in two months, it'll be exactly 3 years since the indiegogo campaign started! Time flies, doesn't it?

Thinking about all of you who have been here from the start makes my heart warm and fuzzy >///< I can't say enough how much I appreciate your support... I mean, I'm a solo game dev-slash-artist with a slow progressing pace compared to the others, but here you are, still accompanying me through good and bad...


In any case, I hope to continue working hard with you all! 
I'll stop here before I start rambling and get too emotional Q///Q

So here's what I did last week~

- 43 pages are programmed in! Guntur's branch is done and I'm currently programming Arya's branch ^.^ It's short compared to the other two, but another big scene will follow right away before the end of our Autumn Arc!

- Of course, I'm still polishing Bermuda's overall scenes as usual~ there's this one scene that I need to polish, just a bit more until I'm satisfied with it ><

- More expressions for Guntur and 1 minor cut-in icon added to the game, credits to Kahlil's mischievous behaviour in the big event.

Here's a little sneak peek about what the villagers think about the big event~

Of course, I won't tell you what the big event is x'D Also, check out the new Centauress & female Satyr silhouettes!

I hope you guys like today's update, because that's it for now and see you guys next week!


Fun Fact:

- Arya and Guntur are light sleepers. They wake up at the slightest sound.

- In contrary, Kahlil is the type who won't wake up even if there's an earthquake or fire...

- Guntur doesn't understand technology. Well, he likes to watch TV but ask him about computer and he'll draw a blank.


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P.S. my stomatchache is all better now!

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haii! i'm looking forward on this game!! and thank you for always keeping in touch with us so we know that you still eager to release this game^^ 

please stay safe and keep your hands clean<3

Hi, Nashima0!
Thanks for dropping by and you're welcome! Actually, I'm the one who is scared...
I mean, I'm slow so it won't be a surprise if you guys get impatient and leave me QuQ

So I'm really grateful for those who stayed--the weekly update is the least I can do ><
You too, please take care of yourself and stay healthy ^.^~

you know, i really really love your games. after i finished all routes on nusantara : legend of the winged ones i immediately played this demo. one of my favorite things in your games is that i get many knowledge about indonesian culture that i dont know even exist before so thank you for that. i really looking forward to this game full release, keep the good work! (´∀`)

Oh my, I'm really happy to hear you love my games and the Indonesian cultures I introduced! >///<

You're welcome and thank you for giving my game a chance, cloudysky ^///^
Congrats on finishing Winged Ones and I hope you'll walk with me as I slowly but surely progress with Bermuda! 

Stay tuned!


Gah! The suspense is killing me. I keep replying routes just to keep my brain from going crazy.

I assure you, the wait will be worth it~
Thanks for dropping by, MermaidVictory!

Its been a blast keeping up with your posts and progress of the game. I know I have not followed this project for very long but I will continue to do so, not just for the amazing game and story you are building but the amazing person you are. :) Thank you for all your hard work :) 

So excited for this teased event! Especially if its anything like the cute event from Nusantra: Legend Of the Winged Ones ;)

Also when were there Centaurs and Satyrs?! How did I miss this amazing memo!? I am so stoked!   "\(*o*)/"

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SkyDragon3564, you make me blush >\\\<; I try to do my best but only because all of you have my back! Thank you for being here ^///^

Hehe, Centaurs and Satyrs are new Myths! They are natives of the Forgotten Isles--which will be explained later in detail as you progress through the story~

There are many new things I've prepared for you guys so enjoy the ride! ^.^~ 

I need Arya ;-; i'm glad that ur feeling better <3


Thank you, Lossy! *hugs 

I see that many of you likes Arya's route--even though he has a bad mouth and attitude x'D (are we masochists at heart? *cough)

I told you before that i like the bad boys, can't help it ;;--;; Have you ever played Ozmafia?


I did!
It's a long time ago tho, so I've forgotten most of it x_x

Well but do you remember Caesar and Kyrie?  Caesar is trying to kill ya and Kyrie is an asshole (Arya, are u there?) but guess what, i like them :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Aaah, I remember!
They're also my favourite routes! Kyrie with his snarky comments and the Tsundere Caesar~ *I'm a sucker for white haired men *cough* so I guess we're on the same boat x'D