UPDATE 6/29/2020!

Good morning, guys!
How did your week go? Mine was a bit heart pounding ><;
Ren'Py crashed once and my laptop crashed once, but fortunately, no damage is done to the script. It might be because the length of the game is getting a bit too long/big for Ren'Py to handle? @@ Hopefully, I won't encounter this issue anymore.

Now then, without any further ado, here's a list of what I did last week!

1.) Programmed in 22 pages and lots of polishing as usual~

2.) Created the afternoon and night versions for winter open ground background and winter forest background (4 in total, might polish in the future/add more versions)

3.) Created a walking chibi animation! Winter chapter is a bit special. You won't need to choose between hunting/washing clothes/start a campfire. You'll be walking all day because the faster you reach the Spring Village, the better =^.^)/ There's going to be lots of hardship to overcome though. 

So, different from other chapters where you get to click something to upgrade your status, you're going to have lots of reading in winter chapter~

4.) Fixed a small problem with Arya's sprite, fixed a bug found in Chapter 4 (Autumn), and more programming for Guntur's sprite!

No sneak peek for you today, BUT! I'm going to post the chibi walking animation for my $5 patrons on Patreon as a reward/bonus! -^.^)/ 

We're off to a good start but I'm a feeling a bit under the weather lately :S  Probably because it's very hot over here and I'm seeing Maya's group playing with snow--I'm so jealous! x'D

I hope all of you are doing well, wherever you are~ Drink lots and take care of your health!
Thank you for reading and see you again next week!



Q&A session part 6!

1.) What is their favorite type of music? -- by: SkyDragon3564

Kahlil: "I'm not that picky with music. I'll listen to anything that is bright, bouncy, and cheerful, just... not... rock."

Guntur: "Are you kidding me? Rock all the way! Everytime I listen to them, it fills me with energy."

Arya: "Instrumental. No lyrics to distract me from work."

2.) What would you do with 14202750000.00 rupiah(million dollars) -- by: Mishira

Kahlil: "Develop a toy factory! Open a candy store! Patent my toys! Go on vacation all over the world! And my life will be complete!"

Guntur: "Damn, that's a lot."

Kahlil: "We gotta dream big, Tur. What about you?"

Guntur: "I'll buy a house."

Kahlil: "...That's it?"

Guntur: "Well, I've never got my hands on so much money so I'll probably save the rest for later until I figure out what to do with the rest of them."

Arya: "Invest them."

Guntur: "Invest them?"

Arya: "Yes, for example, you can buy another house and rent them. Fuck, buy a couple more with good security and close to the mall/big roads and you'll be set for life."

Arya: "You can also choose to deposit some at the bank, buy some stocks, buy a shit ton gold--hell, you can open a business or two and you'll still have some leftover with that much money. That way, you'll leave something to your descendants."

Guntur: "Whoa... that's a lot. You got everything planned, huh?"

Arya: "What can I say?"

Arya: "Unless you're a guy with no ambition and content with what you have, everything needs money."

And... Cut!
This might be the longest time Arya talked, huh? o.o money is a complicated matter to discuss, so...what do you think?

If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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Alright, regarding the question - how would they react if they had realized (or some author "accidentally" spilled the truth) that their world is just a giant otome game and they're basically "destined" to get together with Maya sooner or later, no matter how much they protest?

Also - really, reeeally, thank you for being consistent with your weekly updates. It's always a nice read (with how your week went, progress, etc) and I'm glad that you stick to the schedule.

Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
Your question is noted--and lol, that's one way to break the third wall x'D

And you're welcome! It's only right for me to keep you guys updated--especially when I'm slower than other gamedevs QuQ I'm always grateful for you guys, who seems to have the patience of saints! *hugs & offers a plate of cookie


HI SweetChiel,

I always stay updated with your posts. I'm so anxious to play this game its insane!! I would like to ask the guys to answer a question... if they had one wish what would it be? XD Keep up the great work. I'm rooting for this game. Woop Woop!! :D

Me too, alucard.steyn! 
The workload is insane--what was I thinking rofl--I can only imagine that my supporters have the patience of saints >_<; really guys, thank you for waiting!

And lol, your question is actually going to be in the game x'D (The Goddess will grant one wish, remember?)

With that in mind, I'll take note of your question but the answer will stay a mystery~ *dun dunnn* 

good work again chiel! thank you for always giving updates to us. i cant wait when its finally done, im looking forward to the full release!!

You're welcome, cloudysky and thank You for visiting! -^.^)/
I also can't wait for this to finish but now, I'm praying for Ren'Py to be strong enough to accommodate Bermuda QuQ

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Huh, how many hours is this game, Chiel XD Hope it will not crash again lmao Good work this week :DD

Damn, if I have 1 million dollars, I won't know what to do. I'm not that good with finance @.@ Maybe I should give it all to my parents or something and do what Arya has suggested. Too much money, I'm gonna be overwhelmed XD But I think I will ask my parents to renovate my house and ask some to buy as many books and games I want hehe

(1 edit)

Lol, I know! This game is getting too big for comfort OuO;;
Me too, I'm not good with finance, maybe I'll deposit some and use some to live the life of potato couch o(-( but other than that? I dunno x'D

Thank you for coming as always, Pang HerHeart!

I hope that you feel better! The snow sounds super nice right now as it has been hot lately here too. I'm happy that you didn't lose progress when the technology decided it was done lol. Reclaiming lost progress is the worst (speaking from experience). Have a good week!

Hi, MermaidVictory!
Welp, it's still hot in here and my air conditioner is my only savior x'D

and yeah! My heart skipped a beat when my laptop crashed =_=;
Maybe it's old? I believe I've had it for almost 7 years now