UPDATE 10/30/2017!

Hi guys! Sorry, did you wait long? x'D

I was modifying Chapter 3 part 2 + writing short sequences so I can organize it better.

It's going pretty well so far with small writer's blocks here and there:

I'm developing a new found respect for writers who wrote long-term adventure novels or mangakas such as Rumiko Takahashi who made Inuyasha. Maybe it's just me, but it's really hard for me to write argument scenes/info dumps/fillers without making it boring :')) 

I can say now that I will definitely edit Bermuda multiple times, especially if it's not interesting enough when I program it x'D 

It's just that, I've been too immersed polishing the antagonist's route and honestly, I can't wait to write the bachelors routes but the main story + filler needs to get written first! Dang it, who made the story so complicated!? (...me OTL)

Anyways, I'm sure you don't want to hear my dilemma, so here's the promised sneak peek!

The secondary sprites are pretty much finished now, except for Guntur's. Remember the tattoo that is supposed to be on his waist? It's connected to his back and I'm still in the process of finding an appropriate design ><

Meanwhile, my patrons will get to see 3 versions of Summer 2 area + 1 small extra today.

I hope you enjoy them, my darlings x'D
This week, I'm still focusing on writing. I will need around... 8 small/medium sized events before Summer 2 is finished so it's still quite a long way to go!

See ya again!


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You know, I'd like to give you a BIG kudos for being so dilligent at keeping us up to date with your game development. This is such a huge problem with so many game makers - making this a breeze of fresh air! Thank you for taking the time to write updates and for being such a loveable developer ^^

Writing "fillers" in long adventures is pretty hard, yeah. It's a lot easier in enclosed spaces scenarios, where while it may be long, the tension rises easily and things may go wrong in many many ways. When it's travelling and other more quiet, relaxed or positive environements, it becomes harder. 

From my experience, it's easier if you have the main idea of the story, then you detail the beginning and do a pretty detailed outline of the ending. Then, you decide about a couple of events or situations you'd like to happen - may they be important for the story, the characters, or simply funny or interesting, even if unrelated with the main story. And you decide about when to put these along the timeline, trying to make regular segments in between. And then it's easier to fill the segments with more random stuff, and sometimes linking two of the events together makes it even easier to come up with the things that happen in between. And after that you can polish the ending part - better not to do it before, since the filler events you come up with may end up being more important than you thought and influence the ending.

Well, at least that how I work when I write stories haha!