UPDATE 6/15/2020!

Morning, guys! How did your week go?
I was surprisingly productive and I got some good news for you!

I once said that the winter robes would be just an add-on, right? Not an entirely new outfits, but... as I looked at the many refs I've collected, there's this tiny voice in my head, saying:

"Do it! Make some new clothes for the boys & MC! They'll look so good in it! Think of it as a reward for yourself and for your loyal supporters & patrons!"

So lo and behold; the winter robes are no longer simple robes--they're entirely new outfits, based on Lombok's ethnic pattern & design~  Here's a sneak peek of Kahlil's winter robe:

Do you remember that the refs I used for the Autumn Village background is also from Lombok? ^.^ They make really good and detailed Batik patterns:

Picture is from google, and yes, you can actually buy this shirt as a souvenir x'D

As a bonus, I'll post a full-body preview of Kahlil's, Arya's, and Maya's winter robes on my Patreon for my $5 Patrons today! Guntur has a hidden event and it involves his winter robe so... sorry, but there won't be any sneak peek of Guntur for a while!

Other than that, I also polished the old Winter background:

Before, I wasn't sure how to draw a pine tree covered in snow so I used matte painting ><
This time... I hope it turned well? What do you think?

Oh, I also created 1 Winter Forest Background. With this, all backgrounds for winter events are finished! I think I can start programming this week OuO Chapter 5 here I come!

That's it for now and I hope you enjoyed today's update!
See you again next week!



Q&A session part 3!  No one submitted a question, so I'll be asking them some question in your stead ~(=u=)~

1.) What is your favourite treat? (The thing you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day)

Kahlil: "I'll scream for Ice cream!"

Guntur: "This can't be exactly called a 'treat', but if I had a bad day, I'll spend some time trying out new recipes. Cooking helps me to relax and it's kinda fulfilling if I see someone enjoying my food."

Arya: "Coffee. Black."

2.) Let's say you believe in reincarnation. With the exception of human, what would you want to be in the next life?

Kahlil: "I'd like to become a pet of a rich person! It doesn't matter whether I become a cat or a dog--I won't have to do anything besides eating, playing, and sleeping."

Guntur: "Hey, that's a good idea!"

Kahlil: "Right? What about you, Arya?"

Arya: ".........A rock."

Everyone: "?????"

Arya: "I'd ask to become a fucking rock, so I won't have to think about paying bills and deal with idiots every day."

Kahlil: "Oh boy..."

And... Cut!
I hope you guys enjoyed their answers! If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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Oooh i'm looking forward to the new clothing style! 

And yeah what i wanted to ask is: do the bachelors have any siblings?^^

And i like both versions of the pine trees they both look really good! <3

Hi, The Mysterious! Thanks for coming back to give me another dose of warm support! x'D

Glad to see you like the robe & trees~ Your question is noted~

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Hello hello! I'm thrilled that the robes became full wardrobe changes. I hope you aren't exhausting yourself too much to get them out SweetChiel.

P.S. The trees look good. ♪

Hi, MermaidVictory!
I'm glad you like the robes and the trees! And yup, I'm recharging my battery right now~ thanks for worrying about me! *hugs

Hello, Chiel. I'm surprised at the winter clothing XD I expected something like... ordinary coat and jacket?

A-a-a pet of a rich person?? Yea, actually yea, WHAT AN EFFING GOOD IDEA!! O.O Damn. I'm sorry, I do want to get away from life right now *heavily sigh*

lol I also didn't expect the winter robes to turn out that way!
I even looked up Games of Thrones winter robes--but when I think about it, the enchanted winter robes were given by the Autumn Village's Chief Village, so it kinda makes sense that the winter robes have their ethnic patterns/style, right? x'D

and... I knooow! I get you!
Sometimes, I get jealous of my doggos. They only eat, play, and sleep :'D I wish I can be as carefree as they are~


Hi SweetChiel! :)

And there are the new outfits! I'm so happy! :) The outfits look really great! I also directly watched the full-body preview at Patreon and in complete they look even better. Thanks for your effort with it, it was worth it! :)

Really Arya, a rock ?! What a practical thinking man. XD

Winter background:
Hm ... I have to say that I find the first version better. Here the firs / pines are not covered with snow, but in the new version they look ... how should I explain that correctly ... they look "flat", although that's not the right word. The branches go in two directions, which is usually not the case. There should be many branches that tend to hang down when they are covered with a lot of snow. I was so free and googled and attached a few links with examples here.







Good luck / have fun programming and don't overdo it. :)

Stay healthy and best regards :)

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Hi, Yanonako!
I'm glad to see you like their winter robes! x'D

and--aaahhh!! Where were you when I was in a dire need of pine tree refs? Q_Q I really like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pictures! The ones I found are not as good and I can't seem to draw the snow correctly--I think it's because I don't quite understand how snow works. There's only sunny & rainy season here :'D  

I'll definitely keep these refs for future polishing! I'm going to focus on programming for now though. So I'll polish this background along with the winter forest background later but do forgive me if I forgot to polish them  *cough*

Yes, I'm resting right now to pace myself :'3
You too, take care and stay healthy over there!

Xes absolutely. :)

Well, I was still a quiet observer or rather not yet at itch.io and patreon. XD

Just to make it clear: I think it is important to give honest feedback, even if it is negative. So, under no circumstances will I hang myself on it if you don't refine / improve the background. :)
Also, honestly, I'm happy to help if you need other reference images. :)

Thank you, I will. :)

Of course! I really appreciate your honest thought about the background ^.^)/ critiques will definitely help me to improve so I welcome it with open arms!  *my proofreaders have given me lots of critiques for my script and as I read the many fixes/comments plastered on the .doc file, I really like them-- I think I'm becoming a masochist 😂*

And yes! I'll definitely try and contact you whenever I'm not sure about something later? Um, would you mind leaving your email here? ><

I'm glad you see it that way. :) I already had problems with the topic, so I wanted to make it clear.

Feel free to contact me if you like. I really like to help. :) I'm sure you still have my contact details. Do you remember the pledge from May 14th, 2020? That was me, I just changed my name here recently. :) If necessary, I can also send you an email again. :)

Ooooh! Yes!
I just remembered about it! Thank you very much for your patronage ^///^ I'll definitely contact you if I have anything else I'm in doubt/need opinion with!


Good job! You did well on the  pine trees i like them!

Aand i have a questions for our boys hehe

"Would like to have children in the future? If so how many? Boys or girls if you had to choose?"

Keep up the good work!


Hi, OtomeLove!
Thanks for dropping by and I'm so happy to hear you like the polished background!
Your question is noted~ <3

Congrats on the productive week!! The polished BG looks amazing!! And lmao Arya being a rock lol relatable. Don't forget to take care of your health!

Hi, El.Seth! Thanks! I hope yours as productive, too!
And lol, Arya and his charm x'D

You too! Drink lots and take care of your health!