UPDATE 6/22/2020!

Hi, guys! How was your week?
Mine was so-so, I was mostly occupied with pre-programming things for Chapter 5 ><

Such as: 

1.) Created a falling snow effect. If there are falling leaves effect for autumn, it's only fair to have falling snow effect for winter, right? ^.^

2.) Tidying the order of winter's events. As usual, the script will go through some changes if the characters will it. I even wrote a new small opening scene, because... the characters wanted it to--demanded it even x_x have I told you that the script often changed without my consent? ^^; it's as if the characters were borrowing my keyboard to write their own story. I know, it's kinda hard to understand but it happens to me.

3.) Created 4 set of images for Maya, who doodled on the snow-covered ground. This one was easy~

4.) Programmed in the winter robes. Only for some of Maya's & our bachelors' basic sprites though. There are simply too many expressions and it'll need time for me to cover them all, including the close ups. Guntur's special circumstances even required me to reprogram his entire set of expression (eyes, mouth, brows) *hint*hint* >_<

5.) The usual polishing. I found myself going to and fro Chapter 4, polishing here and there. Nothing new here :'3

Overall, I guess you can say I'm preparing many things before I can start programming Chapter 5.
But the opening scene for winter is already on its way!

Believe it or not, I try very hard not to overuse the word 'forest' xD
It's kinda hard to do that though, because there are summer forest, autumn forest, and winter forest lol. 

It's a bit of a slow start, but we're getting there \(^.^)/
That's it for now and see you again next week!



Q&A session part 5!
Last week should've been part 4, I typed wrong but no one noticed? x'D
Anyway, here we go!

...Actually, I hesitated whether to pick these questions or not, because the answers contain mild spoiler about the bachelors' background >< but not to worry, there's more in the game and I'll treat this as a gift for my loyal supporters who kept reading the updates ^.^ 

1.) Do the bachelors have any siblings? -- by The Mysterious

Kahlil: "Nope, I'm the only child in the family."

Guntur: "I have two younger sisters and one younger brother. I'm the oldest."

Arya: "Dunno. I'm an orphan. Left in front of a church." 

2.) Would like to have children in the future? If so how many? Boys or girls if you had to choose?--by OtomeLove

Kahlil: "Yes! As many as possible! Boys or girls, I don't care as long as they're healthy."

Guntur: "I agree. No matter the gender, the most important thing is that they're healthy. As for how many... maybe one or two." *chuckle*

Arya: "........."

Kahlil: "Arya? What's wrong?"

Arya: "I envy you guys for being able to answer so easily."

Arya: "I'm an orphan. I don't have any parental figure to speak of except for the ones who abandoned me. Having children is the last thing on my mind lest I make them as miserable as me."

And... Cut! Oh, Arya... he is not confident in that aspect. Well, not all of us is ready to have a child, but I hope he'll meet someone who can change his mind.

If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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Every update always made me excited! And poor Arya... ;^;

Question for the guys, what would you do with 14202750000.00 rupiah(million dollars) 👀

Whoa, that's a lot of money, Mishira x'D
Your question is noted!


Heya! You are doing amazing as always!! So excited for this game!! *cheers excessively*      "\(*o*)/" 

My question for them: What is there favorite type of music? Mine is K-Pop :)

Hi, SkyDragon3564!
Thanks as always and I also can't wait to deliver this baby to you! QuQ

Your question is noted <3


you're doing amazing! i don't know any other developer who posts such constant devlogs.

ah, arya...! i want to give him a hug! please give him a hug from me!

Hi, fishsayno!
Welp, every gamedevs have their own strengths and weaknesses. For me, I may update constantly but I progress slower than the others QuQ I'm really grateful to have patient supporters!

And yes! Your hug is delivered~ thank you so much!