UPDATE 5/25/2020!

Hey, guys! What's up?
I did a lot last week and I'm very happy to announce:

- I've finished programming Chapter 4 (Autumn)! x'D

- We'll start programming Chapter 5 (Winter) as soon as I finished making Autumn's CGs (6 in total) and a set of images for Kahlil's past-life memory~ Remember the reason why I re-named Chapter 4 part 2 into Chapter 5? Yup, Winter has only 300+ pages whereas Autumn already has 600+ pages.

- I also polished many of Autumn's small side events. Hopefully for the better! I'll check them again later when we're at the late-stage of programming!

- Made 2 new NPC silhouettes, a Centaur Foal & Filly. You'll meet them at one of the small side events -^.^)/

- Polished 2 of Guntur's CGs, along with their variants! Mostly, I refined the small detail such as his eyes, arm muscles, the shape of his face, the tattoo on his back... I'll post one of them as a bonus for my patrons on Patreon today! You'll know what I mean :'3

Honestly, I'm glad we're done with Autumn ><; 
Autumn has the most pages/content compared to the other seasons but I just can't wait to get to the juicy part, you know? Winter and Spring will be really exciting--but again, I need to finish making Autumn's CGs (6 in total) and a set of images for Kahlil's past-life memory! It'll take around... 2 weeks maybe? Crossing my fingers!

That's it for now and see you again next week! 



Q&A session part 2!

1.)  If you had to be in any Anime which one and why? (Or cartoon in general)-- by: Gm

Kahlil: "I thought it's already obvious? Hell'A Kitty (Hello Kitty) FTW!  Do you know why Hell'A Kitty doesn't have a mouth? It's because she speaks from the heart!"

Guntur: "Hmm... if I have to choose, I'll  pick Transformers. When I was a kid, I was a big fan of Optimus Prime--still is actually." *chuckles* 

Arya : "Scrooge McDuck. I want to know what it feels like to have a room full with gold coins and swim in it."

2.) What is everyone's favorite weather?-- by: MermaidVictory

Kahlil: "I really like it when it's raining. Why? Because there'll be a beautiful rainbow afterwards!"

Guntur: "Sunny. Because whenever it rains, this idiot friend of mine will run outside and get sick the next day. I'm the one who has to take care of him."

Arya: "Cloudy. Not too cold and not too hot."

And... Cut! I hope you guys enjoyed their answers!
If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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This made my day! Though apparently my notifications for updates got turned off? (much confusion) I have them turned back on now since I love seeing the progress you make.

And your visit made my day, MermaidVictory! I also have that notification problem at my itch.io and patreon *confused*

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SCROOGE MCDUCK!! Arya must be listening to my heart as well!! asdfghjkl Yes, I love Scrooge McDuck. And cloudy!! I love cloudy too! Tell me, Chiel, is Arya secretly me? Yes, that's my ask. Ask it to the three of them.

Btw, long time no talk ^.^)/

Wow, not many people know about Scrooge McDuck! Your hearts must be connected! x'D and lol-- you seriously want to ask that? 😂 I'll give you another chance to ask another rofl

(1 edit)

HAHAHA I never intended to ask seriously, but I guess it is hard for you if you use that ask. So I will try to come up with another question. Hmmm...

=eLeVeN MiNuTeS LaTeR= *French Narrator Voice in Spongebob*

Because The Mysterious below asked what type of girls the trio likes, I will ask what type of men the trio likes.

Is that normal enough? Yes, that's my ask. Thank you.




P.S. Okay, on serious note, I'm sorry if I was being unreasonable. Please have fun..? I don't need their answers, maybe just their personalities if you do indeed choose my question?

😂 Thank you for making me laugh first thing in the morning, PangHerHeart! 

So, in addition to what type of women do the bachelors like, we have a question about what type of men do they like! This is going to be fun! *I once mentioned Kahlil is a bi, right? x'D

Thank you for dropping me this wonderful question!

I knew Kahlil is bi xD Idk, I think I was just being worried, but I did want to annoy Arya *evil laugh* It's nice that you laugh though lmao

OMG thank you so much for your hardwork!

And i also like to ask the bachelors something^^

-what's your favorite type?^^

I'm really curious of what their type in girls are hehe^^

Anyway keep up the good work SweetChiel!

You're welcome, TheMysterious! Thank you for dropping by and showing your support! ^.^-

And yup! Your question is noted~