UPDATE 6/1/2020!

Morning, guys! How did your week go?
Mine was exhausting but it was worth it! >////<

I finished the CGs for Autumn! All 5 of them! Not 6, I mispoke last week--1 of Guntur's CG is canceled, remember? >< 

This is a new personal record for me. I'm the type of artist that gives my all to every piece of art I make so always get tired whenever I finished a drawing... fortunately, I prevailed! QuQ 5 of them! 3 for Kahlil + 2 for Guntur! 

Also, I got a pleasant surprise last week; Kahlil's CGs turned out better than I expected OuO;
I mean, A LOT better... I'm not sure what to feel about it because it messed up my quality control and I had to go back to 'enhance' his past CGs. I can already hear you guys saying 'the quality control could be better'--but oh well, let it be a treat for your eyes, seeing the CGs got better and better x'D

Because of what happened above, I had to make sure Guntur's CGs don't get outshined so I worked extra hard. I think I got it? 

Here's another sneak peek from a keyhole just for you~

If you remember the sketch sneakpeek, yup, that's it x'D Full sneak peek will be posted on my Patreon today, so those who are not afraid to get a spoiler is welcome!

There has been no progress with the set of images for Kahlil's past-life memory event, but I'm beat. Like, really tired, so I'll take some rest for a few days before I start drawing again :'3

I want to quickly jump into my lovely bed so that's it for now!
I hope you enjoyed today's update~ see you again next week!



Q&A session part 3!

1.)  What's your favorite type of girl?-- by: The Mysterious

Kahlil: "A cute girl who also likes Hell'A Kitty and doesn't mind the way I dress!"

Guntur: "Good question. My 'ideal type' would be a family-oritented woman. If she can be a good mother and partner, that'd be the best." *chuckles* 

Arya : *hesitant* "...A woman that is capable of taking care of herself."

2.) What's favorite type of man?-- by: PangHerHeart

Kahlil: "Oh?" *laughs* "Not everyday someone ask me that question. My answer is... someone like Guntur maybe?"

Guntur: "......" *inches away from Kahlil*

Kahlil: "Hey, I'm serious! If you can see past his scary appearance, he's a man I feel like I can depend on. He can cook, he can fight, and he doesn't care about what I wear or that I like cute things!"

Guntur: "...I'll take that as a compliment. But no thanks, I prefer women." *laughs nervously*

Kahlil: "I know~"

*One of Arya's eyebrow twitches*

Arya: "I swear, the fucking questions are getting more fucking 'creative' each week."

Arya: "And to answer your fucking question--I prefer women, thank you. No buts and no what ifs. Just, leave me the fuck alone."

And... Cut! I hope you guys enjoyed their answers! 
If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^

Ah, and don't mind Arya, he's normally that grumpy ~


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I assure you I've been following all the updates for months now, but I've been too busy to comment!

If your still doing questions, I have one. What would degree would they go into if they ever went to college?

I'm only  asking because I just finished applying for college courses! So tiring. Don't forget to take care of yourself! I know how exhausting it is to draw for hours on end. I can't wait for this to be released!

Hi, owo! Thank you for taking the time to write to me!
Don't worry about it, I understand that the majority of you prefer to silently watch over me like guardians/shadows behind the bushes x'D I'm already happy with the occasional comments~

And yes! I'm still accepting questions and that's a good question you have there OuO
For me, college is a lot more fun than high school. I met many people with the same hobbies/preferences there.

You too, stay fit and drink lots of water!
If you go out, don't forget to wear mask and keep some distance from other people ^.^)/

Lastly, I'm really grateful that you're being so patient with me--I update weekly but I often feels like I didn't do enough...and suddenly, it's already month 6 year 2020! OTL
I hope you'll stay with me QuQ we're halfway there!


Hey i just started wondering, will there be any mythical creatures on the game? .-. Aside from Arya turning into a giant beast


Him, Lossy!
Sorry for the late reply ><

Yup! There would be dragons in the late-game ^.^)/
In addition of Komodos and Avians, more mythical tribes will be introduced as villagers!  

Hello! That’s awesome that you’ve made so much progress with the CGs. I’ve had this happen where I’ll draw and the thing I was having issues with suddenly is easy???? Maybe some magic happened for you that was similar with this batch. Either way, nice work and rest well. 😁

Hi, MermaidVictory!
Believe me, it wasn't easy ^^; I've been neglecting my emails because of it but I'm glad to hear you solved your issues!

Hi hi!! XD. so what's left for you to do? Seems like you're quite far with this game😁. I can't wait! The anticipation is killing meeeeee!!! Ha ha ha. Anyhoo enjoy the rest and thank you for your hard work! Much appreciated!! 

Mostly CG making and programming x'D there are also props like new costumes for the bachelors (they wear enchanted robes to cross the winter area *you won't mind a little spoiler, right?*

You too, take care and thank you for dropping by, alucard.steyn!



oF CoUrSe I'm CrEaTiVe DiMWit! >:O I'm thinking 24/7 about questions that will annoy you!!!

Lol, Chiel, I think I get along with Arya just fiiine~~~ Thank you for the answers tho XD And, thank you for the good work!


rofl, I'm glad to see you're going along well with Arya x'D 
You're welcome and I'm always happy to see you at the comments section!

Aren't you glad, Arya? You made a new friend!

*holds back Arya from spouting another swear word*


Thank you for your hard work this week as well~ From the sneak peek it seems that Guntur is enjoying himself, huh? (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵)

Well, questions for the boys: What was their dream job as kids? And question specifically for Guntur and Kahlil- Do you help Arya sometimes (even if he doesn't want to lol), given his condition? And if yes, then in what ways? Do you have to be sneaky about it?


Oh, he sure does, Lizerette ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
lol, romance is starting to bloom in Autumn and I hope some scenes will make your heart skip a beat x'D

Your questions are noted! Thanks for dropping by and showing me your support <3