UPDATE 5/4/2020!

Morning, guys!
How did your week go? Mine was so-so ><
The weather is still hot but it's getting better! Finally raining and all, but now I have a small cough and flu circulating between my mother and I lol.

Now, without further ado, here's what I did last week:

- 24 pages programmed in! Polishing as usual, slipped 2 small scenes here and there, but they're spontaneously made so take it with a grain of salt~ it's officially a routine for me to go back and forth, polishing the script ^^; sometimes, something just clicks into place in your head, and you just realize something you were overlooking.

- Turns out that Winged Ones' bachelor sprites ratio is bigger than Bermuda's, so I needed to edit their legs and heights, but they're good to go now! ^.^

Familiar face and familiar lines, anyone? x'D

- Remember the background sneak peek I showed you? The one with lots of food on top of a table? This one:

I made afternoon & night versions of it! The night version was hard. I'm not sure the lighting is accurate... but I did my best! I'll post them on my Patreon today so patrons, leave me a comment if you think I can do better >_<;

We're less than 100 pages away from finishing Chapter 4 part1's programming! >:'D
Let's keep working hard together!


P.S. I've just realized that last week's post have 30 likes! QAQ I'm so happy that lots of people are reading my updates!

Fun Fact:

- Programmers work 30-60 hours a week, averaging around 40 hours. For Arya, he spent more than half a day working, resting only to eat or go to the toilet... sometimes, he even dream about programming in his sleep ^^;

- For Kahlil, his work result often related to his mood. If he's in a good mood, he can work 10 hours straight. But if he's in a bad mood? Don't expect any work done OTL

- For Guntur, before he became a fugitive, he's the type of worker that likes to reward himself. For example; after working hours, he'll give himself a small reward like eating good food, taking a hot shower, re-watching his favourite movie, etc~


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I have a question. When the game is finished,will it be free or paid? 

Take care and stay safe!

it's commercial


Yes, Bermuda is commercial~
Thank you Sesshoumaru.lover for helping me answering!

I hope you and your family feel better. Be sure to get some rest so you can get over the sickness. Your progress is amazing and these updates have quickly become a highlight of my week. Stay safe!

You too, MermaidVictory! Thank you for worrying ^.^-
This small flu and cough is more annoying than hurting--it's probably because of the weird weather.

I'm always happy to read your comments >///< let's stay safe and keep working hard together!