UPDATE 4/20/2020!

Hi, guys! How are you doing over there?
I hope all of you are in good health!  
The weather is still as hot as ever--don't forget to hydrate yourself and wash your hands often~

Last week, 30 pages are programmed in and now, we're entering the next big event where a cameo of Winged Ones' characters will take place!

It'll be a fun event -^.^- there are some adjustments that I'll need to do, like adjusting the characters' height--oh, and... the timeline would be AFTER Tamara's great adventure. For those who played Winged Ones and took a liking to a certain bachelor, don't be too disappointed if you found out Tamara is not married to your fave boy :'3

It won't be long now until we're entering the Winter arc. In total, there should be... 1 more big event, 1 medium event, and 2 small events left? Ah, but before we enter a new arc, I'm going to make CGs for Autumn Arc first. A much needed change of pace >< of course, you'll get sneak peeks!

Besides the things above, I'm still polishing the script as usual, looking for new sfxs, and polishing the backgrounds~

Autumn is my fave season so I think I kinda overdid it ^^; the amount of autumn backgrounds and variations are more than other season's...

Welp, when you play the game, I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

That's it for now and see you again next week!


Fun Fact:

- Boys, at some point of their lives, most will take a liking to cool things like gun toys and robots. Guntur and Arya are not an exception. This is one of the rare cases where they agree on something. They especially like the ones that can transform or take apart to combine with other pieces.

- Not all boys like robots though. Instead of robots, Kahlil prefer soft, cute things. For example; a teddy bear plush, which he can hug and accompany to sleep.


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I love that you're going to cameo the Winged Ones characters!! I've played that game waaaay too many times so I'm very excited :)

Me too!
I can't wait to finish this baby, deliver it for you to read, and hear your thoughts--but Bermuda will take a while to complete QuQ

I hope you can bear with me as I slowly make my way to the finish line >< *hugs


I think all the different autumn backgrounds are going to really bring out the feel of being in that season. Cannot wait for the cameos too!


I also can't wait for the cameos ~ I still need to do some adjustments to them but man, do I miss them ^.^-

and yup, I hope you'll enjoy and able to see the beauty of autumn in full~