UPDATE 5/18/2020!

Morning, guys!  How did your week go?
Mine was tiring but it was probably the most productive I've ever been in a long time! 

- Programmed 17 pages! A couple more scenes before we finally reach the Winter Area! ><

Oh, and... because Chapter 4 is already very long, I've decided to divide Chapter 4 part 1 (Autumn) into 2 parts. Therefore, Chapter 4 part 2 (Winter) will be written as Chapter 5 ingame, and so on. Which means, the originally 5 chapters will become 6 chapters in total with Chapter 6 as the final chapter. No changes in the bachelors' routes whatsoever, just adding more 'Chapter screens' to better pace the story ^.^

- Redrawn 8 murals!  Example is below:

I picked one with the least spoiler x'D  I'll post one more at my Patreon for my dear patrons. That one has a little spoiler but it changed the most among the other 7 murals ^.^)/

- Created the Forgotten Isles' maps! (4 versions) The maps will be shown along with the murals. As you get to know the Forgotten Ises' history, you will also get to see the changes that happened to the Forgotten Isles over time.

- Created a simple illustration that tells an important event. I can't show you any sneak peek regarding this illustration because it has a big amount of spoiler >< *Hint: Ingame, the picture will be described as 'drawn with charcoal' and 'much better than the murals by a wide margin'*

Phew, I'm beat!
While the murals look simple, they require a steady hand and my hand actually hurts from drawing so much lines x'D It's fine now, but man, last week was so rewarding for me! For you too, right? ^///^

I also polished the script as usual. I'm still not quite satisfied with the part where we tell the Isles' history, but I'll slowly work on it! >:)

Okay, that's it for now and see you guys next week!


P.S. the fun facts will be temporarily replaced by Q&A session! If you have any question for Guntur, Kahlil, or Arya, feel free to comment below! If there's more than 2 questions, I'll randomly pick 2 of the most interesting ones ^.^

This is for fun so feel free to be as creative as you want x'D

Q&A session part 1!

1.) Have you ever looked at the mirror and think 'Why am I so good looking?'

Guntur : "Uh... yeah, sometimes? When I was a kid, I was as thin as a stick, so imagine my surprise when I got some muscles. Though... it kinda went out of control afterwards, haha!"

Kahlil : "Of course! Beauty needs appreciation and I'm one of the best, don't you agree?" ;)

Arya : "Are you guys for real?"

2.)  If you're a woman, which Disney Princess Dress attire would you like to wear?

Kahlil: "Beauty and the Beast!"

Guntur : "What is Disney?"

Arya: "............"

*stares at Arya in anticipation*

Arya: "What are you looking at? If you didn't get the hint, I'm not answering, so fuck off!"



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i can"t with arya and not being able to look at himself... smh! besides that it's good to see this has still been progressing!


x'D I'm glad to hear you like Arya's responses! And yup, I'm going to keep updating every week--I just hope you can bear with my slow speed :'D

Too much is going on in my life that I almost missed this! I only have one question that I can think of right now, but I am curious about the answer. Great work on a productive week and the murals look beautiful. I can't draw a straight line to save my life xD. 

What is everyone's favorite weather?

Thank you for sparing some time to drop by, MermaidVictory! Your question is noted ^.^~ oh and, you can take your time to think. You can submit more questions later so no rush! OuO

I hope you're doing okay over there! Take care of your health! 

Amazing work!!!! ^w^  and I love what you've done with the QnA idea! If I could ask the guys a question it would probably be: If you had to be in any Anime which one and why? (Or cartoon in general)

Hi, Gm! I'm glad to hear you like the new Q&A session x'D

Good question!
If no one else submit a question, yours will be answered next week -^.^)/

Hi SweetChiel! :) Wow, you're incredibly productive as always. That's great! :)

I like both versions of the mural, although the new one seems more open and brings more "insight".

The "Q&A session" is a wonderful idea. I laughed away, especially at Arya's reactions. XD

Well ... it seems there are people in every country who take things too lightly with COVID. Here in germany it is unfortunately no different, especially the young people are not very reasonable.

So stay healthy! Best regards

Hi, Yanni-chan! Thanks and I'm glad you like the update! 
Yup, the new version is also more tidy -^.^)/ 
Any question you'd like to ask Arya? *wiggles eyebrow*

I agree, young people doesn't seem to be aware of the seriousness of the situation :S 
If I remember correctly, our record for developing a vaccine is 4 years? While the mortality rate is low, I hope COVID won't mutate... Meanwhile, China reopens the wild animal market--which is, in my opinion, a stupid decision x_x

Stay safe and take care, Yanni-chan!

Well, I'm not particularly good at thinking up questions. If I can think of something, I'll let you know. ;)

My last info was that different companies are already developing a vaccine and are now starting the first tests or studies on it. It may actually take so long to make an effective vaccine. In the beginning there was an assumption that the mortality rate was higher than that of the flu. And yes, hopefully COVID will not mutate, that would be fatal ...

China is reopening the wild animal market .... I agree, what a stupid decision. It's not like the virus just goes away. Quite apart from the fact that there is such a thing there at all.

As always- good work this week! Hope you're staying safe, since people in my country are starting to become unreasonable and are going out more :(. And as for Q&A- poor Arya lol

Hi Lizerette! Thank you dropping by and you too, stay safe! ><

People are also being unreasonable over here. For example; when we tell people not to go out/gather into a crowd, they gather on a parking lot in front of a mall to have a farewell event; 'the first ever Mc Donald built in Indonesia is closing'... they said 'COVID can be cured but the first ever Mc Donald won't come back' =_=

Idiocy can't be cured and its best for us to stay faaar away from them.