UPDATE 11/20/2017!

Good morning, guys!

Last week I got quite a surprise; the script is developing more small events than I thought o.o;

4.8k+ words is not bad, but...

You see, I thought after I wrote the 'important scene' I would be able to jump straight to the 'battle scene', but then, as if the bachelors had their own minds, they made me write more 'affection-wise small scenes'. I re-checked and yep, after month 2 there are considerably more small events happening. It depends on which bachelor has the most affection with Maya.

I really didn't plan for them to be so much ^^; but they were all good events so I didn't have the heart to lessen the count... in fact, I might have to slip more small events in order to 'smoothen' the transition between one scene to another.

ALSO, after a consideration for the battle scenes, I might have to draw their fight poses to enhance it... OTL ... I feel like a masochist for adding more work for myself x_x but, eh, let's just see what will happen later in the future :')) I still have to draw CGs after all, so maybe adding 4 battle poses aren't so bad.


Good news is that; if my character design/costume design passed the selection from the admins, the voting will begin at November 24th - November 28th. I'll be counting on you all to vote by liking the picture later x'D

There's only one bad news; rainy season is here and my internet worsened last week :S I would be lucky if there's no blackout when there's a rainstorm, so wish me luck so nothing bad happens!

Last but not least, it's been awhile since a sneak peek, eh? No worries! My patrons on my patreon today will get a Bar background full preview! Remember the Bar in Spring village background? Yes, that one. It's a good place to get information ~ all In Game Cameo characters will be there ;)

Free users will get to see the sneak peek next week!

That's it for now and see ya next week my darlings!


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