UPDATE 6/8/2020!

Hi guys! Sorry for the late update!
I was having an intense polishing session with Kahlil's route x_x; I almost didn't catch any sleep last night if not for my mom lol.

I told you that I was working on a set of images for Kahlil's past-life memory, right? Guess how many images I made? 36 of them. Here's a sneak peek so you can imagine what the set of images would look like:

I'm aiming for a simple, children's storybook style. The reference I used is Kaguya Hime no Monogatari movie by Ghibli Studio--but of course, not as detailed.

...I never thought I would ended up making 36 images though. Some of them only have a white background and it includes a variety of a fox's body language. In addition, the story changed from how I originally planned it. It feels like Kahlil was urging me to go to a different direction and I ended up getting dragged by him... OTL

Some of Kahlil's scenes also went through a HUGE improvement! Hence, I'm late at posting today's update. I'm really happy with the change tho! It's getting a good sense of direction now--but again, it might still change if Kahlil get new ideas about it.

I also programmed in all of Autumn's CGs. Tested and ready to go! I gotta say that the CG quality improved a lot OuO; you can practically see the difference. If you compare Guntur's/Kahlil's first meeting CG with their Autumn event CG... well, you're in for a treat x'D


Does that mean I'm ready to tread the Winter Area? Chapter 5? Erm, not quite. I forgot that I need to design winter robes for Maya and the bachelors ^^; *pls don't be mad at me*cough*

While I'm happy that I'm done with Kahlil's past-life memory and the overall of Autumn, I'm dog tired. I don't think I'll touch my laptop until... at least Thursday to avoid melt down >< let's just say I'm having a small vacation!

On the way, if I managed to find good references for tribal winter coat, I might be able to finish them next week ^.^)/

Rest well, guys! I'm gonna hit the bed for now so see you again next week!



Q&A session part 3!

1.) What was their dream job as kids?-- by: Lizerette

Kahlil: "When I was 9-10 years old, I wanted to become a Magician and a Toy Store Owner. Sadly, it didn't come true due to personal circumstances but I can do simple magic tricks."  *pulls out a pen and made it disappear only for it to be 'plucked' out from your ear*

Guntur: "It's embarassing, but my childhood dream was to become a Pilot. A Fighter Pilot to be exact. When I was little, I often dreamed about riding a jet and circled the world. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity nor the money to go to college."

Arya: ".........."

*stares at Arya in expectation."

Arya: "...Don't laugh, but I wanted to become an Astronaut. Why? Because the thought of having aliens out there watching me creeps me out and I wanted to fucking punch them in the face. There, happy?"

2.) What would degree would they go into if they ever went to college? -- by: owo

Kahlil: "That's a hard question. I'd probably take the arts design degree, you know, so I can become a toy designer. I believe I can revolutionize the industry!"

Guntur: "You mean, with those 'brilliant' traps of yours? Parents would never allow their kids approach the things you call 'toys' within ten feet."

Kahlil: "Oh hush!"

Guntur: "As for me, hmm... what do they call college with pilot training program and degree? Aviation? Yeah, if I go there, I can ride a plane, travel, and I heard the salary is great too. It would be a dream come true to me. What about you, Arya?"

Arya: "Me? I'll go for Information Technology or Computer Science. Technology is the future and money gathers whenever a computer is involved. Not that I need to go college or anything, I'm already the best programmer there is. It's just that not many can afford my services."

Kahlil: "That... and not everyone can handle your bad temper."

Arya: "Fuck off, Kahlil!"

And... Cut!
I hope you guys enjoyed their answers! If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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aaaa baby fox!! also you're doing so well on this since the last time i've looked, congrats! & do take care~ (college au is now my favorite thing)

Glad to hear you're enjoying college, inky! x'D
the baby fox is rooting for you~


Oh my god the little fox is sooo cute (T▽T)  I love it, thank you for working so hard on this <3 <3 super excited to see how everything turns out! 

I'm glad you're taking some time for yourself though! Self care is super important, right now especially <3 we'll all support you no matter what, so don't feel bad for taking breaks or not meeting all of your goals right away (✿˶˘ ³˘)~♡

Ah I can feel how much you like foxes from your nickname, kitsune x'D I think you'll like the images~ but it's a sad story so you might want to prepare your heart.

And thank you for dropping by and encouraging me! It means a lot to me, hearing you'll support me no matter what QuQ

Hello! That sneak peek is just precious. I love the little fox! I'm excited that you have different outfits for our favorite group. I bet they will be beautiful once you have a chance to rest. Enjoy you little mini-vacation! Be sure to rest. :D

(1 edit)

Hi, MermaidVictory! I'm glad to hear that everyone is loving the little fox x'D um, the robe will be worn on top of their current clothes so it's more like an add-on, not a set of completely different clothes 😂

and yup, you too! Take care of your health!

Hi SweetChiel! :) 
👀 36 pictures?! That's a lot of pictures! 
Enjoy your little vacation, you deserve it. :) And don't overdo it working through, okay? ;) 
Oh ... will we get a sneak peek of the winter outfits when you're done? I'm curious. XD

(1 edit)

Hi, Yanonako! Yeah, it's a lot 😂 

Thank you! I'm charging my battery as we speak lol
A sneak peek of the winter outfits? Maybe a peek through a  keyhole like before x'D they're not really an 'outfit'--they're going to wear a robe on top of their current clothes, so it's more like an add-on than a completely different outfit :'3

Well, I thought it would be completely new outfits. A look through a keyhole would be nice if that's all you want to give us! XD Take your time and don't stress yourself! ;)

Thank youuu~ *hugs*
it'll take a lot more time if I were to make new outfits, so... maybe not, or I'll end up making you guys wait longer again QuQ

you too, take care over there!

...I take it back, the robe now looks like a new outfit *between wanting to cry & laugh*
I've been collecting refs from many resources for the winter robes, and before I knew it they became good enough to become outfits :')) 

This is half your fault, Yanonako! x'D 
*now working on basic coloring*

Ah ... haha ... ok I'm (half) guilty! XD

And again you make me curious! o.O

Woah! O.O Right now I'm in vocational school with IT profile, but I'm pretty much shit at it so I honestly admire that you're so hard working and get so much done in so little time. Good work as always! And yay my question got in! Thanks for humoring me- I, too, would want to punch an alien someday lol


You can do it, Lizerette! I believe in you! 
It was not easy, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but if we push ourselves, we can break through the limit! :'3

And you're welcome! You can ask more questions if you want to x'D
Let's work hard together!


Thank you, I needed some encouraging words (;▽;)

Speaking of aliens, I think I have one more question... What were their stances on legends and paranormal before they met Fate?


You have my back so of course I'll have yours! ^///^
And good question! Noted!

Looks like you really did a lot of work this week, SweetChiel! But do remember to take care of your health! Sleep is really important, so make sure you sleep adequately! We don't want you to neglect your health and get sick, haha. Keep up the great work!!!

Yup, that's why I'm taking a short vacation x'D My lovely bed, here I come! *cuddles my pillow*

Thanks for dropping by, El.Seth! Reading comments always make me smile :'3
You too, rest well and hope you're doing fine over there!