UPDATE 5/11/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?
Did you know that Inuyasha is getting a spin-off/sequel? >///<

Inuyasha is the first anime I watched that got me into fantasy genre so I'm very excited for this! Oh, and... I've just found out that Inuyasha have a CD Drama... and Sesshoumaru's proposal is in it!!! *As a hardcore Inuyasha fan, I'm ashamed to say I've just found out about this last week--but I'm so happy now that I could die without regrets! I've never heard Sesshoumaru talk so much QuQ*


Okay, enough with the fangirling >_<; I did quite a lot last week!

- Fixed a strange bug where the capital letter 'K' suddenly disappeared in one of my scripts. This was really annoying to fix. Kahlil's sprites got affected the most, but thank goodness for the 'find & replace' function!

- Added more small scenes in between + more unexpected fluff happened in Guntur's route!

- Programmed in 30 pages!

I'm entering the scene where we get to learn about the Forgotten Isles' history ^.^)/ Here, you'll get to see many simple murals like the ones in Winged Ones~ They're basically done, but... I'm thinking about re-drawing them ><; I kinda make them in a hurry so they're not up to par. I'll do my best to make them today! >:)

- Polished 2 late-game backgrounds! They've been bothering me for a long time so I'm glad to see they're improving! 

I'll show you the sneak peek next week! I've been showing too much sneak peeks these days, I'm afraid I won't have anything to show later x'D

On a lighter note... last week, 40 people 'likes' the itch.io update post while only 2 people 'reacted' to the indiegogo update post O.O does this mean a lot more people are watching my itch.io post than my indiegogo? In any case, thank you so much for reading, guys! Your support always makes me happy~ -^.^-

Today, I'm hyped to do those murals so... that's it for now and see you guys next week!


Fun Fact:

- Drinking tolerance ranking: Guntur > Arya > Kahlil Also, Kahlil is really a handful when he's drunk ^^; you'll see why later in the story.

- Art wise, Guntur, Kahlil, and Arya can't draw to save their lives... but they make fun of each other whenever they can.

- Bravery ranking: Guntur > Arya > Kahlil Oh, Kahlil... what should we do with you? x'D


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EEEEEEEE! SO EXCITED!! I LOVE UR GAMES!! Thank u so much for working ur butt off on these for us!! ^^

EEEEEE! >///< 
Hi, Kurea Inc! You're welcome and thanks for dropping by and showing your support! 
I can feel your enthusiasm all the way over here ^///^ *hugs

*hugs back* AWW YAY!! Your games really do cheer me up! I should be thanking YOU <3

Aww, thank YOU for giving me energy >///<
I just wish I'm faster so I don't keep you waiting for so long QuQ
*really can't thank you guys enough for waiting!*

Awww! No need to rush! We can wait, it'll be worth it!! Thanks again! ^w^


AHHHHH I just wanted to tell you I'm so excited to play the full game! I played through Legends of the Winged Ones and LOVED it. Then I saw you had this one as well and played through the Demo. I LOVE is so far. I haven't commented before, but I've been keeping an eye on this project ever since I discovered it. Thank you for the work you have done and continue to do. Thank you for keeping us updated on the progress. Much love <3 ^^

Oh my! Thank you, mjw1995! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo and congrats on finishing Winged Ones! <3

You're welcome and thank you for letting me know you've been following this project ^///^ I mean, I don't mind the silence (most followers are hiding in the bushes, watching in the shadows, right?) but it's always a joy to see a few comments then and now ~ so thank you!


Hello! You are amazingly productive (and only a week or two ago you were worried about progress, lol). I for one am always amazed at how much work you get done. Thank you for all the sneak peeks! It just makes me excited to see the final product and I know for sure that the little sneak peeks you are giving are just the tip of your story - simply because you are a fantastic story teller.

Thank you for this little bit of joy and for the tid bit about Inuyasha. Sad to say that I knew nothing about that until I read your post! (Why am I like this?)

I hope you are having a good week and that the weather has calmed down for you. 

Hi, MermaidVictory! Yes, I've been worrying on and off these days because we're approaching 3 years of development 😂 for the people who have been patiently waiting--and still is--you're welcome and I can't say enough how grateful I am for the endless support!

Oh and I don't think I deserve the title of a 'fantastic story writer' >< that's my goal and I'm working toward it, but for now, my proofreaders can testimony how bad/confusing the script is when they first read it lol--and boy, I don't know how many times I've went back and forth polishing the script x'D but yes, I'm doing everything I could to make sure you get the best!

Ah and as a fellow inuyasha fan, you're welcome! The spinoff news have just been released and man, the nostalgia hits me like a truck :'3 ...have you heard the CD dramas on youtube? They're like an epilogue of sorts~

The weather is getting better over here ^.^ thanks for asking! I also hope you're doing well over therre!

We're having rain right now (much to my partner's distress since he walks everywhere).  I'm sure all your hardwork is going to create something amazing. :D

(1 edit)

Ahh I understand! I also can't bath my dogs when it's cloudy/raining so much these days >< my husky needs at least 2 days before she is completely dry and I'm afraid she'll get fungi infection if I wash her when it's cloudy/rainy season!

As always,thank you for your kind words of encouragement! They give me strength! :'3


I am also one of those who have been watching you / your project forever and wait patiently for every update without saying much. I'm sorry! I know how important it can be to see the support with comments, so I try to improve myself. ;)

Oh an InuYasha Sequel ?! I didn't know anything about that yet. Well, then I’ll see what it’s all about. Thanks for the info! :)

These annoying bugs. Bless the 'find & replace' function! ;)

I didn't even know the "indiegogo" page. I looked directly at your project there and have a question about it. Your project is already closed. Are the "perks" still available? I would be interested in one of the higher ones (only via Paypal). :)

Oh and I wanted to comment briefly on your last message from the update of April 27th:
Take as much time as necessary to complete everything to your satisfaction. I wait patiently! :)
Now you're making me curious about what's coming in Arya's route. I've always liked cracking hard nuts. Arya reminds me a little of Reksa. I just love the guy. XD

Hi, Yanni-chan! Thanks for dropping by and writing to me! ^.^~

It's okay, I understand that people prefer to watch in the shadows and silently support my back--but sometimes, I just need a reminder >< so thank you very much for showing up! *hugs & offers a plate of cookies* I also want to thank you for always supporting me despite the long time I need to complete a VN :'D I don't know how to thank you but I'll do my best to reach your expectations!

And yes! The 'perks' are still available ^.^ if you go to Bermuda's gamepage you'll see a big Paypal button. Just click there and you'll be directed to my wix site where you can pick the perk you want. I'm keeping tabs on the paypal pledges~

As for Arya... the programming hasn't reached the juicy parts for Arya's route but I'm very excited and can't wait to program them ^///^ his romantic scenes are particularly well done in my opinion, especially when he took off his mask so look forward to it! 

* takes a cookie * :) As I said, take your time. You also do everything yourself without a (big) team behind you, right? So you have my respect for it. And to put it simply, "Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones" was one of my first VNs and I loved it and played it over and over again since its release. So I'm sure "Bermuda Triangle" will be just as great! :)

Oh great that the "perks" are still available. Now I just have to decide which one of them I want. :)

Ah ... now I'm even mooooore excited! O_O My first thought after playing the demo was to see him without the mask. So, yes I'm really looking forward to it!

(1 edit)

Yes, unfortunately, visual novel is not big in my country so it's hard to find the right people with commitment >< I've commissioned a few original BGMs and pay the proofreaders whatever I can from wallet-kun, as for the rest, they're made by yours truly x'D

I guess you can say it's also because I'm a perfectionist? I feel the need to control the programming and check every scene to the smallest detail--and then, only when I'm satisfied, I give the programmed script to my proofreaders for one last check :'D 

I'm honored with your trust and yep! I believe Bermuda will be as good if not surpassing Winged Ones! *throws confetti!*

Again, thank you for your support and I look forward to the day I complete Bermuda and hear your thoughts! ^.^-


Well then, I'm glad you exist to enrich us. :)
Hehe ... and it's totally okay to be a perfectionist. I am one too. XD So I can understand it well.

Oh and I saw that you got my pledge. I will answer that shortly, although you can already guess the answer to the question! XD

Thank you and keep it up. :)


I only watch the itch.io updates so maybe? I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your status updates (even though I don't comment much) and I'm looking forward to playing your game! :)

You're welcome, Goldenrose! I also appreciate your visits <3

I guess I'm just a bit surprised because this is the first time my update receives '40' likes' o.o; usually, it would linger on the single digits or 10-15--glad to know people are watching though! ^///^