UPDATE 7/6/2020!

Hey, guys! How was your week?
I'm very happy because my air conditioner got fixed! It's cold again and my sleep quality is heavenly now~

I did a lot of programming last week! ^.^)/

- 38 pages programmed in! The scenes are going through many changes and the pace is faster than I thought, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out! :3

- More expressions are programmed + renewing some side images with winter robes~ 

- Created 6 sub-backgrounds for winter with special effects! Shoutout to Yanonako, who patiently explained facts about winter and helped me through it! ^///^

Things are going quite smoothly~ of course, I also did some polishing as usual. 

As for a sneak peek... hmm... how about I let you listen to the winter's BGM for a change? OuO 
Here's one by Kevin Macleod: Sapphire Isle!

I'm really grateful for his site, which provides a wide range of free BGMs ^///^
And yup, I've confirmed with the person himself that all of them are free to use commercially! 

That's it for now, stay safe, and see you again next week!
I'm going to rest my eyes for a few days >< 



Q&A session part 7!

1.) How would they react if they had realized (or some author "accidentally" spilled the truth) that their world is just a giant otome game and they're basically "destined" to get together with Maya sooner or later, no matter how much they protest? -- by: tekkonkinkreet

Kahlil: *shaking my shoulders* "Seriously? Why did you write our lives as tragedies? Do you have any idea how much we've suffered?"

Me: "Because it's the plot? You guys have committed some 'morbid sins', remember? That's why you have hard lives."

Kahlil: "Morbid sins?! You're the one who wrote it in the first place!"

Sst... sst... *The sound of Arya sharpening a knife*

Me: *sweats* "Uhh... Arya?"

Arya: "........."

Me: *gulps* "Guntur? A little help here?"

Guntur: "Guys, stop it. She's just a girl."

Kahlil: "Guntur, why are you trying to stop us? Don't feel you unhappy?"

Guntur: "What can I say? If you get our 'author' in a bad mood, what if she writes a really bad end for us?"

Me: "You go, Guntur! Tell them!"

*Arya glares*

Me: "Eeep!"

Guntur: "Well... at least we can look forward to the happy endings, right?"

Me: *furiosly nodding my head "Of course!"

*Question number 2 is supposed to be by alucard.steyn, but their question "If they had one wish what would it be?" is going to be answered within the game so I'll skip it and let the bachelors answer one of my questions~*

2.) What is the best present you ever received?

Kahlil: "I have two actually. This umbrella from my aunt and a teddy from my mother. The teddy bear is still on my bed back home."

Arya: "This mask. It's from my father."

Guntur: "The best present? ...Hmm... I don't know whether this could be called as a 'present' but back then when I was at my lowest and had no place to call home, an old man told me he was willing to rent out his apartment to me.  Until now, I'm still staying at that apartment."

And... Cut! I hope you enjoyed today's update -^.^-

If you have anything you'd like to ask the bachelors, feel free to comment below and I'll pick two of the most interesting questions! ^.^


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Hey girl, I can't wait until this is ready so that I can throw my money at you. LOL

How much will the complete game cost?

Also, I know you don't have a set date, but since you are so far along, do you have a broad idea of when should expect something (this year, early next year, late next year)?

There's always "Early Bird", which costs 10$. You can buy it on the main page of the game ("Pledge with PayPal", yellow button at the bottom). The final game will be 15$.

Thanks again tekkonkinkreet! Man, I'm always late to reply, aren't I? 😅


Hi, KyiSoRo! Sorry for the late reply! >< 

I also can't wait to deliver this baby to you so I can hear your thoughts~ <3 

Well... My goal is to finish this game at the end of the year QuQ I hope I can reach it--but as you may already know, I'm horrible at predicting dates and as slow as a snail OTL so please take it with a grain of salt.

And the game will cost $15 when it's completed! You can also apply for the Early Bird package by clicking the 'pledge with paypal' button and choose the option ^.^ 

Lately, I've been thinking about revising the final price to $20 or $25 though >< because the duration/word count of the game is very long--like, at least triple Winged Ones ^^; 

I hope I answered your questions! Thanks again for your support and see you around~



Novel purchased! 

You always keep us updated, so I'm sure you're good for it. In the meantime, I'll be patiently waiting for the finished product.